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MGA: Chapter 1118 – Scum

At this moment, the eyes of Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Yuan Qing and even Huang Juan were shining.

That was because at such a close distance, the beauty of Bai Ruochen appeared even more flawless and perfect, infatuating men and shaming women.

“I am Wang Yan, may I know of your name, miss” At this moment, Wang Yan’s eyes were shining like a wolf seeing a sheep.

Unable to contain himself, he even secretly gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

One could see how charmed he was by Bai Ruochen.

However, while he might be charmed, he did not express it too excessively.

Instead, he cupped his hands and greeted Bai Ruochen respectfully, displaying himself to be an elegant, upright gentleman.

“What are you pretending for Didn’t you already know that Miss Bai’s name is Bai Ruochen To ask while you already know the answer, are you not a bit too shameless” Never would Wang Yan ever have expected that, upon asking that question, Jiang Hao would stand out and scold him in order to obtain a favorable impression of Bai Ruochen, while also attacking his love rival.

At this moment, Wang Yan was stunned.

No matter what, he and Jiang Hao had known each other for many years.

On the surface, the two of them were brothers, with a very good relationship.

Never did he ever imagine that Jiang Hao would be such a demented person, placing a woman before his brother.

Not only did he not assist him, he actually exposed and attacked him before Bai Ruochen.

This had truly caught Wang Yan off guard, filling his stomach with resentment.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Yan possessed quite a profound cultivation, then he would’ve likely already vomited a mouthful of blood and been angered to death by Jiang Hao’s conduct.

As for Jiang Hao, he did not hold the slightest sympathy for Wang Yan, who was placed in an embarrassing and stunned state.

He completely disregarded their relationship of brothers and hurriedly seized the decisive opportunity to cup his fist respectfully to greet Bai Ruochen.

He said.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Bai.

My name is Jiang Hao.

Say, this is such a vast place, for us to be able to encounter each other in this place, it must truly be fate.”

“Fate, my ass.

Clearly you have followed them the entire time, and then asked the disciples of the Ascension Sect for directions, in order to catch up to Miss Bai.” At this moment, a moment to retaliate finally arrived for Wang Yan.

With a consciousness of striking back at he who refused to uphold brotherhood, he exposed Jiang Hao’s crimes.

“Wang Yan, you… what gives you the right to say that about me Are you not the same Otherwise, how did you catch up to Miss Bai then” refuted Jiang Hao in anger.

“Indeed, I have followed her.

However, I did it fair and square, openly and honorably; unlike you.

You have clearly followed Miss Bai stealthily, yet you shamelessly declare it to be fate.

What a bunch of crap, have you no shame” Wang Yan opened his large mouth and spit out a mouthful of phlegm.

Earlier, Jiang Hao had embarrassed him.

Now, he would be returning everything with interest.

“Damn you, Wang Yan…” As the phlegm flew from Wang Yan’s mouth, if Jiang Hao did not have a fast reaction speed, and dodged in time, the phlegm would’ve landed directly on his face.

This caused Jiang Hao to become furious.

He extended his palm and grabbed toward Wang Yan; he wished to fight him.

As for Wang Yan, he was not to be outdone.

These two brothers for many years were actually going to fight one another for a woman.


Junior sister Bai, I am truly sorry for the embarrassment.

The temperaments of these two senior brothers of mine is rather hilarious.

I truly hope that you do not take offense.

Actually, the reason we have come here is for no other intention than to try to get to know junior sister Bai, since we are all going to become disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain.” Right when Jiang Hao and Wang Yan were quarreling with one another, Yuan Qing seized the opportunity and politely spoke with Bai Ruochen.

Bai Ruochen’s gaze was originally attracted by Wang Yan and Jiang Hao who were fighting one another.

However, after hearing what Yuan Qing said, her gaze shifted to him.

Seeing Bai Ruochen looking at him, Yuan Qing immediately felt his mind become much clearer.

He hurriedly greeted her with a refined and courteous appearance.

“I am Yuan Qing, it is my pleasure to meet junior sister Bai.”

Huang Juan beside Yuan Qing was surprised by his actions.

As for Wang Yan and Jiang Hao who were quarreling, they were both stupefied by Yuan Qing.

They all realized that they had underestimated him.

From the actions Yuan Qing had made earlier, they were all able to tell that he had some skill around girls.

Furthermore, his skill was many times superior to Wang Yan and Jiang Hao’s.

Actually, neither Wang Yan nor Jiang Hao had any skill at all.

They had relied on the fact that they were geniuses.

With countless girls wanting to be with them, they merely needed to say a single word for a girl to sleep with them.

There was simply no need for them to use any skill in wooing a girl at all.

Therefore, they did not know what was required to receive a girl’s liking.

However, upon seeing Yuan Qing’s actions, they immediately realized that Yuan Qing was most definitely an expert with girls, a true immoral and despicable person.

However, right at this moment when everyone felt that Yuan Qing would gain Bai Ruochen’s favorable impression, a shocking scene occurred.

An icy coldness suddenly appeared in Bai Ruochen’s eyes.

WIth an expression of disdain and being fed up, she took a glance at Yuan Qing and turned around to leave without saying a single word.

Fuck off; what does it mean to be told to ** off This was what it meant to be told to ** off.

There were women that would pretend to be proud and disguise themselves to be inviolable goddesses before ordinary men, even looking down upon them with disdain.

However, before men with strength, their original identity would be fully revealed.

But as for Bai Ruochen, she was completely different.

To ordinary men, she would be very cold toward them, giving off the sensation of a very out-of-reach distance between them.

However, when faced with men with strength, not only would Bai Ruochen not change her attitude toward them, she would instead become even colder.

This was something that one could tell from her attitude toward Yuan Qing, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao.

As he watched Bai Ruochen’s back as she left, Chu Feng felt honored.

At this moment, he truly realized how deserving of joy it was for him to be able to converse with her at such a close distance.

Although it could not be said that he and Bai Ruochen were intimate with one another, he could, at the very least, talk and laugh with Bai Ruochen, and joke around without any regard.

However, for Yuan Qing and the others, they did not even have the qualifications to speak with Bai Ruochen.

Upon comparing himself to them, Chu Feng immediately felt that he was blessed.

While Chu Feng was feeling blessed, Yuan Qing, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao were stupefied.

They felt a deep sense of defeat, as if they had been kicked into the boundless abyss.

What sort of situation was this Their names were known throughout the entire Cyanwood Domain, causing countless women to submit to these geniuses.

For the purpose of obtaining a good impression from Bai Ruochen, they had even started a battle among brothers.

Yet, what sort of reaction did this Bai Ruochen give them She actually did not even bother to pay any attention to them and left.

This was truly too great of a shock to them.

Unreconciled, truly unreconciled.

Especially Yuan Qing, he had thought of a hundred different reactions that Bai Ruochen might give, but had never thought of this one.

“Junior sister Bai, did this Yuan Qing do something wrong that offended junior sister Bai” Unwilling to back off, Yuan Qing asked.

After Yuan Qing said those words, Bai Ruochen stopped her steps.

She turned around and spoke a sentence indifferently.

“Since you’ve asked, I’ll give you an answer.”

“Remember, you all are to not to talk to me in the future, because I do not have the time to waste on scum like you.”


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