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MGA: Chapter 1802 – Brought About Great Military Might

“Tianyi!” Zhang Tianyi’s father glanced at Zhang Tianyi.

Based on his gaze, it seemed that he did not wish for Zhang Tianyi to run his mouth.

“Father, Chu Feng is my brother, I cannot sit by and do nothing while others slander his reputation before my eyes.”

“Furthermore, I merely spoke the truth,” Zhang Tianyi said stubbornly.

Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi’s father said no more.

“Ah That Emperor Gong’s successor is Chu Feng’s brother”

“Chu Feng actually possesses such a relationship”

“In that case, it seems that Chu Feng really defeated Leng Yue.” The crowd were shocked once again.

“How could that be Leng Yue is a rank eight Half Martial Emperor.

How could Chu Feng possibly be able to defeat Leng Yue” The people from the Heavenly Law Palace were unwilling to accept it.

“If you all do not believe it, go and ask Leng Yue what the outcome of the battle was,” Chu Feng walked out from his pagoda.

“Chu Feng! It’s Chu Feng!”

“Rank seven Half Martial Emperor! Chu Feng is actually a rank seven Half Martial Emperor!”

“Didn’t they say that Chu Feng was only a rank three Half Martial Emperor when he fought Ximen Feixue How did he become a rank seven Half Martial Emperor in such a short period of time!” Upon seeing Chu Feng, the crowd were all shocked.

This was especially true for the people from the Four Great Imperial Clans.

They were all frowning and feeling even more uneasy.

At this moment, even the previously carefree Beitang Imperial Clan and Dongfang Imperial Clan’s Clan Chiefs were frowning.

They had finally realized how frightening Chu Feng was.

His speed of reaching breakthroughs was simply too fast.

At this moment, Leng Yue had an ugly expression on her face, while Chu Feng had a very natural expression.

Even though Leng Yue didn’t say anything, the crowd was able to guess that Leng Yue had indeed been defeated by Chu Feng.

As for this… it caused the crowd to be shocked by how powerful Chu Feng was.

However, what the Four Great Imperial Clans were worried about was not this.

They had made absolute preparations to eliminate Chu Feng here.

However, they never had expected that Emperor Gong’s successor was Chu Feng’s brother.

While they would not fear that Emperor Gong’s successor, since he was only a member of the younger generation, they still did not know how powerful that middle-aged man was.

However, one thing was certain.

That was that if that man were to act, he might cause a major headache for them.

“I hereby announce that the Holy Land of Martialism’s Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly will officially begin,” Right at this moment, Zhang Tianyi’s father announced the beginning of the competition.

Once those words were said, everyone turned their gazes to the competition stage.

Although Leng Yue and Chu Feng were disqualified, the other members of the younger generation present were all extraordinary people too.

This still was a very marvelous competition that the crowd did not wish to miss.



The competition lasted for a total of two full days, two full nights and six more hours.

The final result was within the crowd’s expectations.

Without Chu Feng and Leng Yue as his two great formidable opponents, Zhang Tianyi managed to successfully obtain first place, and the title of the Strongest Younger Generation.

As for the others… they were all defeated by him one by one.

One thing worthy of mentioning was that the match between Zhang Tianyi and the Underworld Palace’s Underworld Messenger Kuang was very marvelous.

The crowd was unable to forget their battle, and continued to enjoy it in their memories.

Even though Zhang Tianyi managed to obtain victory in the end, the Underworld Palace’s Underworld Messenger Kuang was able to obtain the crowd’s approval with his strength.

Merely, when Zhang Tianyi was declared to be the victor of the competition, when he was declared to be the possessor of the title ‘Strongest Younger Generation,’ the crowd involuntarily took glances at Chu Feng and Leng Yue.

Neither Leng Yue nor Chu Feng fought in the competition.

The younger generation from the Ancient Era’s Elves were also not present.

Thus, although Zhang Tianyi had obtained the crowd’s approval, they still felt that his title of the Strongest Younger Generation was not actually true.

As for Yan Xie, due to the fact that the competitors were extremely powerful, even though his performance was not the worst, it was also not extremely good.

However, Yan Xie enjoyed this competition.

He knew from the very beginning that he would not be able to obtain the title of ‘Strongest Younger Generation.’ However, he enjoyed being able to spar with fellow expert members of the younger generation.

