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MGA: Chapter 1822 – Conspiracy

“Elder He, the War Faction has always viewed the humans as enemies.

If the people accompanying them are all from the War Faction, I fear that some sort of misunderstanding might happen in Lord Dragon King’s tomb.

Thus, I feel we should have the people from our Peace Faction go instead,” Yaojiao Guang said to Elder He.

“Yaojiao Guang, what are you implying by that Are you suspicious of me” That War Faction’s elder said in a very displeased manner.

“I believe that is not what Yaojiao Guang is implying.

Merely, it is a fact that the War Faction views humans as enemies.

Could it be that you are not certain of that” Elder He said.

“Very well.

You go too,” That War Faction’s elder pointed at a Peace Faction’s King Monstrous Dragon Beast.

Then, he looked to Yaojiao Guang and said, “That should be fine now, no”

“Naturally,” Actually, Yaojiao Guang was still dissatisfied.

After all, the people dispatched from the War Faction were a rank two Martial Emperor and two rank one Martial Emperors.

However, as for their Peace Faction, it was only a single rank one Martial Emperor.

If something were to truly happen, their Peace Faction’s Martial Emperor would simply not be able to do anything.

However, it remained that the opposing party was an elder, whereas he was a Clan Chief in name only.

As such, he possessed no authority anymore, and had no choice but to accept this.

“It’s decided then.

Early tomorrow morning, we will open the Dragon King’s Tomb.

Yaojiao Guang, Yaojiao Ba, the two of you must come as well,” The War Faction’s elder said.

Afterward, he did not say anything else.

It was only later that Chu Feng found out that the Dragon King’s Tomb would only open by itself on a specific date every year.

At other times, it would remain closed.

If one wished to open it, it could only be accomplished through a single method.

That is, through the use of the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s bloodline.

Merely, it was very strenuous to open the tomb using this method.

Thus, every single time they opened the tomb, they would need the elders, Yaojiao Guang and Yaojiao Ba to work together on opening it.

Upon thinking about how he would enter the grand Beast Emperor’s tomb, Chu Feng felt extremely excited.

However, he was unaware about a conspiracy centered around him that was secretly being plotted…

In Yaojiao Ba, the leader of the War Faction’s, palace hall.

The three King Monstrous Dragon Beast Martial Emperors who had been selected by the War Faction’s elder to accompany Yaojiao Tingyu and Chu Feng tomorrow were all present.

Yaojiao Xueran was also present.

“Tomorrow, after entering the tomb, eliminate Chu Feng,” Yaojiao Ba said.

“Milord, I’m afraid that’s not very good, no No matter what, that Chu Feng is our King Monstrous Dragon Race’s guest.

Even if we dislike him, to kill him in our territory will inevitably be bad…” Hearing Yaojiao Ba’s command, the three Martial Emperors were all startled.

“What’s not good about it Lord Dragon King is the great secret of our King Monstrous Dragon Beasts that cannot be allowed to be known by outsiders.

Else, it will lead to disaster.”

“And now, three outsiders know about this matter.

Who can guarantee that they will not spread news of it” Yaojiao Ba said.

“But, even if we eliminate Chu Feng, there’s still those two other humans,” A rank one Martial Emperor said in a puzzled manner.

“As long as Chu Feng is eliminated, I naturally have the means to make those two humans die here too,” Yaojiao Ba said.

“But, Princess Tingyu is also going.

She will definitely be right next to Chu Feng.

We fear that we will not have the opportunity to kill him,” Another said.

“Must I teach you how to deal with even this sort of thing” As Yaojiao Ba said those words, a trace of ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

“Milord, your intention, could it be” At this moment, those three Martial Emperors all revealed alarmed expressions.

“What’s there to be afraid of The rule of the King Monstrous Dragon Race will sooner or later be ours.

While the humans are a threat, Yaojiao Tingyu is also a threat.

Seize this opportunity to eliminate this threat.

Only then will our War Faction be able to firmly grasp our rule for the next eight thousand years,” Yaojiao Ba said.

“Milord, this…”

After hearing those words, those three Martial Emperors looked to one another.

They were hesitant.

Although the Peace Faction and the War Faction had fought for several tens of thousands of years, they had never killed one another.

Furthermore, Yaojiao Tingyu was a rare genius of their King Monstrous Dragon Race.

She might even be able to bring their King Monstrous Dragon Race to a whole new altitude.

As such, Yaojiao Ba’s command to have them kill Yaojiao Tingyu was extremely difficult to accept.

“Has our War Faction not been suppressed enough by the Peace Faction for the past eight thousand years”

“Are we to continue living as nobodies for the next eight thousand years after being suppressed for the past eight thousand years”

“The elders are all very old.

At the very most, they can live for another thousand years.

After a thousand years, what sort of cultivation will Yaojiao Tingyu have Can you all possibly imagine that At that time, perhaps even I will be inferior to her.

If she wanted to seize the position of Clan Chief then, who could possibly stop her”

“Even if she doesn’t seize the position of Clan Chief, if she becomes the strongest person in our King Monstrous Dragon Race, even though Xueran might be the Clan Chief, she will be the one with the absolute authority.”

“Thus, it is only by eliminating Yaojiao Tingyu that Xueran will be able to firmly sit in the position of Clan Chief,” Yaojiao Ba said.

At this moment, the three Martial Emperors were swayed.

They took a look at Yaojiao Xueran.

