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MGA: Chapter 1170 – Invasion From An Army

If Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the others joining the Asura Division was a wise decision, then the members of the Dragon Tiger Division who had decided to withdraw from the Dragon Tiger Division had made a wise decision as well.

That was because after that day, Chu Feng truly kept his promise and started to pay daily visits to the people who had not withdrawn from the Dragon Tiger Division.

Furthermore, this time around, his visits were not as simple as just the destruction of their territories, he also made sure that they felt pain and suffered.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was more and more ruthless every time.

Originally, he had only given them superficial wounds to teach them a lesson.

However, later on, they were beaten so badly that their bodies were covered in cuts and bruises.

This caused those who still remained in the Dragon Tiger Division to be endlessly afraid of Chu Feng.

More and more people began to leave the Dragon Tiger Division.

Even those who, due to some special reason, did not dare to leave the Dragon Tiger Division had hidden themselves outside of the Cyanwood Mountain, undaring to show their faces.

As for the heads of the Dragon Tiger Division, they had gone to hide themselves in the Orion Division.

After a period of only several days, the name of the Asura Division had spread throughout the entire core region.

Everyone knew that the head of the Asura Division was a demon-level character, and a vicious and merciless demon on top of that.

Most importantly, this demon possessed a special identity, one that no one dared to believe in.

That is, Chu Feng was from the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Thus, the matter that was being discussed the most right now was not the grudges between the Asura Division and the Dragon Tiger Division.

Instead, it was a single sentence: “Did you know, a demon-level character has appeared from the Southern Cyanwood Forest”

Although Chu Feng’s name was the most resounding from the Asura Division, those who had been present on the day of the challenge and destruction of the Dragon Tiger Division knew that the strongest in the Asura Division was actually not Chu Feng.

Instead, it was a woman by the name of Bai Ruochen, an existence even more frightening, and possessing even more potential than Chu Feng.

As the fame of the Asura Division grew greater and greater, more and more people wanted to join it.

As time passed, the Asura Division’s entrance was no longer tightly shut; instead, they had now opened their doors and began accepting new members.

Merely, it was not that easy for one to join the Asura Division, as one had to obtain a certain qualification.

Thus, not everyone was able to join the Asura Division.

Of those who came to the Asura Division, only one out of twenty would be accepted by them.

This was already a very good proportion of acceptance to rejections.

The rigorousness of the Asura Division’s acceptance of new members was even more rigorous than the several strongest branch power organizations of the Cyanwood Mountain.

This caused many people that had been rejected to complain nonstop.

Finally, on this day, the people who had been complaining outside the Asura Division finally rejoiced.

They were rejoicing that they had failed to join the Asura Division because a great catastrophe was about to befall it.

Over twenty thousand figures had flown over and surrounded the Asura Division completely, covering both the sky and the ground, not allowing a single drop or trickle to pass through them.

The people from the Orion Division had arrived.

At the moment when the Asura Division had trampled the Dragon Tiger Division so much that they were about to collapse, the Orion Division finally acted.

Furthermore, their actions this time were most definitely grand.

Although they had not sent out all of their forces, they had sent out all of their elites.

“Heavens, even the head of the Orion Division, Lei Yao, has come.

It seems that the rumor is true, the Dragon Tiger Division did have the backing of the Orion Division.

This time around, the Asura Division is going to be out of luck.

No matter how much potential they have, they are still a newly-established branch power organization.

It is impossible for them to be a match for the Orion Division.”

The grand appearance of the Orion Division attracted the attention of many people.

Many of those who were interested in seeing what was going to happen all ran over to the Asura Division.

As they gathered around, their gazes were all fixed upon a single person in the Orion Division’s army.

It was a tall and sturdy man.

His height was over three meters tall.1 His appearance was very frightening, like a humanoid beast.

Most importantly, his aura was extremely powerful; he was a rank six Martial King.

At this moment, his rank six Martial King aura completely covered the surrounding several miles.

Even the clear white sky had become hazy after being engulfed by his aura.

As for this person, he was the head of the Orion Division, one of the most famous geniuses of the Cyanwood Mountain, Lei Yao.

“Lei Yao has come! He has come for the Dragon Tiger Division! Look, isn’t that person standing behind Lei Yao the Head of the Dragon Tiger Division It looks like the devastation that has befallen the Dragon Tiger Division ever since that day will be replayed.

