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MGA: Chapter 1444 – Trump Card, Defeat!


Standing on the plaza, Dongfang Zexuan had his hands folded behind his back.

With a very arrogant and impatient tone, he said, “What’s going on Are you people going to compete or not”

“If there is no one to fight against me, then I will be leaving.

I do not have the time to waste here.”

In fact, ever since Miao Renlong and Sima Ying had left, this Dongfang Zexuan had been speaking nonstop.

As for the things that he was saying, they were naturally words of mockery and ridicule toward the World Spiritist Alliance.

As for the World Spiritist Alliance, although they were extremely angered by his words, there was nothing that they could do.

After all, what he had spoken was the truth.

Right now, they really did not have anyone that they could send out to fight against this Dongfang Zexuan.

Even if this Dongfang Zexuan were to make cutting remarks about them, there was nothing they could do.

“Our World Spiritist Alliance is very far away from your Dongfang Imperial Clan.

For this competition, you have traveled thousands of miles.

So why is it that you cannot wait for a short while” Right at this moment, a very imposing voice sounded from the distant horizon.

As the crowd turned to the source of the voice, they discovered that there were people coming toward them from that direction.

As for these people, they were Chu Feng and the others, being led by the Left Reverend.

The words that had been spoken earlier had been spoken by the Left Reverend himself.

“We pay our respects to Lord Reverend.”

When they saw the Left Reverend, not only did the crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance greet him respectfully, even the experts of the Jadewater Temple, the Firerain Hall, the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges and even the Dongfang Imperial Clan hurriedly and respectfully greeted him.

After all, the Left Reverend was a Martial Emperor.

In the entire Holy Land of Martialism, he was a grand character with a lot of influence.

Not a single one among them dared to act arrogantly before the Left Reverend.

“Junior pays his respects to senior Left Reverend,” In fact, even the proud and conceited Dongfang Zexuan respectfully clasped his fist with one hand to greet the Left Reverend.

He was displaying respect and reverence for the first time.

While he could look down on all these other people, he did not dare to look down on a Martial Emperor.

Martial Emperors were existences who he was still currently unable to match up to.

With his mere Half Martial Emperor cultivation, if he dared to disrespect a Martial Emperor, it would be equivalent to courting death.

After all, he did not possess the qualifications to do so.

However, faced with the extreme respect displayed by the crowd, not only was the Left Reverent not pleased at all, he even spoke words of ridicule.

“Enough, don’t use these empty shows of respect toward me.

You people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan, the Jadewater Temple, the Firerain Hall and the Eight Desolate Mountain Ranges have mustered large forces to come to our World Spiritist Alliance for what I believe you all know exactly the reason why.”

“……” The words of the Left Reverend caused the crowd to lower their heads in a speechless manner and expressions of awkwardness to flash across their faces.

Not only was what this grand character telling the truth, the most important aspect was that none of them dared to refute this grand character.

“Lil Mei, go ahead.

He has been waiting for so long, don’t make him wait in vain,” The Left Reverend said to Lil Mei.


After being directed by the Left Reverend, Su Mei’s delicate body shifted.

Like the descent of a goddess, she landed at the center of the plaza.

“World Spiritist Alliance, Su Mei.

Please,” Su Mei declared her name.

“Su Mei So Miss Lil Mei’s grand name is actually Su Mei” The crowd from the World Spiritist Alliance was delighted to hear Su Mei’s name.

Although they knew that she was very powerful, it was the first time that they had heard her actual name.

Now that they did, they would naturally be very happy.

After all, Su Mei was the strongest genius of their World Spiritist Alliance, a girl truly blessed by the heavens, their World Spiritist Alliance’s trump card.

“So the trump card you all had me wait so long for is a young woman Young lady, why are you hiding your appearance Could it be that you’re so ugly that you do not dare to show people your actual appearance”

Although Dongfang Zexuan was respectful toward the Left Reverend, he possessed absolutely no respect for anyone else, especially for his opponents.

“That’s right, why does junior sister Lil Mei continue to hide her appearance Could it be that there is something wrong with her appearance”

“She couldn’t possibly really be like what Dongfang Zexuan said and be extremely ugly, right”

“How could that be With junior sister Lil Mei’s world spirit techniques, it would be extremely simple for her to alter her appearance.”

“Are you stupid Although it is very easy to change one’s appearance with world spirit techniques, that would be, after all, a fake appearance.

