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MGA: Chapter 1120 – Violently Beating Yuan Qing

“This Chu Feng is truly daring beyond belief.

He actually dared to stay behind by himself.

Did he truly think that I would not dare to do anything to him”

At this moment, Yuan Qing was sensing Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen’s auras and discovered that Chu Feng stopped while Bai Ruochen continued onward.

The viciousness of his expression became denser.

The reason why he had chased after them was for nothing more than finding an opportunity to teach Chu Feng a lesson.

As Chu Feng had publicly embarrassed him many times, he was truly unable to contain his anger, and felt that he must teach Chu Feng a lesson.

Although he had experienced Chu Feng’s might in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond and knew that Chu Feng was not someone to be underestimated, because the Orion Monastery had spent a great deal of resources on increasing his cultivation, he was now a rank three Martial King with a strength much stronger than back then.

Adding on his increased self-confidence, he practically felt that he would be able to violently beat down on Chu Feng.

He even felt that not even Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and the others would be a match for him.

“Something’s wrong.

This guy shouldn’t have discovered me or know that I’m following him.

He most definitely only separated himself from Bai Ruochen.

Ha, truly trash.

However, this is better.”

Right at the moment when Yuan Qing was about to reach Chu Feng, he discovered that Chu Feng’s aura started moving.

Furthermore, his speed was extremely fast.

This caused him to think that he had not been discovered, and that Chu Feng had merely decided to separate from Bai Ruochen.

As Yuan Qing hated Chu Feng to the depths of his bones, he would naturally not care about whether Chu Feng discovered him or not.

Thus, without thinking about anything, he immediately began to follow Chu Feng.

While he was completely focused on chasing after Chu Feng, and thinking about how to take care of him, he did not notice that Chu Feng was not moving deeper into the stone forest, but was instead moving toward a place with practically no one there.

“Strange, where’d he go”

Finally, Yuan Qing managed to catch up to Chu Feng.

However, when he arrived at the location where Chu Feng should be at, his expression changed.

That was because right before he arrived, he had clearly sensed Chu Feng’s aura.

Yet, when he arrived, Chu Feng was nowhere to be seen.

He was unable to even detect Chu Feng’s aura.

“Fuck, could it be that I’ve been played for a fool” At this moment, Yuan Qing entered a violent rage.

Heedless of the consequences, he began to expand his spirit power and frantically search for Chu Feng.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, the surrounding color of the sky began to change.

Turning his head to look, Yuan Qing discovered that an enormous spirit formation was closing in on him from all sides.

In the end, it trapped him fully within it.

“Humph, insignificant talent.” Seeing this scene, Yuan Qing snorted coldly.

He raised his hand into a fist and violently smashed his arm.

A loud ‘bang’ echoed as a violent king-level martial power shot out from his arm and onto that spirit formation.

However, even after that king-level martial power turned into a violent ripple that spread throughout the golden spirit formation, there was actually not the slightest damage to the golden spirit formation.

“How is this possible This spirit formation is actually this tough” At this moment, Yuan Qing’s expression changed; he began to frown.

He was a world spiritist himself, and possessed strong spirit energy.

Before he used his martial power to attack, he had first sensed the toughness of the spirit formation and determined that his attack was enough to shatter it.

However, to his great surprise, he was mistaken.

What he sensed was actually wrong, and this spirit formation was much tougher than he expected.

Not to mention the attack he had used earlier, it was likely that it would be very difficult for him to break the spirit formation apart even if he used his strongest attack.


Right at this moment, the sound of lightning was suddenly heard from behind Yuan Qing.

Turning his head to look, Yuan Qing’s expression made a huge change.

He saw that there were many thick bolts of lightning interweaving with one another, swaying left and right like a divine dragon as they approached him.

Furthermore, on the other side of the lightning dragon was a figure.

It was a person wearing a black gown and a mask.

His body was covered with lightning armor, and on his back was a pair of lightning wings.

This person’s disguise was done excessively well.

