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MGA: Chapter 16 – Refusing to Join

“Wait, I think I heard that they just said…”

“Impossible, you must have heard wrong.”

The words from the Dragon and Tiger brothers astonished the observing crowd and all sorts of complicated expressions surged onto their faces.

At that instant, the people around them would rather think that they heard wrong than believing that the words were true.

They could not understand why the Wings Alliance wanted to recruit Chu Feng.

Just now, Chu Feng was even rejected by a small alliance.

How could such a person get the respect of the Wings Alliance

“Chu Feng, are you willing to join the Wings Alliance”

They knew that the crowd was suspicious, so Bai Long forcefully added another sentence and emphasized the tone.

“Is…Is this real The Wings Alliance is actually recruiting that guy”

“Where did he come from to get the invitation from the Wings Alliance Isnt the Wings Alliance called the gathering of geniuses Why are they recruiting such an ordinary person”

“Not understandable.

Really not understandable.

Does he have a certain special area But I really cant see anything.

Even a small little alliance isnt welcoming him.

How can he be someone strong”

With that, discussions instantly exploded everywhere like frying oil and all the gazes concentrated on Chu Feng.

They all tried to find what was different about him to be able to be invited by the Wings Alliance.

But no matter what, they could not see how that youth was different.

But even so, everyone still endlessly admired Chu Feng.

The Wings Alliance.

The place that countless amounts of disciples looked forward to and also where countless number of geniuses were refused.

It was absolutely the sacred land of the hearts of the inner court disciples.

The Wings Alliance.

The dreams of endless number of disciples.

It was a dream that could only be imagined and unaccomplishable.

But at that instant, there was a person that entered the sacred land and completed the unachieveable dreams of others.

How could they not envy him

“How is this possible, Chu Feng, he actually…”

But, the ones who had the ugliest faces and the people that could not accept that the most were the people from the Chu family.

Especially Chu Wei.

It was as if he got hit by a heavy hammer.

His entire brain was buzzing as he was completely bewildered.

Chu Yue was also like that.

She stood next to Chu Feng, opened her little mouth, and her pair of eyes were flickering non-stop while surprisingly staring at Chu Feng.

Towards the reactions of the crowd, the Dragon and Tiger brothers smiled since they were pleased, then they cast their gaze towards Chu Feng.

Compared than the reactions of the crowd, the brothers looked forward to Chu Fengs reaction more.

They wanted to see Chu Feng celebrate as if he was crazy and as if he entered a dream.

But Chu Feng obviously disappointed them.

He was not overjoyed by ecstasy.

Rather, he did not show any expressions, and his face was as calm as the water.

The more surprising thing was Chu Fengs words that came out next.

“Thank you for your good meanings, but I do not want to join in any alliances for now.” Chu Feng said calmly.

“What I did not hear wrong right He refused!”

When Chu Fengs words came out, the crowd that was already like a boiling pot of oil instantly rose to the extreme.

The good thing that countless of people wished to have in their dreams was refused.

It was absolutely unthinkable.

After getting that reply, the Dragon and Tiger brothers also frowned and their faces were obviously displeased.

“Chu Feng, if you join our Wings Alliance, you will only have benefits in your future development in the Azure Dragon School.

Are you really going to refuse” Bai Long advised and asked.

“I am very sorry.” Chu Fengs reply was firm.


Bai Hu was a bit angry, but before letting him break out, he was stopped by Bai Longs extended hands.

Bai Long reevaluated Chu Feng once again and said, “Chu Feng, I hope that you can reconsider this.”

After that, Bai Long turned around and left.

After a fierce glare by Bai Hu, he also left in huge strides.

“That guy really refused the invitation of the Wings Alliance.

Is he stupid”

“Looking at him, you can tell that he did not even think about it, so he must not know the big name of the Wings Alliance.

Ahh, what a shame.”

“Im guessing in the future, when he understands the strength of the Wings Alliance, he would be extremely frustrated..”

“Future If you offend the Wings Alliance, from what I can tell, this guy is not far from death.”

