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MGA: Chapter 1536 – Devoid Of Conscience


With the abilities of Chu Feng and the others, it was an extremely easy task for them to sneak into the Cursed Soil Sect by impersonating the elders.

After some secret inquires, Chu Feng and the others soon discovered the location where Tantai Xue was imprisoned.

It was a very hidden location in the deepest region of the Cursed Soil Sect.

That place could be said to be the Cursed Soil Sect’s forbidden area.

However, in recent days, that forbidden area was a bit unusual, and was not as tightly guarded.

As long as one was a core elder of the Cursed Soil Sect, or a powerful core disciple, they were qualified to enter that forbidden area.

Why was that the case It was because the Cursed Soil Sect had been wantonly capturing people in recent days.

Not only were they capturing humans, they were even capturing monstrous beasts, as well as little animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and such.

As long as they were living creatures, they would capture them.

All of these captured creatures were delivered to that forbidden area.

No one knew what the Cursed Soil Sect was planning to do.

However, manpower was required in order to transport all of those captured creatures, a lot of manpower.

Thus, that was the reason why all of the core elders and some powerful core disciples of the Cursed Soil Sect would be allowed to enter that forbidden area.

As Chu Feng and the others stood outside of that forbidden area’s entrance and watched as the people of the Cursed Soil Sect transported living beings inside, Chu Feng asked, “To muster such a large force, exactly what are they planning to do” Intuition was telling him that a power like the Cursed Soil Sect was definitely not doing a good deed by capturing all these living creatures.

“Regardless of what they’re doing, we’ll know once we enter.

However, Chu Feng, you should prepare yourself.

The Cursed Soil Sect is not any sort of righteous power.

It is no different from evil cults.”

Dugu Xingfeng sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

As he spoke, he began to walk toward the forbidden area.

As for Chu Feng and the others, they followed closely behind him.

This forbidden area was very large.

Even though it was located in a castle, it was definitely no ordinary castle.

It was so vast and boundless that it appeared to be a completely separate world.

At the beginning, what Chu Feng and the others saw was very normal.

It was merely people of the Cursed Soil Sect escorting the commoners toward the depths of the forbidden area.

However, as they walked further in, Chu Feng began to feel that something was fishy.

He was able to smell some sort of strange smell.

That odor was extremely unpleasant.

It was the smell of blood.

Furthermore, the deeper they went, the denser the smell of blood became.

In the end, the smell of blood was so strong that it stank with a sort of fishiness.

It was truly unbearable.

Furthermore, Chu Feng and the others were able to hear screams rising and falling in nonstop succession.

The screams were becoming more and more clear, more and more disturbing, and they were capable of making one’s blood run cold.

That was because those screams were truly too miserable.

Finally, Chu Feng and the others arrived at the source of the screams.

When they saw the scene before them, even Chu Feng was unable to contain his shock.

Before them was an enormous lake.

It was so enormous that its boundaries could not be seen!

At that moment, the lake was filled with crimson liquid.

It was blood! Real blood! The blood was not only limited to those from monstrous beasts or animals, there was also human blood.

This was not a baseless claim.

Chu Feng personally saw that the people from the Cursed Soil Sect were pushing the monstrous beasts, animals and common people into that pond.

Furthermore, before they pushed them into the pond, they would kill them.

That was the reason why Chu Feng and the others had been hearing those miserable screams on their way here.

Furthermore, as long as they fell into the pond, the dead bodies were refined by a very strong power, turning them into nothing but blood.

This scene was truly an appalling sight of devastation.

“They are truly worse than dogs and pigs, truly devoid of conscience.”

As Chu Feng saw the sea of blood that covered his line of sight formed by the flesh and blood of countless living things, and the creatures that were being killed and then pushed into that lake of blood, Chu Feng clenched his fists so tightly that cracking sounds could be heard.

At this moment, what Chu Feng was feeling wasn’t fear.

Rather, it was anger, an enormously deep anger.

However, compared to Chu Feng, Dugu Xingfeng and the others were much calmer.

It was as if they had already gotten used to sights like this.

“To train by using the blood of people, this is a wicked cultivation method.

