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MGA: Chapter 1566 – Change In Attitude

“What are you doing Let go of me.” Chu Feng tried to struggle free.

“Young Hero, if you refuse to help us, then I’m not letting go.”

“Do you really have no heart to protect those of the fairer sex, do you really have the heart to see me and my lil sis die on this vast ocean” Nangong Baihe grabbed onto Chu Feng’s thigh even tighter.

It was as if she was planning to be dragged around by him.

“The hell, you’re a grand young miss of the Nangong Imperial Clan, how could you not have moral principles”

At this moment, Chu Feng finally believed that what was happening in front of him was not an illusion.

Instead, the sixth young miss of the Nangong Imperial Clan was really kneeling before him, grabbing onto his thigh and shamelessly begging him to help them.

“I’m only going to ask you whether you’re going to help us or not.

If you refuse to help us, I’ll kill myself right now.

After all, in this dangerous place, it is impossible for me and my lil sis to survive with the abilities that we possess.

Rather than being eaten by those sea monsters, I’d rather kill myself.”

“However, rest assured, before I die, I will leave a signal behind for my clan to tell them that it was you who killed me and my lil sis.

My Nangong Imperial Clan will not let you get away,” Nangong Baihe said.

“You’re actually threatening me with your death” Chu Feng felt even more speechless.

This Nangong Baihe had completely toppled the way Chu Feng had thought of her through her actions.

At this moment, Chu Feng discovered that the Nangong Baihe in his impression was completely mistaken.

Instead, it appeared that this was the actual Nangong Baihe.

She had no shame, no moral principles, and would even use every means at her disposal to attain her goals.

“Big brother, please, just help us.

I really wish to go to the Immortal Island.

I want to meet that Weaponry Refinement Immortal,” Nangong Moli also walked over.

“Enough, enough.

I’ll bring the two of you with me.

However, I must tell you two this in advance.

The path ahead is filled with unknown dangers.

I cannot guarantee that we will be able to reach the Immortal Island.

Thus, do not be too hopeful,” Chu Feng said.

“Rest assured.

As long as we can run into our Nangong Imperial Clan’s people, we will immediately leave you.

Before we separate, we will also reward you appropriately.

I, Nangong Baihe, am one who will always honor my word.”

“Well then, it’s decided.

Come, let’s go.”

Nangong Baihe suddenly stood up and began to tidy up her clothing with a beaming smile on her face.

Then, bringing Nangong Moli with her, she proceeded to walk ahead.

Her appearance was as if nothing had happened earlier.

She was as natural as she could appear to be.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt admiration for this Nangong Baihe from the bottom of his heart.

At this time, he had encountered what was meant by ‘can bow and submit or can stand tall.’ 1

However, one thing was undeniable.

That was, after Chu Feng fully displayed his capabilities, Nangong Baihe’s attitude toward him had completely transformed.

As for Chu Feng, he was someone amenable to coaxing but not coercion.

After Nangong Baihe’s attitude toward him became very friendly, Chu Feng was also no longer as harsh and cold toward her.

When she asked for his name again, Chu Feng ended up telling her his name.

Merely, he still did not mention that he was a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Actually, there was another reason why Chu Feng ended up telling Nangong Baihe his true name.

That was because he was unable to bear Nangong Baihe addressing him as ‘Young Hero.’

However, a thing worthy of being mentioned was that after getting to know her, Chu Feng discovered that Nangong Baihe’s character was pretty good.

At least, after knowing her, she no longer had that sort of arrogant attitude.

After her arrogance was gone, it seemed that Nangong Baihe revealed her true character: a young girl who loved to speak, loved to laugh and loved to joke around.

Journeying together with her was quite joyous.

“Someone’s coming,” Suddenly, Chu Feng’s gaze was fixed ahead.

His gaze became serious.

Nangong Baihe hurriedly pushed Nangong Moli behind her.

She even took out her curved blade.

In this sort of place, even if one were to encounter others, it did not necessarily mean that one would encounter good people.

