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MGA: Chapter 167 – The Arrival of Wu Jiu

“What He wants to challenge Wu Jiu on the Life and Death Stage”

“In order to fight on the Life and Death Stage, he has to sign the Life and Death Certificate.

Chu Feng really is looking to die.”

“He doesnt want to live anymore right Who is Wu Jiu Hes the founder of the Sword Alliance and the eldest son of the sword family that had been around for generations! He is 9th on the Azure Dragon Leaderboard and he has the cultivation of the 5th level of the Origin realm! Chu Feng dares to challenge him”

When Chu Fengs words came out, they were like thunder in a clear day and everyone was shocked.

So shocked that the floors were filled with jaws and some people even thought that Chu Feng was joking.

However, when Chu Feng yelled “Wu Jiu, come up and die” for a few more times, people knew that Chu Feng was serious.

“1st level of the Origin realm This boy entered the 1st level of the Origin realm already”

Finally, some experts in the Origin realm who were at the scene felt Chu Fengs cultivation.

Although the cultivation of the 1st level of the Origin realm was not very strong, when that cultivation was placed onto Chu Fengs body, people had no choice but to look at Chu Feng in another perspective and reevaluate that young man.

Not to mention what it meant to enter the 1st level of the Origin realm at that age, the most important thing was when Chu Feng just entered the core zone, he only had the cultivation of the 7th level of the Spirit realm.

Before two months of time even passed, he passed two levels of cultivation and jumped over a huge gap to be at the 1st level of the Origin realm.

That speed of improvement did not make any sense.

“This Chu Feng is not simple and it turns out that he is quite a genius.

If he continued to develop like that, he would certainly become an outstanding person.

However, regrettably, he was too arrogant and he set a life or death arranged battle.

In one year, no matter how much stronger he gets, he cannot defeat senior Gong.” Some people saw Chu Fengs potential and felt pity for him.


Wheres the need for a whole year Today, this child will lose.

Wu Jiu and senior Gong have quite a good relationship and Wu Jiu already disliked Chu Feng.

And right now, Chu Feng dares to go onto the Life and Death Stage to challenge Wu Jiu.

How can Wu Jiu let him go” However, some people also thought that Chu Feng could not escape todays calamity.

“Who challenges me” Just at that time, another explosive shout sounded out and a body swept past the ground and at the end, stably landed on the fighting stage.

It was a person with a thin body, average height, unsightly appearance, shrimp-like nose, toad-like eyes, a whole row of coloured teeth, and when he spoke, his stench would spread for thirty meters.

If he “haed” at anyones face, that person would kneel on the ground and keep on throwing up.

However, although his appearance was horrible, he was quite famous in the core zone.

He was the founder of the Sword Alliance, 9th ranked in the Azure Dragon Leaderboard, Wu Jiu.

“You are Wu Jiu” Chu Fengs eyes lit up.

For the first time in his life, he discovered that there was such an unusual looking person in the world.

His nostril widened and his big mouth was drawn back.

He hit his shriveled stomach and said smugly, “I am Wu Jiu.

You are challenging me”

“Im not challenging you.

Im here to kill you” Chu Feng coldly smiled and said.


Ill grant your wish.

Elder, bring the Life and Death Certificate over.

Today, I will finish this brat off here.” Wu Jiu yelled his throat out and howled down.

If he spoke to an inner court elder like that, it was excusable.

However, he was quite daring if he spoke to a core elder like that.

Many core disciples inhaled a breath of cool air as they thought that even though Chu Feng was mad, Wu Jiu was even madder.

However, the thing that made people speechless was soon after Wu Jiu spoke, there was unexpectedly a core elder that walked out from the ground and he slowly went onto the fighting stage.

He held an ink brush and ink in his left hand, and the Life and Death Certificate in his right as he arrived in front of Wu Jiu.


What is Wu Jiu status How can he call core elders just like that” Some people were quite astonished.

That elders cultivation was not low and he was at the 7th level of the Origin realm, two levels higher than Wu Jiu.

However, he listened to Wu Jius words just like that and it made people too shocked.

“You probably dont know about this right A few days ago, Wu Jiu paid his respects to Elder Zhongli and became his disciple.

He is already officially Elder Zhonglis disrect disciple.”

“Elder Zhongli The eccentric Zhongli Yihu”

“Thats right, him.”


Wu Jiu became his disciple”

Everyone was shocked once again.

Zhongli Yihu was quite famous in the Azure Dragon School.

In terms of personal strength, he would be ranked as third in the Azure Dragon School.

Even if any of the Six Protectors fought him alone, they could not defeat him.

However, Zhongli Yihu was just like Zhuge Liuyun.

He was also a guest elder so he was only in the Azure Dragon School as a title.

He did not care about anything else, not to mention passing his skill down to any disciples.

Currently, Wu Jiu being able to become his disciple attracted peoples endless admiration.

“The Life and Death Stage for Grudges can indeed determine ones lives, however, there must be grudges.

What grudges do the two of you have” That elder spoke to question.

“He bullied my family.

Is that a grudge” Chu Feng replied.

“This brat destroyed the cultivation of several hundred of my subordinates.

Is that not a grudge” Wu Jiu coldly snorted.

“Sign your names and leave a blood mark.” The elder said.

When everything was in place, that elder left the fighting stage.

Only Wu Jiu and Chu Feng remained on the stage that seemed to be dyed by blood.

“Brat, I wanted to kill you for such a long time, but I never would have thought that you would deliver yourself right up to my doorstep.

You even so openly challenged me.

Today, if I dont grant your wish of dying, I would really feel sorry for your idiotic heart.” Wu Jiu clenched with one hand and his Origin power surged.

A fine longsword was condensed out.

That sword was extremely beautiful.

It was simply as beautiful as it could get.

However, it was not a real sword and it was only created by Wu Jius condensed Origin power.

It was a rank 5 martial skill that was not inferior to the Bow of Hundred Transformations.

“Go ahead.

Lets see how you will grant my wish.” Chu Feng had an indifferent expression and he did not even put Wu Jiu in his eyes.

“I only need one blow against people like you.” Wu Jiu coldly yelled and waved the longsword in his hand.

He stabbed the air towards the direction of Chu feng.


After he stabbed, rumbling came from all directions.

Peerless tyrannical sword energy was condensing in the air.

As it howled, it flew towards Chu Feng.


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