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MGA: Chapter 1624 – It Really Was A Hongmen Banquet1

“I believe that with my relationship with them, they will not do such a thing.

If they are to make things difficult for Chu Feng, we will leave right away.

Furthermore, I, Nangong Ya, will have no dealings with them in the future,” Nangong Ya said.

“It’s all good.

Come, let’s go,” Chu Feng smiled calmly.

He was not concerned.

Afterward, under Nangong Ya’s guidance, Chu Feng and the others arrived at a very flourishing territory.

This was the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Eldest Prince, Nangong Tianlong’s, territory.

At this moment, Nangong Ya appeared to be very excited.

Evidently, he hoped that Chu Feng would be able to befriend the Nangong Imperial Clan’s princes and princesses.

However, Nangong Baihe had an expression of worry all over her face.

Unlike Nangong Ya, she was not fond of the princes and princesses.

Thus, to her, the Nangong Imperial Clan’s princes and princesses were excessively arrogant and bad people.

After entering the territory, Nangong Ya began to lead them with great familiarity.

He directly led Chu Feng into a large palace.

At this moment, the entrance of the palace was wide open.

Without even entering the palace, Chu Feng was able to tell that there were a lot of people gathered inside.

They were all members of the Nangong Imperial Clan’s younger generation.

A thing worthy of mentioning, however, was that the weakest among them had a cultivation of rank one Half Martial Emperor.

As for the strongest, his cultivation was that of a rank five Half Martial Emperor.

It could be said that even though they were all members of the Nangong Imperial Clan’s younger generation, they were the outstanding elites among them.

Sure enough, the Nangong Imperial Clan was very powerful.

With this many of their younger generation being Half Martial Emperors, they were truly not a power that the Nine Powers could compare with.

After Chu Feng and the others entered the palace hall, that rank five Half Martial Emperor asked with a beaming smile, “Lil’ brother Ya, that must be Chu Feng, right”

That man was sitting on the main seat in the palace hall.

Without even being introduced, Chu Feng was able to guess who he was.

Likely, he should be the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Eldest Prince, Nangong Tianlong.

This Nangong Tianlong possessed a very powerful cultivation.

Like Baili Xinghe, he was also a rank five Half Martial Emperor.

However, he was inferior to Baili Xinghe.

The reason why Chu Feng felt that he was inferior to Baili Xinghe was because of his face.

Even though he was not very old and was not even forty years old, and was only in his thirties, his age was still much older than Baili Xinghe’s.

Thus, in terms of talent, this Nangong Tianlong was inferior to Baili Xinghe.

Likely, his future accomplishment would be inferior to Baili Xinghe’s too.

After all, Baili Xinghe was not only a rank five Half Martial Emperor, he was also a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

“Big brother Tianlong, this is the Chu Feng who saved me, Baihe and Moli on the Immortal Island,” Nangong Ya addressed the Eldest Prince by name in a very intimate manner.

Chu Feng had guessed correctly.

Sure enough, the person who had spoken was the Nangong Imperial Clan’s Eldest Prince, Nangong Tianlong.

“Chu Feng, let me make introductions for you.

This is Eldest Prince Nangong Tianlong.

This is Second Prince Nangong Tianhu.

This is Third Prince Nangong Tianshi.

This is Fourth Princess Nangong Tianfeng.”


Afterwards, Nangong Ya began to introduce the people in the hall to Chu Feng one by one.

Second Prince Nangong Tianhu’s age was about the same as Baili Xinghe’s.

However, his cultivation was weaker than Baili Xinghe’s.

He was a rank four Half Martial Emperor.

Third Prince Nangong Tianshi was a rank three Half Martial Emperor like Nangong Ya.

In fact, there were only three people in the entire palace hall who possessed a cultivation of rank three Half Martial Emperor.

This signified that Nangong Ya, although not a prince, was still an outstanding genius in the Nangong Imperial Clan.

As for the Fourth Princess, Nangong Tianfeng, her cultivation was inferior to Nangong Ya’s.

Her age was about the same as Nangong Baihe’s.

She possessed the cultivation of a rank two Half Martial Emperor.

However, the thing that gave Chu Feng the deepest impression was not their cultivation.

Rather, it was their attitude.