Then, that rank two Martial Emperor knelt onto the ground, “For the sake of the War Faction’s honor, for the sake of our race’s future, I am willing to follow Milord’s command.” Immediately following him, the other two Martial Emperors also knelt onto the ground.

“Although we must eliminate them, we must still have an actual plan as to how to do so.

Xueran, you will join them too.

Then, find an opportunity to lure them to this place and rouse the Underworld Fire Bugs as per the methods written on this map.”

“It would be for the best if you are able to eliminate them with the Underworld Fire Bugs.

After they are eliminated, come back out and say that Chu Feng triggered the Underworld Fire Bugs and caused Yaojiao Tingyu to die in there.”

“After knowing about this matter, the elders will definitely be enraged.

At that time, those two other humans will definitely not be able to live either,” Yaojiao Ba handed a map to Yaojiao Xueran.

“Underworld Fire Bugs Father, isn’t that a kind of very ferocious bug from the Ancient Era If one is to be hit by the flames that they release, even Martial Emperors will be burned to ashes.”

“Although the Underworld Fire Bugs in Lord Dragon King’s tomb were refined by Lord Dragon King, it remains that they possess boundless power.

If they are to be released, then we…” Yaojiao Xueran had a panic-stricken expression.

Not to mention him, at this moment, the three Martial Emperor’s complexions had also turned green.

They were feeling extremely uneasy.

The tomb of their Lord Dragon King was not only an Emperor’s Tomb, it was much more frightening than an ordinary Emperor’s Tomb.

Even though they were the descendants of their Lord Dragon King, they would still not dare to touch many of the mechanisms and traps in the tomb.

“What’s there to panic over” Yaojiao Ba took a fierce glance at Yaojiao Xueran.

Then, he said, “Carry this talisman paper with you and place it on your chest.

After the mechanism has been triggered, the Underworld Fire Bugs will not attack you all.”

As Yaojiao Ba spoke, he handed four green talisman papers to Yaojiao Xueran and the other three Martial Emperors.

Yaojiao Xueran and the three Martial Emperors immediately placed the talisman papers onto their chests.

Then, they bowed respectfully and said, “We will definitely not disappoint you.”

The next day.

Chu Feng and the others arrived before the Beast Emperor Black Dragon King’s Tomb very early in the morning.

The Black Dragon King’s Tomb was hidden in a very deep location.

Furthermore, it was tightly defended.

On their way here, they had passed by countless spirit formations.

Without the keys to those spirit formations, one would simply not be able to pass through them.

From this, it could be seen that this Black Dragon King’s Tomb was most definitely an extremely forbidden area in the King Monstrous Dragon Beast’s territory.

At this moment, Chu Feng and the others were in an open space deep in the mountain range.

Forests surrounded them in all directions.

Underbrush covered their feet.

However, Chu Feng knew that the Black Dragon King’s Tomb was right underneath his feet.

“I’m finally able to enter an Emperor’s Tomb again.

I wonder, this Beast Emperor’s Tomb, when compared to Emperor Qing’s Tomb, which one would be stronger” Eggy said excitedly.

“Emperor Qing’s Tomb is not completely open yet.

At the very least, we are still unable to open that Imperial Armament gate.

Thus, I’m afraid that it would be very difficult to compare the two of them,” Chu Feng said.

“That’s true.

However, I feel that Emperor Qing’s Tomb is even more powerful,” Eggy said.

Right at this moment, Yaojiao Xueran stepped forward and said, “Lord Elders, it is very rare and difficult for Lord Dragon King’s tomb to be opened.

Xueran also wishes to use this opportunity to enter the Inheritance Pond.

I wish to see whether or not the current me is capable of entering it,”

“Very well, go ahead,” The four elders all nodded.

Seeing that the elders had agreed to it, Yaojiao Xueran was unable to help himself from taking a glance at Chu Feng.

There was a strangeness to his gaze.

Although his glance flashed past Chu Feng quickly, he still noticed it.

“Something’s fishy about that Yaojiao Xueran,” Chu Feng said in his heart.

When Chu Feng discovered Yaojiao Xueran’s strange gaze, he immediately observed him with his Heaven’s Eyes, and discovered something strange about Yaojiao Xueran.

“What’s fishy” Eggy asked.

“Look at his chest.

There’s a talisman paper on it.

That talisman paper is an Insect Avoidance Talisman that is capable of helping one avoid powerful poisonous insects.

Furthermore, the Insect Avoidance Talisman on his chest is an extremely high level one.

It is something created by a Dragon Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist,” Chu Feng said.

“Indeed, it is an Insect Avoidance Talisman.

He didn’t have that on him yesterday; why would that suddenly appear on him today” Eggy shared Chu Feng’s line of sight.

Thus, she also discovered the Insect Avoidance Talisman.

“This is abnormal! It’s not only him, the War Faction’s three Martial Emperors also have Insect Avoidance Talismans on them.

They are all people who are to enter the Black Dragon King’s Tomb alongside me.”

“Furthermore, Yaojiao Tingyu and that man from the Peace Faction do not have Insect Avoidance Talismans on them,” After discovering that something was amiss, Chu Feng began to inspect everyone with his Heaven’s Eyes.

It was only then that he discovered that this was no small matter, and not something that had happened by chance.

“Damned bastards! They most definitely have something planned.

More than likely, they are planning to harm you,” Eggy realized their plot.


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