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MGA: Chapter 1369 – Bringing One’s Own Destruction


“They’re actually Red Deep Sea Pearls!” At this time, Old Village Chief Ma’s eyes started to shine and he blurted those words out.

Old Village Chief Ma had managed to recognize the pearls.

“What These are the legendary Red Deep Sea Pearls” Hearing those words, the crowd that had already been bustling with noise and excitement surged into an uproar once again.

Only after hearing the whispers from the crowd did Chu Feng realize how precious these Red Deep Sea Pearls were.

It turned out that they were a very precious sort of treasure for world spiritists.

The Red Deep Sea Pearls were originally a kind of Natural Oddity by the name of Red Deep Sea Magic Stone.

The Red Deep Sea Magic Stone was something that required at least eight thousand years to form and thirty thousand years to mature.

The Red Deep Sea Magic Stone was an extremely frightening thing.

Located deep in the sea, although it would not do anything to the people outside, if anyone were to enter its territory, they would receive fatal attacks from it.

According to legend, very rarely would anyone below the level of Martial Emperor be able to escape alive after encountering the Red Deep Sea Magic Stone.

They would be refined alive and receive unimaginable pain and suffering before their deaths.

Although the legends would always be exaggerated, it remained that Red Deep Sea Magic Stones were extremely rare and precious.

The Red Deep Sea Pearls that Chu Feng possessed were the most important part of the Red Deep Sea Magic Stone, their most valuable part.

At this time, Chu Feng took out a total of thirty-six such Red Deep Sea Pearls, how could the crowd not be shocked by it

If one had to truly compare their values, then the thirty-six Red Deep Sea Pearls that Chu Feng possessed would be even more valuable than a hundred thousand drops of Sealing Glacial Water and a palm-sized piece of the Sealing Glacier.

“I truly never expected that you, a disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, would be able to obtain such a rare world spiritist treasure.”

“Since this is the case, I am willing to compete with you.

However, since you are the one who challenged me, I should naturally be the one to determine how we are to compete,” Huang Feng said.

“That’s fine, go ahead,” Chu Feng appeared extremely nonchalant, and agreed to Huang Feng’s demand immediately.

“Do you recognize this medicinal pellet” Huang Feng flicked his wrist and threw a medicinal pellet to Chu Feng.

With a thought from Chu Feng, he froze that medicinal pellet at a distance half-a-meter away from him.

After looking at the medicinal pellet, Chu Feng smiled in his heart.

That was because this medicinal pellet was something that he knew very well.

It was a High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet.

When he had first met Sima Ying, they had competed in medicine concocting techniques.

At that time, the medicinal pellet that they were required to concoct was precisely this High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet.

Thus, Chu Feng naturally knew the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet very well.

However, even though he knew it, he still shook his head and said, “I do not.”

The reason why Chu Feng declared that he did not know about this medicinal pellet was because there could never be too much deception in war.

As this Huang Feng had yet to display his actual strength, there was naturally no reason for Chu Feng to reveal all of his cards.

“Tsk, you don’t even know about this Yet you actually dared to declare that your world spirit techniques are amazing” When Sun Lei heard Chu Feng declaring that he did not know about the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet, he curled his lips and spoke those words disdainfully.

At the same time, many of the people present began to deeply sigh.

That was because the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet was a very common medicinal pellet that people often used.

It was something that practically everyone present knew about.

However, Chu Feng didn’t know about it.

What did this mean This meant that Chu Feng did not possess sufficient experience in world spirit techniques.

And that was not a good sign.

“It’s not an issue if you don’t know about it.

This is called the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet.

You can check out its composition.

After that, we two shall compete in who will be able to concoct more of this High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet in a shorter amount of time,” Huang Feng said.

“For real He actually suggested for the competition to be who would be able to concoct more High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets”

“Chu Feng has already declared that he does not know about this medicinal pellet.

Yet, he still wants the competition to be over who will be able to concoct more of them.

Isn’t this a bit too excessive”

“That’s right, this is truly unfair,” Hearing what Huang Feng said, many people cried out for injustice for Chu Feng.

Even though world spiritists were supposed to be proficient in medicine concocting techniques, one would not know about the procedures of concocting a medicinal pellet even if they were to know about the composition of the same medicinal pellet.

Furthermore, without repeated experience concocting the medicinal pellet, it was very likely that one would fail when trying to concoct said medicinal pellet.