Anything and anyone could become their enemy.

Sure enough, not long after Chu Feng said those words, a group of people appeared before their line of sight.

It was a group of aged old men.

There were a total of twenty three people.

They were all wearing the same apparel.

Thus, they should be from the same power.

Their cultivations were all not weak.

The weakest among them were rank one Half Martial Emperors.

As for the strongest person among them, he was a rank three Half Martial Emperor.

However, their current situation was not very good.

While that rank three Half Martial Emperor appeared fine, the rank two Half Martial Emperors appeared to be in poor health.

Their auras were also weak.

As for the rank one Half Martial Emperors, they appeared as if they had received serious injuries and were extremely weak.

They were all being supported by the rank two Half Martial Emperors.

“Seniors, have you all encountered some trouble” Chu Feng walked toward them and inquired.

He felt that this group of old men were not a threat to them.

The leader of the group, that rank three Half Martial Emperor, asked.

“Little friends, you all must have just set foot onto this sea from the golden beach, right”

“Yes, that’s right,” Chu Feng answered.

“Little friends, heed my advice and return.

As you all have not entered too deep, you are still able to return now,” The old man urged.

“Old man, what do you mean by that We have traveled long and far, and only managed to get here after crashing our way through the storm with great difficulty.

Yet, you want us to return” Nangong Baihe was angered.

Her young miss’ arrogant attitude was activated again.

The old man frowned upon hearing her words.

However, he evidently knew that Nangong Baihe and Nangong Moli were people from the Nangong Imperial Clan.

Thus, he did not refute her and decided to ignore her.

He continued to say to Chu Feng, “Young man, we are elders from the Sea King Sect.

We entered this sea five days ago.

When we came, we had a total of a hundred and thirty-eight people.

However, right now, only twenty-three remain.”

“We are unable to set foot onto the Immortal Island.

In fact, it is impossible for us to set foot onto the Immortal Island.

This sea has only been open for the last ten days.

However, in that period of time, countless people have died.”

“The sea area that you’re all in right now can be said to be relatively safe.

Other than encountering occasional sea monsters formed by spirit formations, you will not encounter many dangers.”

“However, if you are to continue forward, the weather will begin to change.

At that place, each step will be extremely difficult.

Even if you don’t encounter sea monsters, just walking will exhaust all of your physical strength.”

“Truth be told, it will be extremely difficult for you all to continue onward with your cultivations,” The old man advised kindly.

“Old man, do not look down on others.

While he might appear to be a rank eight Martial King, he is actually a rank one Half Martial Emperor, and might even be many times more powerful than you.”

Nangong Baihe said while pointing at Chu Feng.

When Chu Feng killed that group of sea monsters, he had used his lightnings’ power.

Thus, Nangong Baihe knew how powerful he really was.

“It would seem that little friend is a concealed expert and has hidden his cultivation.”

“However, even with that being the case, it will still be extremely difficult to reach the Immortal Island.

If you all really plan to go, I can give you all some advice.”

That old man pointed ahead and said, “If you continue onward following this direction, there will be an isle.

The weather on the isle does not change.

Furthermore, there are goods and replenishments there.

Furthermore, there is a map on the isle.

That map will give guidance as to how to get to the Immortal Island.”

“Thank you, senior, for your advice,” Chu Feng expressed his thanks.

If the words spoken by this old man were true, then they would indeed be very helpful to them.

“However, I must still advise you all that it is best to give up.

There is no need to play around with your life, all for the sake of meeting Weaponry Refinement Immortal and obtaining a weapon from him.

That’s because, even if you were to arrive at that peaceful isle that I mentioned, it will only be the beginning.

The path further down will be even harder,” The old man continued to urge against it.

“Rest assured, old man.

The heavens help the worthy.

It might be possible that we will be able to get through.

Not only will we reach that isle, we might even reach the Immortal Island,” Nangong Baihe said with an expression of confidence.

“In that case, good luck.”

After the old man said those words, he spoke no more and began to lead his subordinates toward the direction of the golden beach.



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