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MGA: Chapter 1698 – Go For Broke

At this moment, there were two people standing in the sky.

One of them was one of the Five Great Evildoers, the person who killed Aunt Lian’s husband and daughter, Evildoer Tie.

As for the other one, he was someone from the Beitang Imperial Clan, the person who stood up for Beitang Zimo on the Immortal Island, that rank one Martial Emperor who tried to cause trouble for Chu Feng, Beitang Zhiqiang.

This Beitang Zhiqiang was truly arrogant.

He actually did not even bother to conceal his appearance.

It could be seen that he really did not fear others recognizing him.

Likely, he had already made preparations to kill anyone that recognized him.

And in fact, he did possess the strength to do so.

Beitang Zhiqiang and Evildoer Tie were working together.

Furthermore, based on the way they acted, it seemed that they were backing up the Black Fiend.

There was no need to question what was going on.

Evidently, Chu Feng’s guess was correct.

Sure enough, the Beitang Imperial Clan was working with the Black Fiend.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, it was not only the Black Fiend that the Beitang Imperial Clan was working with.

They were actually working with Evildoer Tie too.

“My dear mother! There are actually really two Martial Emperors.

We really cannot help the Luo Family anymore, no.

Quickly, we must run away,” Goudan’er said frantically.

It could be seen that he really did not wish to die here.

“Chu Feng, you all escape quickly,” Du Wanwu said.

“What about you” Chu Feng asked.

“Since I, Du Wanwu, have agreed to protect the Luo Family, I will definitely not let them die and escape before the enemies.

Even if I am to die, I shall die protecting the Luo Family.”

After Du Wanwu finished saying those words, before Chu Feng could say anything, his body moved, and he flew into the sky and arrived before the Luo Family’s Family Head.

He looked to the two Martial Emperors in the sky and shouted, “You must first kill me if you want to kill the Luo Family.”

“Brat, who are you”

Both Evildoer Tie and Beitang Zhiqiang revealed shocked expressions upon seeing Du Wanwu’s sudden appearance.

After all, among the younger generation, Du Wanwu’s strength was top notch.

The two of them guessed that it was impossible for the Luo Family to nurture such a powerful member of the younger generation.

Thus, the first thing that came to their mind was that Du Wanwu must be the disciple of an expert.

“You all do not need to know who I am,” Du Wanwu had a determined expression.

He was already prepared to face death.

“Your cultivation is quite good.

Unfortunately, with your current strength, you are still incapable of protecting the Luo Family.”

“Regardless of your origin and who your master might be, since you have associated yourself with the Luo Family, today shall be the day you die,” Beitang Zhiqiang was already determined to kill.

Regardless of how talented Du Wanwu might be, he would still not let him live.

“That guy, he’s truly as stupid as one could be.

God, do not bother with him.

Let’s go,” Goudan’er urged Chu Feng.

“No, I cannot run away when Du Wanwu is out there.

Furthermore, the Emperor’s might has already sealed off the entire Luo Family and covered both the sky and the ground.

There is nowhere for us to escape to,” Chu Feng shook his head.

“What do we do then” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Goudan’er was also lost as to what to do.

“As matters stand, we can only go for broke,” Chu Feng said.

“Go for broke How Those are two Martial Emperors!” Goudan’er said.

“I have a method that might be able to give us a means to survive.”

As Chu Feng spoke, his appearance began to change.

Soon, he returned to his original appearance.

At the same time, Chu Feng walked out from the room, looked to Evildoer Tie in the sky and said while smiling, “Evildoer Tie, never would I have expected to see you again this quickly.”

“Chu Feng, it’s actually you” Both Beitang Zhiqiang and Beitang Zimo were extremely shocked to see Chu Feng.

They had absolutely never expected to encounter Chu Feng here.

“Chu Feng You, you are that brat from back then,” Compared to Beitang Zhiqiang, Evildoer’s Tie’s current expression was not only one of shock.

Instead, his face was filled with fear, and even his body started to tremble.

All of the mighty and domineering air he had emitted before was no longer there.

The reason for that was because he could not forget about what had happened outside of the Heavenly Law Auction that day.

That day, because he had attacked a young man called Chu Feng, he had nearly been killed by a powerful Martial Emperor.

That was still very fresh in his memory.

He was still filled with lingering fear.

To him, what had happened that day was simply a nightmare.

However, never would he expect to encounter Chu Feng again, to encounter that nightmare again.

“Seems like you still remember me,” Chu Feng smiled again.

His smile actually contained a trace of threatening intention.

Suddenly, Beitang Zimo took off his cloak, pointed at Chu Feng and angrily shouted, “Chu Feng, this is truly what they mean by enemies travel on a narrow road.

Back then, I was unable to kill you on the Immortal Island.

Never would I have expected to run into you here.

Have you made preparations to die” At this moment, his body was shivering with enormous hatred for Chu Feng.

Back then, outside of the Immortal Island, Chu Feng had utterly humiliated the Beitang Imperial Clan.

Even in his dreams, Beitang Zimo wished to kill Chu Feng.

And right now, he had actually encountered Chu Feng in this place.

Naturally, he would not let Chu Feng get away.

“Beitang Zimo, you are truly weak.

When I was a rank nine Martial King, you were already a rank three Half Martial Emperor.

And now, I’m already a rank two Half Martial Emperor.

Yet, you’re still only a rank three Half Martial Emperor.

With your trash talent, you want to kill me”

Chu Feng sneered.

He appeared extremely calm and collected.

Not only that, he had an attitude of completely not placing Beitang Zimo in his eyes.

“You are truly someone who will not shed a tear until you see your coffin.

If I wish to kill you, it would be as simple as crushing an ant to death.”

As Beitang Zimo spoke, he suddenly attacked.

He turned into a ray of light and arrived before Chu Feng.

At the same time, he waved his fist, which began to emit golden light, and smashed it toward Chu Feng’s head.

He was planning to use his fist to pulverize Chu Feng’s head.

It would appear that Beitang Zimo truly felt enormous hatred for Chu Feng.

Only by smashing Chu Feng’s head with his own fist would he be able to relieve the hatred in his heart.


However, right at the moment when Beitang Zimo’s fist was about to strike Chu Feng, Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly shone with lightning.

His Thunder Armor appeared.

Chu Feng’s cultivation increased from rank two Half Martial Emperor to rank three Half Martial Emperor.

At the same time, he extended his palm and firmly caught Beitang Zimo’s incoming fist.

“It turns out that you do not even have the strength to crush an ant to death.

The Beitang Imperial Clan has truly wasted all of the resources they placed on you,” After Chu Feng blocked Beitang Zimo’s attack, he laughed mockingly.

“You’ve merely obtained the same cultivation as me.

I will still be able to kill you.”

Beitang Zimo was not to be outdone.

A golden-bright and dazzling ‘Imperial’ character appeared on his forehead.

Following that, his entire body’s blood began to surge, and his battle power started to rapidly increase.

Furthermore, all of his power was gathered on his right fist.

He was planning to punch through Chu Feng’s palm with his fist.

Being extremely stubborn, Beitang Zimo was determined to pulverize Chu Feng’s head with his fist.

“Are you certain” Even when facing Beitang Zimo’s fist that he had placed all of his strength into, Chu Feng continued to smile.

Afterward, Chu Feng’s palm that held onto Beitang Zimo’s fist suddenly tightened.

“Snap,” blood splattered.

Beitang Zimo’s fist had been crushed to pieces by Chu Feng.


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