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MGA: Chapter 151 – Mysterious Grey-Cloaked Person

Within the Lifeline, there were tunnels that went everywhere.

However, the destination of all the tunnels gathered there.

It was the core area of the Lifeline, and also where the Lifeline was located at.

At that place, corpses formed mountains.

Blood formed rivers.

The stench of blood spread to every single corner, but no matter how much more soul-shocking that scene was, it was not as terrifying as the object in the middle of the hall.

It was a oval rock.

10 meters long, 7 meters wide, 5 meters tall, and blood-red coloured.

It had symbols all over it and it endlessly made puffing sounds.

If one looked more closely, they could discover that it was throbbing.

How was that even a simple rock It was just like a huge heart.

A heart of a monster, as how could humans have such an enormous heart

There were dozens of people surrounding that heart and they formed a circle.

The positions they were standing on was in a certain pattern and it was like a defense formation.

Their strength was extremely strong as well.

The weakest were at the peak of the Origin realm, and 6 of them already entered the Profound realm.

That male who had a well-built body had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Profound realm.

However, at that moment, his face was ghastly-white.

His left hand was covering his chest as blood slowly flowed out.

His aura was extreme unstable.

Although he had the cultivation of the 6th level of the Profound realm, it seemed like a portion of his power was sealed and he only had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Profound realm at that instant.

That was the master of the White Tiger Villa, Murong Yunluan.

Surrounding Murong Yunluan were several hundred people who were confronting him.

Although the personal strength of the group was not as strong as Murong Yunluans group, their cultivation was not weak, and their total strength could be said to be fairly equal to Murong Yunluans group.

Within the group of people, the male who was the leader had a pretty similar face as Murong Yunluan, but clearly older.

That person was Murong Yunluans elder brother, Murong Yanguan.

He was the 2nd expert of the White Tiger Villa and had the cultivation of the 5th level of the Profound realm.

Other than Murong Yanguan, there was another powerful person who was at the 1st level of the Profound realm within the several hundred people.

However, that persons figure was quite short and he wore a grey-coloured cloak.

That grey cloak was extremely bizarre.

Not only did it conceal the appearance of that person, there were even many symbols printed on them.

The patterns of the symbols were even more profound than Zhuge Liuyuns white cloak.

It was quite unfathomable, but with a glance, they could feel that it was not simple.

“My younger brother, trust me.

I am thinking for the White Tiger Villa.” Murong Yanguan held a black-coloured longsword.

There was blood dripping from the sword, and it was evident that the person who wounded Murong Yunluan was his own elder brother.

“Rubbish! This Lifeline is the foundation of the White Tiger Villa.

If the Lifeline perishes, the villa will die.

You want to destroy this Lifeline today.

It means that you want to destroy the White Tiger Villa and become a traitor, yet you dare to say things so righteously!”

“Cough cough~~~”

Murong Yunluans voice was extremely furious, and from that, he spat a mouthful of blood out.

He then violently coughed and it truly tore his heart and split his lungs.

It could be seen that he was not injured lightly.

“Brother, dont be so stubborn.

You should know that the current White Tiger Villa exists only in its name.

It no longer has the flourishing might back in our ancestors years.

Right now, it cannot even be compared to the Azure Provinces first-rate schools.

It can only be compared to the trash-like second-rate schools.

With the appearance of some random power, they could annihilate the White Tiger Villa.”

“What use is there in leaving the White Tiger Villa like that It would be better to open this Lifeline and enter that dead zone.

As long as the dead zone can be entered, we can have everything that our ancestor had that year.”

“At that time, us two brothers can grasp a martial skill that slaughters everything.

We can have power that break the heavens and our White Tiger Villa can become the overlord of the Nine Provinces.” Murong Yanguan said.

“You are speaking rubbish.

The ancestor has clearly left words behind.

The secret of the dead zone cannot reappear.

Or else, the world will be chaos.

This Lifeline cannot be touched.

If it is broken one day, everything will instantly perish within the circumference of 10 thousand miles.

All living matters will become charcoal, and the Nine Provinces will be destroyed in a single day.”

Murong Yunluan pointed his fingers upwards.

On the ancient cave walls, there were indeed words that stated that.

The words themselves were engraved deeply and powerfully, and it was as though they were inscribed with a finger.

However, every stroke was several meters long, and over 1 meter deep.

The strength that was used was extremely terrifying.


This is the teachings of our ancestor, and this is also the reason why our ancestor guarded this place.

If you dare to touch it, he will certainly reappear, and at that time, even I wont be able to save you.” Murong Yunluan warned.

“Murong Yunluan, dont worry.

Your ancestor, Murong Xiaoyao, is no longer in the world of living.

Or else, he would have showed himself after so much happening in the White Tiger Villa.”

“Also, I can open this Lifeline but not destroy it.

I can protect your White Tiger Villa, and avoid any disasters happening to the Azure Province.” Just at that time, a strange voice that seemed experienced was emitted from within the grey cloak.

“Who are you Its you that is spreading lies to everyone, and tricking my brother to do such immoral acts”

Murong Yunluan was furious.

He raised his hand, palmed, and the nearby Profound power condensed.

The entire Lifeline trembled and it was as if a huge mountain came down from the sky, wanting to crush everything.

That power was simply too strong.

Almost all who were at the Origin realm were forced back.

Even Profound realm experts had no way of resisting against it.

However, when facing that attack, the grey-cloaked person did not even move.

It was as if that person had absolute confidence in being able to hold that strike back.

*boom* Suddenly, a body flashed by.

Murong Yanguan was like a ghost as he appeared in front of the grey-cloaked person.

He raised his fist into the air and also exploded some shocking power out.

He canceled Murong Yunluans palm attack.

Strong ripples surged in the air and huge booms resonated to every single place.

The tension in the entire Lifeline rose to the extreme.

If it wasnt for the two Profound realm experts who revolved their own pressure and canceled the ripples, all of the Origin realm experts would have been shook to death by the ripples.

That was the scariness of those at the Profound realm.

In the Profound realm, after a level of breakthrough, one would gain overwhelming power.

When the two experts who had the strength of the 5th level of the Profound realm fought, there was truly might that would shake the world.

“Brother, can you be so disrespectful to this mister He is a guest of my White Tiger Villa and he is helping us!” Murong Yanguan bellowed.


How can an outsider think for my White Tiger Villa Clearly, he came here for the secrets of the dead zone.

This person has malicious intents.

How can you believe his words”

Murong Yunluan quivered from anger because the person who made his brother an enemy, and the person who was the ringleader of the mutiny in the White Tiger Villa, was that grey-cloaked person.

The reason why his strength was sealed to the 5th level of the Profound realm from the 6th level of the Profound realm was because of the black sword in Murong Yanguans hand.

That black sword was also granted by that grey-cloaked person.


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