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MGA: Chapter 1461 – Threatening One Another

Other than the people from the other powers, Chu Feng naturally also noticed the people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

Chu Feng noticed one middle-aged man in particular.

This man had a mediocre appearance.

He was not very tall, and he wore simple and unadorned cotton clothing.

However, this man gave off a very imposing air.

Standing there, he appeared just like an immortal.

With a single glance, one could tell that he was an extraordinary person, a very grand character.

At this moment, this man was standing at the forefront of the people from the Cyanwood Mountain.

He gave off a very domineering sense that caused one to feel fear upon a single glance.

“That should be the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, Dugu Xingfeng, no” Sima Ying said.

Although her impression of the Cyanwood Mountain was very bad, she still had a very respectful appearance when she saw this man.

At this moment, Lin Yezhou said, “The headmaster of the Cyanwood Mountain is known as Daoist Dugu and is a living legend.

While all of the current nine heads of the Nine Powers are peak Half Martial Emperors, if they must be ranked, then he would definitely be number one.”

The extremely prideful and arrogant Lin Yezhou was actually also displaying this much respect toward Dugu Xingfeng.

In fact, he even admitted that Dugu Xingfeng was stronger than their World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master.

Chu Feng had already guessed that this middle-aged man might be the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster.

After hearing what Lin Yezhou said, he became even more certain of that.

Merely, Chu Feng did not expect for their Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster to be this famous.

He was actually so powerful that even the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance would respect him like this.

Standing on either side of the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster were two familiar figures.

One was the Half Martial Emperor White Ape, whereas the other was the person Chu Feng hated to the bones, Crazed Killer Tuoba.

Half Martial Emperor White Ape was the same as before.

While he appeared very imposing, he also gave off a very amiable air.

As for Crazed Killer Tuoba, his character was the same as his name.

Not only did he have an extremely ferocious appearance, he was also emitting a very strong killing intent.

Merely, when Chu Feng saw Crazed Killer Tuoba now, he no longer had the same fear toward him as he had before.

With how much more powerful Chu Feng’s spirit power had become, the cultivations of Crazed Killer Tuoba and Half Martial Emperor White Ape were no longer as unfathomable and hard to pin down as before.

Even though the two of them were concealing their cultivations, Chu Feng was still able to determine with a single glance what their cultivations were.

Half Martial Emperor White Ape and Crazed Killer Tuoba had the same cultivation, they were both rank seven Half Martial Emperors.

Although this cultivation was very strong, they were still very far from reaching peak Half Martial Emperor.

When thinking how the experts who appeared before him were unable to conceal their cultivations anymore, Chu Feng knew that, although he had not left the Cyanwood Mountain for long, he had grown by a lot.

“Headmasters, it’s been three years, I trust you all have been well since we last met.”

The warship had landed.

The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master led Miao Renlong and the other elders and flew down from the warship.

They turned to the various headmasters and began to greet them.

As for the disciples, they followed closely behind the elders and kept their silence.

After all, they were not qualified to speak in this sort of setting.

Although they could not speak, this didn’t affect the disciples from the Nine Powers checking one another out.

They all wished to see exactly what sort of level their opponents had.

“Look, that man, why is he wearing the outfit of the Cyanwood Mountain”

Suddenly, cries of surprised sounded from the disciples.

Following that, more and more such cries of surprise began to sound in succession.

Chu Feng was wearing the outfit of a Cyanwood Mountain’s disciple and yet was among the disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance.

Naturally, he would be very eye-catching.

“Chu Feng, why is he with the people from the World Spiritist Alliance” At this moment, a disciple from the Cyanwood Mountain was unable to contain himself and actually blurted out what he was thinking.

“Mn” Once those words were spoken, the upper echelons who were chatting with one another also shifted their gazes to Chu Feng.

When they saw Chu Feng, they all displayed expressions of surprise.

“Headmaster Dugu, I have a matter that I must inform you of in my coming here today.

Little friend Chu Feng truly possesses exceptional talent.

I have already invited him to join our World Spiritist Alliance.

Right now, he is a nominal disciple of our World Spiritist Alliance,” Upon seeing their surprised reactions, the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master explained things to Dugu Xingfeng.

“What He was actually invited to become a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance”

All the disciples were shocked upon hearing those words.

The nominal disciples of the World Spiritist Alliance were different from ordinary nominal disciples.

It was not something that just anyone could become.

Their nominal disciples were capable of being able to belong to the power that they were originally from.

Yet, at the same time, they could also hold status and rankings in the World Spiritist Alliance.