It was simply impossible to determine his appearance.

From afar, he seemed like an embodiment of lightning.

However, what could not be denied was that this person’s aura was extremely powerful.

Although both Yuan Qing and he were rank three Martial Kings, the sensation of his aura was enough to crush Yuan Qing’s completely.


At this moment, Yuan Qing wanted to dodge the incoming lightning dragon.

However, he did not have the chance to do so at all.

The lightning dragon turned into numerous lightning serpents and, like ropes, they completely covered him from all directions.

At the same time, layers upon layers of oppressive might entered into his body from the lightning serpents that bound him.

The power of the lightning struck his body numb and paralyzed.

Even though he was a cultivator with a rank three Martial King cultivation, he was unable to use it at all, like a cripple.

However, right at this moment, a scene that was unimaginable to Yuan Qing occurred.

The lightning serpents turned into tentacles, and stripped his clothes away from his body.

In no time at all, they stripped him completely naked, turning him into a naked man bound by lightning serpents.

“Buzz.” However, what brought about the most worry to Yuan Qing was that the embodiment of lightning that stood in the distance was actually holding a lightning whip in his hand.

Flustered, Yuan Qing spoke out.

“Who are you Why are you doing this to me”

“Paa.” To his surprise, not only did that man ignore him, he even waved his arm and smashed the lightning whip onto his face.

“Eeehhhaaa~~~” As the lightning whip passed through his face, half of Yuan Qing’s cheek was lacerated.

Blood splattered out from the wound as half of his facial bones were broken to pieces.

This sort of pain caused Yuan Qing to immediately start screaming non-stop.

“Fuck, you actually dare to hit me for real Do you know who I am I am a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain! For you to hit me, the Cyanwood Mountain will not let you get away with it!” After screaming in pain, Yuan Qing began to rain curses upon the embodiment of lightning.

However, to his great surprise, the curses and threats did not scare his opponent at all.

Instead, his torture was only beginning.

After the first whip, the second whip, the third whip and countless more whips landed onto his body, causing it to be filled with bruises and cuts.

“Stop whipping me, stop whipping me.

I beg of you, please stop whipping me.” With his body covered in blood, and his bones shattered by the whipping, Yuan Qing was finally unable to endure it anymore and began to beg for forgiveness.

The whip was truly too monstrous.

Not only did it give Yuan Qing physical pain, it was actually able to enter deep into his bones, and even his mind.

The whipping was like countless blood-sucking bugs eating his entire body and even his mind.

This sort of sensation was truly unbearable.

Unfortunately for him, no matter how much he begged, the whipping did not stop.

Instead, it only became fiercer and fiercer.

Only when Yuan Qing lost consciousness did the whipping stop.

When Yuan Qing fainted, the lightning serpents that bound him also began to dissipate.

At this moment, that embodiment of lightning finally displayed his appearance.

Surprisingly, this person who violently whipped Yuan Qing was actually Chu Feng.

Chu Feng removed the mask that covered his face, as well as the black gown that he had worn to conceal himself.

He looked at Yuan Qing, who had long since become unrecognizable, and displayed a cold smile.

He said, “This is a small lesson for you.

As for the true punishment, it will be coming later.”

After finishing those words, Chu Feng fed Yuan Qing a medicinal pellet, helped him recoover his injuries, and put his clothes back on him.

The current Yuan Qing appeared to be exactly the same as before he had entered the spirit formation.

One was simply unable to see that there were any injuries on him at all; he did not appear to be someone who had just been tortured at all.

After he finished doing all this, Chu Feng suddenly took out a bag, placed Yuan Qing into that bag and carried the bag on his shoulder.

Only then did Chu Feng wave his sleeve and remove the spirit formation.

After removing the spirit formation, Chu Feng inspected his surrounding.

When he discovered that there was no one in his surroundings, he started to move.

Carrying the large sack that contained Yuan Qing, he proceeded to the depths of the stone forest.

No one knew what he was planning to do.


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