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MGA: Chapter 1823 – Beating Someone At Their Own Game

“Chu Feng, take advantage of the fact that the tomb is hasn’t been opened yet to expose their evil conduct,” Eggy said.

“I’m afraid it’ll be useless.

They’ve merely placed Insect Avoidance Talismans on their bodies, and have not actually done anything.

Even if I am to reveal that they have them on them, what difference would it possibly make” Chu Feng said.

“What do we do then Are we to allow them to plot against you” Eggy asked.

“The way I see it, there is most definitely some sort of powerful insect in the tomb.

They are planning to have that insect kill me.”

“If that is the case, I will beat them at their own game.

Eggy, do you still remember that I obtained both Insect Avoidance Talismans and Insect Luring Talismans from White-browed Immortal” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, I understand now.

You’re planning to give them a taste of their own medicine, you plan to use the Insect Luring Talismans to undo the Insect Avoidance Talismans after they release the insects so that they can suffer the consequences of their actions and be attacked by the insects,” Eggy came to a sudden realization.

“Precisely,” Chu Feng said.

“Good, good, good.

Only you can think of such a rotten idea.

It’s decided then,” Eggy was extremely happy.

Meanwhile, the four King Monstrous Dragon Beast elders, Yaojiao Guang and Yaojiao Ba had sat cross-legged onto the ground.

They were using their bloodline’s power to open the Black Dragon King’s Tomb.

It required some time to open the tomb.

As they were opening the tomb, Chu Feng brought Yaojiao Tingyu to a concealed corner.

“Young master Chu Feng, what is the matter” Yaojiao Tingyu asked.

“To be addressed as young master is too courteous.

You can just address me as Chu Feng,” Chu Feng said.

“Then, you don’t have to address me as princess either.

Just address me as Tingyu,” Yaojiao Tingyu said.

“Sure,” Chu Feng smiled.

Then, he secretly handed two Insect Avoidance Talismans to Yaojiao Tingyu and said through voice transmission, “Put one on your chest and give the other to your Peace Faction’s senior and have him place it on his chest too.”

“What are these” Yaojiao Tingyu asked.

“It’s nothing.

They’re just a precaution.

Just do as I say,” Chu Feng said.

“Okay,” Yaojiao Tingyu agreed.

She held a lot of trust in Chu Feng.

While it was one thing for her to trust him, Chu Feng never expected for Yaojiao Tingyu to undo her clothes before him with the intention of placing the Insect Avoidance Talisman on her chest.

“Cough, cough…” Seeing this, Chu Feng was stunned.

He hurriedly coughed to call to Yaojiao Tingyu’s attention to the fact that she was a female and he was a male.

“What’s wrong” However, Yaojiao Tingyu acted as if she didn’t understand him and continued to remove her clothes.

“Eh… it, it’s nothing,” Seeing that Yaojiao Tingyu had already revealed her snow-white skin, Chu Feng hurriedly turned around and closed his eyes.

As Yaojiao Tingyu was unreserved, he could only choose to not look at her.

“Boy, why are you acting this foolishly That girl is doing that deliberately.

She’s trying to seduce you.

To not look at her, isn’t this a waste Why did you decide to not look” Eggy asked in a disappointed manner.

“Regardless of whether or not she is doing that deliberately, if I am to look, I would be taking advantage of her.

I cannot take advantage of her,” Chu Feng said.

“Haha, I was merely teasing you.

Never would I have expected you to be a man of honor,” Right at this moment, a soft and lily-white hand landed on Chu Feng’s back.

Turning around, Chu Feng discovered that Yaojiao Tingyu was looking at him with a beaming smile.

Not only that, her clothes were all back in order now.

“Fortunately I am a man of honor.

Else, you’d have been defiled,” Chu Feng said.

“Do you not fear that I will reveal my true appearance” Yaojiao Tingyu asked.

“Gulp~~~” Chu Feng was so startled that he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

True appearance She was a monstrous dragon beast.

Chu Feng did not dare to think any further about it.

“Haha, look how scared you are,” Yaojiao Tingyu covered her little mouth and laughed joyously.

“Don’t disclose the Insect Avoidance Talismans.

It would be best if only the three of us know about this,” Chu Feng immediately shifted the topic.

“Rest assured.

I, Yaojiao Tingyu, am not a fool,” Yaojiao Tingyu smiled sweetly.

Her appearance was truly fascinating.

They all say that when monstrous beasts changed their forms to those of female human women, they would be much more charming than actual female human women.

Today, Chu Feng had experienced it.

Afterward, Yaojiao Tingyu found a way to hand the other Insect Avoidance Talisman to the rank one Martial Emperor from the Peace Faction.