“Everyone, thank you all for coming here today to witness my son obtaining the title of the Strongest Young Generation,” Zhang Tianyi’s father said.

“My son That man is actually that Emperor Gong’s successor’s father” The crowd burst into an uproar.

“Truth be told, this one’s name is Zhang Ming.

I am the seventh generation successor of Emperor Gong.

My son, Zhang Tianyi, is the eighth generation successor of Emperor Gong.”

“Emperor Gong, Gong Wuming’s original name was Zhang Xianfeng.

He is our Zhang Family’s ancestor.”

“Merely, back then, my ancestor did not wish for the people of the world to know of the existence of our Zhang Family.

Thus, he concealed his identity, and named himself Gong Wuming as he traveled the world,” Zhang Ming announced the truth of Emperor Gong.

Actually, he had wanted to use his ancestor’s reputation to increase Zhang Tianyi’s reputation.

After all, Emperor Gong’s successor and Emperor Gong’s descendant possessed different connotations.

“Ah They’re not merely Emperor Gong’s successors, they’re also Emperor Gong’s descendants”

“Emperor Gong’s actual name is actually Zhang Xianfeng”

“Zhang without Chang is Gong.

So that’s the case!”

“Never would I have imagined that Emperor Gong’s descendants are actually still alive,” Sure enough, after knowing about this, the crowd became even more astonished.


At the moment when everyone was shocked, Zhang Ming waved his sleeve.

Then, following a spatial fluctuation, the portion of the fort that had been visible to the public was closed off again.

After sealing off the fort, Zhang Ming said, “Little friends, the competition has ended.

You all can return back through the same route,”

“Thank you, senior, for your hospitality,” Seeing that the entrance that had previously been sealed had been opened, the various disciples clasped their fists respectfully to Zhang Ming and then left in succession.

While the others left normally, when Leng Yue left, she took a profound glance at Chu Feng.

In an instant, the only people that remained here were Chu Feng and the others.

“Chu Feng, I’ve heard from my father that the Four Clans have set up an inescapable net outside for the sake of capturing you.

If you are to go out now, you’ll walk right into the trap.

How about you stay here instead of leaving”

“If you are to stay here, they will not dare to do anything to you,” Zhang Tianyi advised Chu Feng.

“Since I’ve come, I must definitely leave.

There is still a senior waiting for me outside.”

Chu Feng shook his head.

Since he dared to come, he knew that such a thing would happen.

Thus, Chu Feng was not surprised at the so-called ‘inescapable net’ set up by the Four Great Imperial Clans.

Furthermore, Baili Xuankong was waiting for him outside.

If Chu Feng were to stay here, Baili Xuankong would not know anything about the situation inside the fort.

Thus, he would also stay outside.

As long as Baili Xuankong stayed outside, he would inevitably be captured by the Four Great Imperial Clans.

Thus, Chu Feng did not plan to continue to stay here.

“But it is truly dangerous outside.

It is better that you stay here.

In here, with my father present, they will not dare to do anything to you,” Zhang Tianyi continued to urge Chu Feng to stay.

“Senior brother Zhang, I appreciate your kindness.

However, if I am to stay, while I will be able to be safe for the time being, I will definitely not be safe forever.”

“The Four Clans detest me enormously.

They consider me to be a future danger, and are willing to do everything within their power to eliminate me.

If I were to stay here, I would definitely implicate you and senior Zhang.

Thus, I absolutely cannot stay,” Chu Feng knew that even if he stayed, it would not be the best option.

Even though the Four Great Imperial Clans are unable to destroy the fort right now, as long as Chu Feng stayed in the fort, the Four Great Imperial Clans would think of all sorts of means to kill him.

They might even search for experts to breach the fort.

At that time, Zhang Tianyi and his father would be implicated.

Chu Feng did not wish for that to happen.


Zhang Tianyi wanted to continue to urge Chu Feng against it.

He was truly worried for Chu Feng.

Especially after he heard from his father that all of the various preparations the Four Great Imperial Clans had made outside the fort were for the sake of only Chu Feng, he became even more worried for Chu Feng.

Tens of thousands of experts had set up an inescapable net for the sake of a single member of the younger generation, Chu Feng.

This was sufficient to signify how determined to kill Chu Feng the Four Great Imperial Clans were.

The reason for that was because… they had truly brought great military might with them.


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