While the nominal disciples could continue to live in their own powers, the World Spiritist Alliance would still send forth assistance should anything happen to their nominal disciples.

The World Spiritist Alliance’s nominal disciples were extraordinary.

It could even be said to be a type of honor to be a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance.

To be able to become a nominal disciple of the World Spiritist Alliance meant that one was a top-tier genius world spiritist with great attainments in world spirit techniques.

Thus, as Chu Feng had become the World Spiritist Alliance’s nominal disciple, he had naturally become the target of envy among his peers.

However, they were also very skeptical as to how he had become one.

Chu Feng had not hidden his cultivation.

As a mere rank six Martial King, the crowd was truly unable to understand exactly what was so outstanding about him for the World Spiritist Alliance to give him such a rare honor

When even the outsiders were feeling this much envy for Chu Feng, the disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain naturally felt extremely upset.

This was especially true for Bai Yunxiao, Qi Yanyu, Zhao Jinggang and the others.

They were all people who held deep grudges with Chu Feng.

None of them wished for Chu Feng to gain better standings.

“Is this matter true” However, after hearing the World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master’s words, Dugu Xingfeng’s expression slightly changed.

His reaction was not one of joy.

Instead, he appeared to be a bit displeased.

“Headmaster Dugu, this matter happened a bit suddenly.

I hope that you will not blame me for not informing you first,” The World Spiritist Alliance’s Alliance Master noticed that the reaction from Dugu Xingfeng was abnormal.

Thus, he immediately explained.

“Of course not,” Dugu Xingfeng smiled lightly.

Then, he said, “Well then, since all of the headmasters are present, let us change locations.

Having not seen each other for so long, it is only proper for us to drink together.”

After he finished saying those words, Dugu Xingfeng started to take the lead to move to a different place.

In response, the other powers’ headmasters and elders also followed after him.

After their headmasters and elders left, the disciples of the Nine Powers did not stay to chat with one another.

Instead, they all began to return to their own residences. 1

At the time when the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples were planning to leave, Sima Ying suddenly spoke out loud.

“You all still remember me, right”

“Of course we do.” Hearing those words, Bai Yunxiao and the others started to laugh.

Although they were also surprised by Sima Ying coming here, they were not afraid of her.

After all, this was their territory.

“Inform that woman surnamed Tao for me.

Tell her to watch herself in this Nine Powers Hunt,” Sima Ying threatened with a cold voice.

Back then, she had come to the Cyanwood Mountain as a guest.

Yet, she had been publicly and violently beaten up by Tao Xiangyu.

Thus, the person who Sima Ying hated the most was Tao Xiangyu.


Rest assured, I will definitely inform junior sister Tao.

However, I’ll tell you this on behalf of junior sister Tao.

The person that needs to be careful is not her.

Instead, it’s you,” Bai Yunxiao was not to be outdone and returned a threat back to Sima Ying.

“You…” Hearing those words, Sima Ying displayed an angry look and wanted to curse out at him.

“Junior sister Ying’er, there is no need for you to waste words with them.

When the time comes, I’ll make sure that they kneel to you and beg for forgiveness,” Before Sima Ying could finish what she wanted to say, Lin Yezhou interrupted her.

Hearing Lin Yezhou speak, although Bai Yunxiao was feeling extremely displeased, he still ended up swallowing the words that he wanted to say.

He was not on the same tier as Lin Yezhou.

Even if this was their territory, he would still not dare to act excessively impudent toward Lin Yezhou.

After all, Lin Yezhou and Fu Feiteng were rank nine Martial Kings.

In the Cyanwood Mountain, only Qin Wentian and Qin Lingyun could contend against the two of them.

After being scared off by Lin Yezhou, Bai Yunxiao turned his gaze to Chu Feng.

He said, “Chu Feng, you’ve run away for so long.

Here I thought you did not even dare to return.

Who would’ve known, you’ve actually gone to beg the World Spiritist Alliance for help.

What enormous guts you have.”

“However, you’d best not think that with the World Spiritist Alliance helping you, you will be safe and sound after returning.

Senior brother Qin has said that if he is to remain in the Cyanwood Mountain, you will never be allowed to exist here.

It’s best that you prepare yourself.”

“Heh…” Chu Feng laughed disdainfully at Bai Yunxiao’s provocation.

Then, he said, “A defeated subordinate still dares to speak words of threat”


But Bee, where do they live No one has arranged any residences for anyone yet! Xima: this is GOD Bee’s reality, just accept this f*cked up reality 


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