At this time, the two of them were to compete in medicine concocting.

In that case, they should be carefully considering what medicinal pellet they were to concoct.

The fact that Huang Feng suggested concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets for the competition meant that he was proficient in concocting this sort of medicinal pellet, that he possessed a certain level of assurance in winning by concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.

However, as for Chu Feng, he did not even know about the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet.

As such, how would he know about concocting it How could this be a competition at all This was simply the equivalent of telling him to lose.

At this time, practically everyone felt that Chu Feng would refuse Huang Feng’s suggestion.

“Very well, I’ll agree to it.

We will compete with the concoction of High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.” However, to everyone’s surprise, Chu Feng actually agreed to it.

Not only did he accept the terms of the challenge, he even began to use his spirit power to observe the composition of the medicinal pellet he was given.

“”Ar, are you for real Ha, ha, hav, have you gon, gone stupid You do, don’t even kn, know that medicinal pellet, ho, how are you go, going to compete”

“Ar, aren’t you being ov, overly confi, confident in yourself” Wang Qiang started to directly scold Chu Feng.

“Little friend Chu Feng, you must reconsider.

That High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet is not something that is easy to concoct.”

“As far as I know, the World Spiritist Alliance possesses a unique method for concocting the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet.

Not only is the quality of the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets they concoct very high, they are also able to concoct them extremely quickly.”

“While I do not dare to say anything about the other medicinal pellets, I’m afraid that for the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets, it will be very difficult for there to be people in the entire Holy Land of Martialism that can rival the people from the World Spiritist Alliance in concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.”

At the same time Wang Qiang scolded Chu Feng, many other people were sending voice transmissions to urge Chu Feng against his decision.

Only after hearing their advice did Chu Feng finally realize that concocting High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets was actually the World Spiritist Alliance’s speciality.

It was no wonder that Sima Ying used the concocting of this medicinal pellet to compete, and this Huang Feng also wanted to compete using the concocting of this medicinal pellet.

However, this was actually just what Chu Feng wanted.

After all, Chu Feng had managed to learn the World Spiritist Alliance’s secret to concocting the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets from Sima Ying, and had even won against Sima Ying using an altered method.

No matter how much strength this Huang Feng might have hidden, Chu Feng was able to tell from the competition that he had with Zhou Long earlier that the ability that Huang Feng had revealed was greatly inferior to that of Sima Ying.

Thus, even though Huang Feng had yet to completely reveal his abilities, Chu Feng was completely confident that he would be able to win.

However, Chu Feng was a person who refused to lose out.

Since this Huang Feng was deliberately making things difficult for him, he was naturally going to return the favor.

Thus, Chu Feng turned to Huang Feng and said, “I do not have the materials to concoct the High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet.

I’m afraid I will not be able to compete with you with it.

Let’s change to concocting something else.”

“You don’t have materials That’s no issue at all, I have them,” As Huang Feng spoke, he opened his Cosmos Sack.

The smell of medicinal herbs immediately came rushing out from his Cosmos Sack as many different kinds of medicinal herbs soared into the sky and appeared before Chu Feng.

“With only this little amount, how would it be enough” Chu Feng curled his lip.

“This is not enough These materials here are sufficient to concoct a hundred High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets,” Huang Feng said furiously.

“I have never concocted this High Quality Strength Restoring Pellet before.

Thus, it’s very likely that I will fail the first time when doing so.

Naturally, this amount of materials will not be enough.”

“How about we change to something else Let’s change it to a medicinal pellet that I am proficient in.

If you do not have the materials for it, I can give them to you,” Chu Feng said.

“Wait, wait, wait, I’ll give you more materials, okay” Huang Feng’s Cosmos Sack began to shine once again.

A large amount of materials soared into the sky again and arrived before Chu Feng.

The amount of materials this time around was ten times the amount last time, enough to concoct a thousand High Quality Strength Restoring Pellets.

“That’s more like it,” Chu Feng smiled and then gathered all of the materials into his own Cosmos Sack.

“What do you think, are we good to begin now” Seeing that Chu Feng had accepted the materials, Huang Feng also smiled.

The way he saw it, Chu Feng was simply an ignorant fool inferior to even Zhou Long.

However, he was fond of this fool because of his thirty-six Red Deep Sea Pearls.


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