However, I believe that this lake of blood is not meant to be used for the Cursed Soil Sect’s elders and disciples.

Likely, it’s prepared for those old monsters of the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly.

Else, the Cursed Soil Sect would not muster such a large force and wantonly capture the people, monstrous beasts, and animals of their Cursed Soil Domain,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“Train Training by using blood and flesh Training by massacring the weak and innocent” Chu Feng was astonished.

While he knew that there were cultivation methods as wicked as this, his heart was unable to remain calm when he saw the aftermath of millions and millions of lives being taken.

“Likely, someone from the Cursed Soil Sacred Assembly is planning to use a demonic technique to reach a breakthrough.

That is why they are using this sort of viciously evil method.”

“Corrupt practices are all like this.

To them, the most important matter is their own cultivation.

If they can use others’ lives as their own stepping stone to help them obtain a higher level of achievement, then, regardless of how many innocent beings they must kill, they would still not hesitate.”

“As for the Cursed Soil Sect, it is a power like this to begin with.

However, after they became one of the Nine Powers, they had curbed their behavior enormously.

Never would I have expected that their old illness would reemerge, and that they would create such devastation again.

It would appear that the person who is planning to break through this time around is extremely extraordinary.”

A trace of alertness flashed through Dugu Xingfeng’s eyes.

He felt that a certain grand character in the Cursed Soil Sect was planning to break through.

As for this, it was not a good news to them.

“Lord Headmaster, how can a power like this coexist with the rest of the Nine Powers Why would the Holy Land of Martialism continue to allow a power like this to remain”

“Isn’t the aim of the Nine Powers to eliminate evil, defend good and protect the common people Why would they ignore the Cursed Soil Sect’s evil and allow them to coexist with them” Chu Feng asked with great confusion.

“Eliminate evil, defend good and protect the common people While it’s easy to say, it’s hard to accomplish.

For a power like the Cursed Soil Sect, who would be willing to meet them on the battlefield Even if we truly managed to eliminate them, the power that is to do so will definitely suffer enormously.

After receiving that sort of damage, it will be highly probable for other powers to take advantage of them.

In the end, even if someone were to be able to eliminate the Cursed Soil Sect, they would likely end up being eliminated themselves.”

“Furthermore, even if one can eliminate the Cursed Soil Sect, could they eliminate the other powers, the Four Clans, the Three Palaces and the Ancient Era’s Elves”

“Without absolute power, one can forget about bringing peace to the world.

That’s because you will not be able to handle it, nor will you be able to afford to try.”

“While the conduct of the Cursed Soil Sect is indeed that of scoundrels, the amount of casualties that they created was still a lot less when compared to the amount of casualties there would be if two major powers were to truly wage war with one another,” Dugu Xingfeng said.

“Chu Feng, in this world, there is an enormous amount of injustice.

However, it is as Headmaster Dugu said, for some injustice, it is not that we do not wish to stop them.

Rather, it is that we are unable to do so.”

“Today, you have seen the conduct of the Cursed Soil Sect.

That is why you’re feeling anger from the bottom of your heart.

However, you must know that in another place, there might be other people that are doing things ten times, a hundred times or even a thousand times more vile than what the Cursed Soil Sect is doing.”

“As for the lives being ended by those people, no one has seen how they died, and no one has offered them help.

What about those people” Miao Renlong said.

Chu Feng was not ignorant.

After hearing what Dugu Xingfeng and Miao Renlong said, Chu Feng understood their reasoning.

Actually, their reason was very simple.

There were simply too many injustices in this world.

The weak become prey to the strong.

This was the law of survival in this world.

As for Chu Feng, at this time, he could not even afford to do what he wanted to do himself, to save the person that he wanted to save himself, so what made him think that he had the means to concern himself with others

If he wished to concern himself with what others were doing, that would be fine too.

Merely, he would need to possess absolute strength, and be capable of taking care of all of the injustice in the world.

Else, regardless of how many injustices he took care of and how many people he saved, it would only amount to the tip of the iceberg.

While one could not refuse to offer assistance to those in need, one must, more importantly, not overestimate one’s capabilities.


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