Merely, this time around, it will not be the Dragon Tiger Division that will be out of luck, it will instead be the Asura Division.”

“Sigh, that Chu Feng was truly too arrogant and too ruthless in his methods.

Now that he has angered the Orion Division, it would appear that he will be smashed down from the sky right after rising up.”

When the crowd cast their gazes at Lei Yao, more and more people began to notice the Head of the Dragon Tiger Division standing behind Lei Yao.

Thus, they all determined the reason why the Orion Division had come over here with such a large army.

Evidently, they came to avenge the Dragon Tiger Division.

“Lei Yao, what a great battle array you’ve displayed here.”

Right at the moment when everyone felt that the Asura Division would be met with death, a clear and bright voice suddenly sounded from over the horizon.

Turning their gazes toward the sound, the expressions of the crowd all changed.

That was because, from the direction of the sound came a large wave of silhouettes that covered the sky, flying toward them.

From a single glance, it was an extremely shocking number, definitely no less than the number of people the Orion Division had brought with them, easily over twenty thousand.

As for the people that had come, they were none other than the Ascension Division.

As for the person that shouted at Lei Yao earlier, he was the head of the Ascension Division, Long Chenyi.

When Lei Yao saw Long Chenyi, his brows immediately furrowed.

He coldly shouted, “Long Chenyi, why are you here”


Lei Yao, don’t be so tense.

I have come here for the same reason that you have come here.

Merely, our standing might be different,” Long Chenyi replied with a light smile.

When faced with Lei Yao, Long Chenyi was extremely calm.

That was because in terms of reputation, his reputation was greatly superior to Lei Yao’s.

As for strength, although the two of them were both rank six Martial Kings, Long Chenyi was confident that this Lei Yao was inferior to him.

“Long Chenyi, it would seem that you’re planning to meddle in other people’s business.

Could it be that you think that I, Lei Yao, would fear you” said Lei Yao.

“I know that you, Lei Yao, do not fear me.

However, I, Long Chenyi, fear you even less.

If you are truly willing to, for this mere Dragon Tiger Division, start a war against my Ascension Division, I, Long Chenyi, will be glad to keep you company.”

Long Chenyi had a smile on his face.

However, immediately after, his eyes flashed with light, and a boundless oppressive might swept through the entirety heaven and earth, and actually managed to scatter Lei Yao’s oppressive might and return this region of space back to normal, back to being bathed in sunshine.


“As expected of someone who is said to have the chance to get on the Cyanwood Succession List.

This Long Chenyi is truly exceptional.”

“That’s right.

The Orion Division and the Ascension Division are more or less of equal strength.

However, because of Long Chenyi’s leadership, the Ascension Division has become one of the ten strongest branch power organizations, and has caught up to the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

This means that Long Chenyi’s strength is extremely powerful, and might even be more powerful than Lei Yao.”

“Might There’s no might to it, it’s the truth! I have heard that Long Chenyi had sparred with Wang Haoxuan before.

The two of them were unable to determine a victor, and the match finally ended in a draw.”

“Who is Wang Haoxuan He previously held the ninth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List; he is the Head of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

Thus, I dare to guarantee that while both Lei Yao and Long Chenyi are rank six Martial Kings, Lei Yao would be no match for Long Chenyi.”

After Long Chenyi displayed his strength, the surrounding crowd began to exclaim in astonishment and discuss him spiritedly.

Actually, even Lei Yao was frowning deeply.

He had no choice but to remove the threatening attitude that he had displayed before.

He said, “Long Chenyi, you said that the Dragon Tiger Division is a merely a little branch power organization, unworthy of having my Orion Division avenge them.

Then what about this Asura Division, is it also not a mere small branch power organization You are unrelated to it at all, so why are you standing up for them”

“Unrelated Lei Yao, it would appear that you do not understand the situation.

Not to mention that there are many disciples of our Ascension Sect in that Asura Division, my Ascension Sect’s sectmaster’s daughter, junior sister Bai Ruochen, is also a member of the Asura Division.”

“Our Ascension Sect has already been in an alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

As for our Ascension Division, we too are allies with the Asura Division.

You wish to attack the Asura Division; tell me, does this concern me or not” Long Chenyi asked.


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