Although he did not understand what was happening, he still did as Yaojiao Tingyu said and found an opportunity to place the Insect Avoidance Talisman onto his chest.


After some time passed, rumbles began to sound from underneath their feet.

The underbrush split open, and an entrance appeared before them.

“Go on in,” The three Martial Emperors from the War Faction and Yaojiao Xueran entered first.

“Chu Feng, let’s go,” Following them, Chu Feng, Yaojiao Tingyu and the Martial Emperor from the Peace Faction also entered.

As Chu Feng and the others disappeared before their gazes, Baili Xuankong started to frown.

He was worried for Chu Feng.

Unfortunately, with the attitude of the King Monstrous Dragon Beasts, even if he wished to accompany Chu Feng, it would most definitely be refused.

As such, he could only worry on helplessly out here.

“This place is truly worthy of being the Black Dragon King’s Tomb,” After entering the tomb, Chu Feng began to gasp with admiration.

Ignoring the spirit formations, mechanisms and traps present here, merely the sensation this place gave off was already extraordinary.

Other than the sensation of impressiveness, each and every corner of this place gave off a sort of oppression.

“Chu Feng, Lord Dragon King’s Tomb is like a maze that is filled with mechanisms and traps.

The paths are extremely complex and crisscross with one another.

If one is to take a wrong step, one will undoubtedly die.”

“We only know of a single path that can safely bring us to the Inheritance Pond.

Other than that path, the people from our King Monstrous Dragon Race also do not dare to walk about this place randomly.

Thus, you must follow us and not go anywhere else,” Yaojiao Tingyu warned with a low voice.

“Got it,” Chu Feng actually wanted to explore the tomb.

He wished to see exactly what the Black Dragon King’s Tomb was like.

Perhaps he might even be able to obtain some unexpected harvest.

However, since Yaojiao Tingyu had already mentioned it like this, he would naturally do as she said.

After all, as a guest, he could not refuse to give the master of this place face.

“While I will follow the path, will they” Chu Feng took a glance at Yaojiao Xueran and the others.

A cold smile emerged on his face.

Chu Feng was practically certain that Yaojiao Xueran was planning to harm him.

However, if they were to follow the safe path the entire time, there would be no way for him to harm him.

Thus, if they wished to harm him, they would definitely have to stir up troubles.

As for Chu Feng, he actually looked forward to Yaojiao Xueran stirring up trouble.

After all, only by him stirring up trouble would Chu Feng have the opportunity and justification to take care of him.


Suddenly, Yaojiao Xueran and the others stopped.

The reason for that was because three different paths had appeared before them.

“Take the right path,” Yaojiao Tingyu stepped forward and said.

“Seniors, I’ve heard my father say that the left path leads to a side palace hall with a lot of stone carvings.

These stone carvings show Lord Dragon Emperor’s different appearances from his youth to his old age.

I wish to go and have a look at the heroic appearance of Lord Dragon Emperor,” Yaojiao Xueran said.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng started to smile coldly in his heart.

Sure enough, this Yaojiao Xueran was going to make his move.

“No, the elders have said that we cannot take any path other than the one that leads to the Inheritance Pond.

Else, if we are to trigger mechanisms and traps, who shall take responsibility for that” Yaojiao Tingyu flatly refused.

“Lil sis Tingyu, do you not wish to see Lord Dragon King’s heroic appearance You must know that those sculptures were those of his appearance from his youth to his old age,” Yaojiao Xueran enticed.

“Tingyu, there would be no harm in going there.

Lord Ba has been there before.

There are no dangers there,” The War Faction’s rank two Martial Emperor urged.

Hearing those words, Yaojiao Tingyu’s eyes started to flicker.

She was also tempted.

How could she not wish to look at the heroic appearance of their Lord Dragon King throughout his years

However, after carefully considering it, she still shook her head resolutely.

She said, “Senior, I feel that we should abide by what the Lord Elders said.”

At this moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke.

“Tingyu, I also wish to have a look at the Beast Emperor’s heroic appearance.

Let’s just go and take a look, no”

Yaojiao Xueran and the others were surprised by Chu Feng voicing his intention to go.

None of them expected that Chu Feng would speak on their behalf.

However, upon thinking about it, the corners of Yaojiao Xueran’s mouth lifted into a mocking smile.

He thought to himself, ‘While that Chu Feng’s talent is exceptional, he is a fool to the core.

I don’t even have to push him down the pit of fire that I’ve dug for him.

Instead, he has decided to jump into it himself.

Even if you are to die, you deserve it.’


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