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Chapter 1611 – This Favor

“Sorry, we are not selling these cloaks,” Chu Feng refused right away.

As a Snake Mark Royal-cloak World Spiritist, he knew very well how precious these cloaks were.

They were extremely valuable treasures.

Even if he needed Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones very badly, he still could not have Aunt Lian exchange for them with these cloaks, these extremely valuable treasures.

At this moment, Aunt Lian did not say anything.

Evidently, she also did not wish to exchange the cloaks for Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

Else, she would’ve said something already.

“Oh, it’s alright.

If you all possess anything else related to world spirit techniques, you can take them all out.

Perhaps they might be able to be exchanged for Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” Manager Tian said.

“How many Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones do you think this could be exchanged for” Chu Feng took out a portion of the Sealing Glacier and a Red Deep Sea Pearl from his Cosmos Sack.

The Red Deep Sea Pearls were items that Hong Qiang had given Chu Feng.

As for this Sealing Glacier, it had been a present from the Sealing Ancient Village’s Old Village Chief Ma.

Chu Feng knew that the Sealing Glacier was extremely valuable to the Sealing Ancient Village.

Furthermore, he himself would also need a certain amount in order to set up a Taboo Formation Technique.

Thus, even though Chu Feng possessed a large chunk of Sealing Glacier, he had only taken out a third of it.

“While this is a treasure, it is far less precious than the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

I’m afraid that it would not be able to be exchanged for any,” Manager Tian directly returned the Red Deep Sea Pearl to Chu Feng.

As he saw that Red Deep Sea Pearl being returned to him right away, Chu Feng finally realized how precious the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones were.

It was true, they were extremely expensive.

The Red Deep Sea Pearl was actually unable to be exchanged for a single Dragon Mark World Spirit Stone.

“As for this, if I am not mistaken, it should be the Sealing Glacier, the treasure of the Alliance Domain’s Sealing Ancient Village.

It is indeed extremely useful to world spiritists.

If you were to exchange it for Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, then… with this size, you should be able to exchange it for ten Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” Manager Tian gave a price for the Sealing Glacier.

At this moment, Chu Feng truly felt a deep amount of heartache.

That Sealing Glacier he took out was a third of the Sealing Glacier he possessed.

Yet, such a large chunk of Sealing Glacier was only capable of being exchanged for ten Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

This truly surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination.

Seeing that Chu Feng was hesitating, Manager Tian added, “Remember, this is merely the starting bid value.

If there are many people who require this treasure, they will start to compete with one another.

At that time, the bids will definitely increase in value.”

“Do you wish to auction it If you do, I will also not charge you any commission.” His words were extremely clear.

It didn’t look like he was scamming Chu Feng.

After all, if this Sealing Glacier were to be auctioned, Chu Feng would also be able to see the auction process.

“Yes, auction it,” Chu Feng nodded.

Compared to the Sealing Glacier, Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones were even more important to the current Chu Feng.

“Is there anything else” Manager Tian asked.

“Yes,” In response, Nangong Ya, Nangong Baihe, and even Nangong Moli and Tantai Xue all took out items related to world spirit techniques.

They all wished to help Chu Feng obtain more Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

Even though, in the end, only Tantai Xue’s one item was capable of being auctioned with a starting bid of two Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, whereas Nangong Ya, Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli’s items were all returned, Chu Feng was still very moved by their actions.

The reason for that was because when their items were returned, Nangong Ya, Nangong Baoli and Nangong Moli even insisted on auctioning the Incomplete Imperial Armaments that they had obtained from the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

When the Incomplete Imperial Armaments appeared, even Manager Tian’s eyes shone.

After all, those were items created by the Weaponry Refinement Immortal.

Furthermore, this Manager Tian was an expert with goods.

Thus, he naturally knew how precious those three items were.

However, how could Chu Feng possibly allow them to use those items to help him obtain Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones Not to mention how valuable those three items were, if this matter were to reach the ears the Weaponry Refinement Immortal, his impression of Nangong Ya and the others would be very bad.

“This Raging Flames Metal of mine, how many Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones do you think it can be exchanged for” Right at this moment, Hong Qiang took out a piece of Raging Flames Metal.

“Yoh, that’s a treasure you have there, a treasure capable of being used to create Imperial Armaments.

It should have been obtained from the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower.

That thing is extremely dangerous and very difficult to find.

Thus, that Raging Flames Metal is even harder to come by than Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

Are you sure you want to auction it” When Manager Tian saw the Raging Flames Metal, his eyes shone again.

He was truly an expert with goods.

At this moment, the gaze that Aunt Lian looked to Hong Qiang with had also changed slightly.

Evidently, she had never anticipated that Hong Qiang would be able to take out such a precious item, an item capable of being used to forge an Imperial Armament, a true treasure.

“If this were auctioned, how many Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones could it be auctioned for” Hong Qiang asked.

“The starting bid would be twenty Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

It shouldn’t be a lot.” Manager Tian said.

“Auction it,” Hong Qiang said without hesitation.

“Senior Hong Qiang, this…” At this moment, Chu Feng was somewhat unwilling.

He knew exactly how important that Raging Flames Metal was to Hong Qiang, as well as how much Hong Qiang had invested for that Raging Flames Metal.

Thus, he did not wish for Hong Qiang to sacrifice it for him.

“Chu Feng, this is something that you deserve.

If it wasn’t for you, I would not have been able to obtain the Raging Flames Metal either.”

“Back then, I had said that we would share it equally.

Yet, you refused.

However, today, regardless of whether you refuse or not, you must still accept it.

That is my regard for you.

This is also the only thing that I can help you with.

You absolutely must not refuse it,” Hong Qiang said with a smile.

At this moment, Chu Feng was emotionally moved.

He had nothing more to say.

In the end, he accepted it.

His heart was filled with emotions.

As the saying went, in trials and tribulations, the truth would be revealed.

Today, Hong Qiang and the others, for the sake of helping Chu Feng, had all taken out their most valuable treasures.

This was the truth, and this truth was enough to move Chu Feng emotionally.

Even though the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones were extremely important to Chu Feng, it remained that those items were also extremely important to Hong Qiang and the others.

Especially Hong Qiang, for that Raging Flames Metal, he had guarded the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest for many years and nearly even lost his life to it.

“Well then, I will help you all arrange the auction immediately.

Your treasures will be able to enter the auction today.

However, even though your treasures are all extremely valuable treasures, it will still be dependent on the will of the heavens as to whether or not they will be able to fetch any Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.”

“As I have said before.

Regardless of how valuable your treasures might be, regardless of how rare they might be, it is only when there are people that need those treasures that they will use Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones to exchange for them.”

“That’s because, to them, the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones are precious treasures.

Else, they would have already auctioned those Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones here and not saved them,” Manager Tian said while smiling.

What Manager Tian said were all things that Chu Feng knew.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng subconsciously grabbed onto the Cosmos Sack that contained the thirty-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones and looked to Aunt Lian again.

When the starting bid was already this precious, exactly how many treasures, exactly what price, had Aunt Lian paid to purchase these thirty-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones with the highest bid This was something that Chu Feng could easily imagine.

In order to help him, Aunt Lian had exhausted a great amount of wealth.

This favor was something that Chu Feng would not forget.


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