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MGA: Chapter 1752 – Must Go

“This… I have heard of that Sealing Ancient Village’s founder.

Indeed, he is someone from the era ruled by Emperor Qing.”

“Based on that, Emperor Gong’s successor was already present in Emperor Qing’s era.

Merely, he had hidden himself.”

“In that case, the Emperor Gong’s successor that appeared in the Holy Land of Martialism now might not simply be echoing the name of Emperor Gong.

Instead, he is likely actually Emperor Gong’s successor.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the expressions on Baili Xuankong and the others’ faces all became even more marvelous.

In fact, Elder Guan Hong was even trembling slightly out of excitement.

Before, they had not believed that that member of the younger generation that had become famous recently was actually Emperor Gong’s successor.

They had all thought that he was only using Emperor Gong’s reputation to strengthen his own reputation.

However, after hearing what Chu Feng said, they all changed their ways of thinking.

As for the opinion they came to have afterward, it shocked them enormously.

“If he really is Emperor Gong’s successor, then this is an extremely major matter.”

“They all say that this era is the era where heroes strive for the position of Overlord, the era where an Overlord will be born.

Now it seems that that is indeed the case.”

“Not only that, it is likely that this era will be the most marvelous era after the Ancient Era.

The Overlord of this era will likely become the strongest Overlord to ever exist.”


“Even though we are all weary old bones, if we are to be able to see the birth of an Overlord, our lives will not have been lived in vain.”

A smile of anticipation appeared on Baili Xuankong’s face, Then, he turned his gaze filled with expectation to Chu Feng.

It was not only him.

Guan Hong, Yin Chengkong and Dugu Xingfeng were also acting this way.

In troubled times, heroes will emerge.

With the emergence of outstanding heroes, they will begin to battle for the position of Overlord.

At this moment, the young man before them was someone that possessed a very high potential to become this era’s Overlord.

Upon thinking about how, in the future, Chu Feng would not only be able to fight against geniuses from all over the Holy Land of Martialism, but he would also be able to fight against Emperor Gong’s successor, Baili Xuankong and the others became even more excited, and they were filled with even more anticipation.

“Truth be told, I also wish to experience this Emperor Gong’s successor.

This is truly a rare opportunity,” Chu Feng looked at the invitation letter and then spoke with a beaming smile.

“Chu Feng, you absolutely cannot go.

The invitation letter has listed the names of all of the people being invited.

Not to mention the others, even the Four Great Imperial Clans will know that you have been invited.”

“Regardless of whether or not you are to go, the Four Great Imperial Clans will definitely dispatch many experts to encircle and annihilate you.

If you are to really go, you will end up falling into their trap,” Seeing that Chu Feng was actually planning to go there, Dugu Xingfeng was deeply shocked.

He immediately began to try to persuade Chu Feng against it.

“But if I do not go, I will become the object of everyone’s ridicule.

Everyone will think that I, Chu Feng, am scared.

They will not think that I am scared of the Four Great Imperial Clans.

Instead, they will think that I am scared of Emperor Gong’s successor.”

“Thus, no matter what, I must definitely go to this so-called Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly.”

At this moment, Chu Feng’s eyes were filled with determination.

Not only that, he had a very eager appearance.

Evidently, he was looking forward to this Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly, and was determined to show up.

In this sort of situation, Dugu Xingfeng and the others could only turn their gazes to Baili Xuankong.

They hoped that their Lord Baili, Chu Feng’s Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Ancestor, would be able to persuade Chu Feng against it.

Furthermore, it was clear that Baili Xuankong was the person with the greatest possibility of being able to persuade Chu Feng.


As expected of someone that I think highly of.

That resolution of yours is precisely what makes you someone with the potential to become an Overlord.”

“Chu Feng, I’ll accompany you,” Baili Xuankong said with a loud laugh.

He appeared to be extremely excited and happy.

“Lord Baili, this… you… I…” Dugu Xingfeng and the others truly did not expect that Baili Xuankong would pamper Chu Feng like this.

“Don’t worry.