Including that Nangong Tianfeng, the four siblings possessed a very vile attitude toward Chu Feng.

Not only did they not greet Chu Feng, they were even sneering with contempt.

The gazes they looked to Chu Feng with were like the gazes of someone looking at a clown.

They simply did not consider Chu Feng as a guest.

If Chu Feng had only been suspecting it might be the case, then right now, he was certain that this invitation was for a Hongmen Banquet.

“Saved your lives To be saved by trash like him, you all have truly disgraced our Nangong Imperial Clan’s reputation,” Third Prince Nangong Tianshi sneered.

“Tianshi, what are you saying How could you call Brother Chu Feng that”

Hearing those words, Nangong Ya’s complexion immediately turned green.

He had thought that his relationship with them was ordinarily very good.

Thus, he never expected that they would really make things difficult for Chu Feng like this.

“Humph, I knew that they possessed malicious intentions.

Chu Feng, there’s no need to bother speaking with this ignorant mob anymore.

Let’s go,” Nangong Baihe pulled Nangong Moli with one hand and, with her other hand, grabbed onto Chu Feng’s sleeve.

She was planning to leave with them.

The Nangong Imperial Clan’s Fourth Princess Nangong Tianfeng smacked the table beside her and stood up.

She pointed at Nangong Baihe and bellowed angrily, “Impudent! Nangong Baihe, where do you think this is Who do you think we are Are we people who you can insult this way”

It could be seen that Nangong Tianfeng disliked Nangong Baihe enormously.

In other words, she, as the princess, looked down on Nangong Baihe.

“What makes a woman who changes her appearance using world spirit techniques qualified to speak to me like that” Nangong Baihe sneered.

She actually did not fear Nangong Tianfeng in the slightest.

“Bull**! This princess is a natural beauty.

Why would I need to change my appearance with world spirit techniques” After hearing what Nangong Baihe said, Nangong Tianfeng was so angry that she started gnashing her teeth.

“Fourth Princess, there’s no need for you to deny it.

Although your appearance is very beautiful, it is most definitely not natural.

As for why I said that, I believe you also understand in your heart,” Chu Feng said.

With Chu Feng’s eyesight, he was able to see with a single glance that Nangong Tianfeng’s appearance had been modified by an expert world spiritist.

While she might be able to deceive others, she would not be able to deceive him.

“Look, didn’t I say that Big brother Ya, I told you before, yet you still didn’t believe me.”

“I said that Nangong Tianfeng left the Nangong Imperial Clan and suddenly returned a lot more beautiful.

She most definitely had a world spiritist change her appearance.

Now that even Chu Feng has said it, you believe me now, no” Seeing that Chu Feng had spoken on her behalf, Nangong Baihe became extremely complacent.

“Baihe, stop saying anymore,” At this moment, Nangong Ya was frowning deeply.

To challenge the princes and princesses was not a wise action.

After all, this was Nangong Tianlong’s territory.

“All of you, shut up,” Nangong Tianlong suddenly shouted angrily.

He caused the entire palace hall to tremble.

Immediately, everyone grew quiet.

It could be seen that the Eldest Prince Nangong Tianlong possessed quite the prestige.

“Big brother Tianlong, if there’s nothing else, I shall take my leave,” Seeing that the situation was bad, Nangong Ya wanted to bring Chu Feng and the others away.

“Lil’ brother Ya, don’t be in such a rush to leave.

I have things that I need to ask Chu Feng about,” Nangong Tianlong said.

However, Nangong Ya did not turn around.

He grabbed Chu Feng and Nangong Baihe and began to rapidly walk toward the exit.

“Woosh, woosh~~~”

Suddenly, two figures shifted forward.

Then, they landed before Nangong Ya and the others, blocking their path.

It was the Second Prince Nangong Tianhu and the Third Prince Nangong Tianshi.


Hongmen banquet = Feast at Hong Gate, a banquet set up by Xiang Yu to attempt to murder Liu Bang.

In other words, an ill intended banquet with the aim of murdering/harming its guest. Tianlong → Heavenly Dragon, Tianhu → Heavenly Tiger, Tianshi → Heavenly Lion, Tianfeng → Heavenly Phoenix.

Great naming sense Bee.

Xima: Better lion than turtle, there’s at least a change in the 4 


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