Before actual experts, they would be able to see through that fake appearance with a single glance.”

“In that case, junior sister Lil Mei might really be extremely ugly and not dare to show others her true appearance”

Even though Dongfang Zexuan was intentionally humiliating Su Mei, even though what he said caused great anger to the people of the World Spiritist Alliance, the people from the World Spiritist Alliance were also extremely curious as to why Su Mei had been concealing her appearance the entire time.

“Heh…” Faced with everyone’s suspicions, Su Mei let out a light laugh.

While the tone of the laughter was unkind, it was still very pleasant to hear.

Furthermore, after she laughed, she performed an action that astonished everyone.

She removed the black cloak that covered her body and revealed her sweet and charming appearance.


When they saw Su Mei’s true appearance, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Especially the people who were her admirers to begin with, they were overjoyed.

Although Su Mei was not so beautiful that she could cause the downfall of a city or state, and could not be considered to be an exceptional beauty, she could still be said to be the most or second most beautiful woman in the entire World Spiritist Alliance.

Especially her pure, sweet and charming appearance, which was sufficient to tempt the hearts of the people to want to love and pamper her.


“Never would I have imagined that junior sister Lil Mei was this beautiful.

She’s even more charming than Ying’er,” At this moment, a smile emerged on Lin Yezhou’s face.

Originally, he had been feeling extremely depressed that he had suffered an utter defeat at the hands of Dongfang Zexuan.

However, when he saw that the lover of his dreams was actually this beautiful, he became much less depressed.

It was as if he thought Su Mei to already be his.

“Yoh, so you’re actually a beauty.

However, I am not interested in beauties.

Thus, don’t you think that I will be lenient toward you just because you’re a beauty,” Dongfang Zexuan sneered.

“There’s no need for you to be lenient, as I will not be polite with you either,” Su Mei laughed indifferently.

After that, she suddenly unleashed her attacks.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh~~~”

Once Su Mei started, she instantly stunned everyone.

She was using a slaughtering technique.

Furthermore, her slaughtering technique was extremely powerful.

“You have some skills.”

At this moment, Dongfang Zexuan did not dare to lower his guard.

As he moved his hands, a boundless amount of spirit power began to emit from him.

Furthermore, being controlled by him, it started to turn into layer upon layer of slaughtering formations which collided with Su Mei’s slaughtering formation.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom~~~”

In an instant, rumbles began to spring up everywhere.

Energy ripples were appearing all over.

Although the two of them were fighting against each other with world spirit techniques, their battlefield was extremely ferocious.

Watching this, the crowd was unable to take their eyes away from the battlefield.

World spirit techniques, this so-called strongest defensive technique, had become the most frightening offensive technique in their hands.

Insect Mark spirit power was changing nonstop.

Occasionally, it was surging like black clouds.

Occasionally, it would flash like lightning.

Occasionally, it would roar like ferocious beasts, and every so often, it would turn into countless weapons.

Two identical streams of spirit power were violently attacking one another.

The scene was extremely spectacular.

Not to mention the world spiritists of the same generation, even the world spiritists of the older generation were completely engrossed by the battle.


Truly too powerful.

The offensive techniques that the two of them were using to fight were countless levels above those of their same generation.

Even many of the members from the older generation started to feel inferior to them.

However, regardless of how powerful the two of them might be, there will eventually be a victor and a loser.

Since the very beginning, Su Mei had been in an advantageous state.

With every attack, she would suppress Dongfang Zexuan.

As more and more exchanges of attacks occurred, she held absolute superiority over him.

This caused the people from the World Spiritist Alliance to smile very happily.

However, it also caused the people from the Dongfang Imperial Clan to frown with expressions of worry.

However, no one would’ve thought that at the moment when everyone felt that Dongfang Zexuan would undoubtedly be defeated, he unleashed a surprise attack.


Suddenly, a silver light flashed.

A dart shorter than an inch was shot forth from Dongfang Zexuan’s palm.

Like a ray of light, it shot toward Su Mei.

Everything happened too quickly.

Many of the people present did not even manage to catch what had happened.

Even if Su Mei had managed to notice it and react, she would not have been able to dodge in time.


Thus, following a muffled sound, blood sprayed all over the plaza.

Following the sound, Su Mei collapsed to the ground.

The World Spiritist Alliance’s trump card Su Mei was actually defeated.


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