No matter how strong the Four Great Imperial Clans might be, they are still just the Four Great Imperial Clans.

Chu Feng and I will not be so foolish as to allow them to catch us that easily.”

“Furthermore, I feel that since this Emperor Gong’s successor has the ability to hold a competition like this, he should be able have the ability to ensure order in the competition.”

“He should know that Chu Feng is listed as wanted by the Four Great Imperial Clans.

Yet, at such a time, he has actually announced to the world that he has invited Chu Feng.”

“Logically, he should also know that the Four Great Imperial Clans would want to capture Chu Feng.”

“Thus, as the party holding this competition, he should protect Chu Feng’s safety.

At the very least, he must do so when the competition is being held.”

“Else, he will also end up becoming an object of ridicule by the people around the world,” Baili Xuankong analyzed.

“But…” Dugu Xingfeng and the others were still worried.

“There’s no ‘but’.

Chu Feng and I will head over to check it out first.

If it is truly dangerous, we will not participate.

You all do not have to worry about us,” Baili Xuankong waved his hand.

He did not wish to continue on with this subject.

Seeing that Baili Xuankong had made his resolution, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were all stunned.

Baili Xuankong and Chu Feng were truly too crazy.

The two of them were truly willfully heading towards the mountain while knowing full well that it contained tigers.

This was what it meant to be fearless.


It was as Dugu Xingfeng and the others had anticipated.

After the invitations were sent out, the Four Great Imperial Clans became restless.

It was not only them; the entire Holy Land of Martialism was boiling with excitement.

Truly, the emergence of a gale caused motion all over.

The invitation letters had completely shaken the entire Holy Land of Martialism.

People all said that this era was the era in which an Overlord would be born.

Everyone had fixed their gazes onto the younger generation.

They all felt that the Overlord would be someone from the younger generation.

As for this so-called Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly, it was there to inform everyone beforehand who the future Overlord of this era would be.

Furthermore, other than the people invited, those holding the competition had also sent word that anyone underneath a hundred years old, as long as they felt that they were qualified to participate in this competition, could all enter.

Thus, many people that had not been invited, yet were unable to accept the fact that they had not been invited, all began to proceed toward the location of the competition to prove themselves.

As for the people that were coming to watch the show, they were even more numerous.

Powers from all around the Holy Land of Martialism sent people out to watch this competition.

Even the old monsters that had been in closed-door training for a long time and not concerned themselves with the matters of the world all came out from their training.

This was only natural.

After all, everyone wished to see who the new Overlord would be.

Thus, all of a sudden, people from all around began to proceed toward the location where the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly was being held… the Overlord Domain’s Gong Ba Plains.

This Gong Ba Plains could also be considered to be an extraordinary place.

Back then, when Emperor Gong was still young, before he had became famous, he fought against a very famous member of the older generation from that time.

That man was called Ba Xingfeng.

Everyone had thought that Ba Xingfeng would definitely win that battle.

The reason for that was because not only did the two men possess an enormous gap in their fame, there was also a very large gap in their strength.

However, when the two men fought, they were evenly matched, and unable to defeat one another.

This shocked everyone.

Emperor Gong and Ba Xingfeng fought for a total of ninety-nine days and nights.

They leveled a mountain range down to a plain with potholes all over the ground.

Finally, Emperor Gong defeated Ba Xingfeng with a clever technique.

After that battle, not only did Emperor Gong’s reputation spread like wildfire, the people also named that place the Ba Gong Plains.

However, as Emperor Gong’s fame grew greater and greater and he ended up becoming an overlord unmatched by anyone in that era, that place was renamed the Gong Ba Plains.

And now, Emperor Gong’s successor had chosen this Gong Ba Plain as the location for the Strongest Younger Generation Battle Assembly.

Naturally, there was actually a reason for why he had done so.

Back then, Emperor Gong’s fame had started from the Gong Ba Plains.

Then, he had ended up walking a journey to become an unparalleled Overlord.

And now, his successor also wished to follow Emperor Gong’s path.

While he was trying to prove himself, he was also trying to pay respects to Emperor Gong by doing this.


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