In that instant, everyone widened their mouths and the sounds of all sorts of discussions continued without end.

Even Chu Yue had a full face of confusion as she asked, “Chu Feng, did you know what you just did That was…”

“I know, it was the Wings Alliance, the organization of legends within the inner court.”

“You knew yet you still refused, you…” Chu Yue was absolutely speechless.

“I will not enter an alliance that I dont understand anything about.

Im afraid that the Wings Alliance are no exception.”

Chu Feng smiled and his smile was abnormally calm.

Not caring about the astonished gazes from all around him, he elegantly blended into the crowd, as if he never even put the Wings Alliance in his eyes.

Chu Yue kept on looking at the place where Chu Feng disappeared at.

Her expression was extremely complicated, and after a good while she muttered, “Chu Feng, it seems that I am able to see through you less and less…”

Actually, Chu Feng was also surprised by the Wings Alliances invitation as well, but because it was unexpected, he firmly refused.

After all, there was a secret that others could not know in his body.

The 9-coloured lightning.

The scary thing that almost destroyed the continent.

If people knew that the thing was inside Chu Fengs dantian, who knew what the experts of the world would do to Chu Feng It was even a possibility that he would get his stomach cut open.

After a short while, in a mysterious place outside of the plaza, the Dragon and Tiger brothers were standing there with a depressed expression.

In front of them was a young female.

The girl had fair skin, sharp eyebrows, large eyes, a small mouth which was as red as a cherry.

Although her face was a bit young, it could be said that she was a beautiful person and a person that just slightly undeveloped.

But, at that moment, the young females eyebrows were frowning as she asked the brothers, “You are saying that he refused to join the Wings Alliance”

“Senior Su Mei, everything that we said was true.” The brothers replied at the same time.

“There is actually a person that dares to refused the invitation of our Wings Alliance.

He must be tired with living.” The girl was biting her lips, and there were traces of anger that surged within her beautiful eyes.

“Senior Su Mei.

To be honest, we dont even know which part that boy was outstanding at.

But, he wasmentioned by those two and they told us to invite him.

If we do anything bad to him, Im afraid…”

“Whats there to be afraid of We are already giving him face by inviting him to the Wings Alliance.

But now he dared to refuse.

We gave him face but he just didnt take it.”

“If we dont let him taste a bit of pain, wheres the honor of our Wings Alliance Ill hand this issue to you two.

Dont worry, with my elder sister, I guarantee that nothing will happen to you two.”

“Eh…Fine.” The Dragon and Tiger brothers didnt dare to retort a single bit while in front of the beautiful young girl.

“Also, Ill say it for the last time.

Dont call me as senior.

My age is no order than yours.” After casting a gaze to the two people, she left.

The brothers silently watched as the young girl went farther and farther away all the way until she was completely gone.

Only then did they exhale deeply as if a weight had been lifted.

“This little girl is too hard to serve.

She is treating us like slaves…” Bai Hu complained as he wipe the sweat on his forehead.


We cant do anything about her special family status.

Ignoring her family background, it would be enough just by looking at her elder sisters inner court influence.” Bai Long bitterly said.

“On that topic, I like her sister better.

At least shes a lot more gentle.”

“Gentle You just havent seen her when she gets violent.

Its even more scary than Su Mei.”

“Ahh, the combination of these two sisters are calledRoumei.

There’s the beauty, but I havent found the gentleness.

But what should we do now Do we really need to take care of that Chu Feng”

[TN: The “Rou” (from Su Rou) means gentle, and the “Mei” (from Su Mei) means beauty.]

“Lets give him an appropriate warning, but we cant be too excessive.

After all, other than the sisters, that person also spoke.” After saying that, Bai Long couldnt help but sigh deeply.

Yesterday, in the rare Wings Alliance gathering, two big shots showed up without being invited.

Also, those two gave the same request, and it was to have the Wings Alliance invite Chu Feng.

Although they were not willing to, the Wings Alliance still agreed because those two people were existences that they did not dare to offend.


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