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MGA: Chapter 1116 – Commander Competition, Start

At this moment, majority of the headmasters and disciples followed Half Martial Emperor White Ape.

However, there were also many that chose to stay.

That was because they knew that they had no hope of being able to obtain any flag.

Thus, instead of humiliating themselves, they decided to peacefully enter the Cyanwood Forest and dutifully become core disciples.

Perhaps this way, they might secure an opportunity to become stronger in the future.

After all, only a couple people would be able to obtain the flags in such a competition.

With the strengths of their opponents, it would be normal for them to not be able to the flags.

However, there would always be many people who wanted to seek gains in chaos and try their luck.

Thus, this led to the fact that although there were less than a hundred flags altogether, there would always be no less than ten thousand disciples in every Commander Competition.

Under the guide of Half Martial Emperor White Ape, Chu Feng and the others arrived at the area of the flag seizing competition.

It was a mountain range in the sky.

To be more exact, it was a forest of stone in the sky.

At this moment, before Chu Feng and the others’ eyes were stones as far as their eyes could see.

These stones were very peculiar.

Their sizes and shapes were all different.

The smaller ones were only the size of watermelons, whereas the larger ones were close to a kilometer in height, like enormous mountains erected in the sky.

As for these stones, they were all isolated from one another with space between each of them.

Furthermore, special runes and symbols were written all over the stones.

As they flickered and floated in the sky, they appeared to be very beautiful and magnificent.

“I suspect you all have already mentioned the rules of the Commander Competition to these disciples.

Thus, I am not going to bother saying much superfluous words.

I have only a single sentence to say to all you disciples: I wish you luck.”

After arriving at this place, Half Martial Emperor White Ape waved his hand, indicating to the crowd to enter the forest of stones.

As for the disciples, they did not hesitate to enter either.

One by one, they flew into the vast forest of stones that filled their field of view, striving for the chance to obtain flags for themselves.

In fact, the rules of the Commander Competition were very simple indeed.

There was a total of ninety-four flags.

As for these flags, they were all hidden within these stones.

However, one must find out where the flags were hidden by themselves.

Furthermore, because special spirit formations were placed onto these stones, it made it so that one could not forcibly break them apart.

Therefore, one must use spirit formation techniques to break the spirit formations on the stones apart to determine whether there might be flags hidden within.

As for breaking apart of the spirit formations, it was a lengthy process.

If one’s eyesight was bad and one chose the wrong stone, they would only discover that there was no flag only after breaking the formation and wasting a great deal of time.

The time that was wasted would be equivalent to giving others more and better chances at finding the flags.

Thus, the disciples were all very cautious in their actions, and would directly rush into the depths of the forest of stones.

That was because in the previous years, all of the flags were mostly hidden in the depths of the forest of stones.

At this moment, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were flying alongside each other.

Following behind them were the disciples of the Ascension Sect and the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

These disciples did not urgently go about their ways to search for flags.

Instead, they were completely focused on following Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, like guards protecting their commanders, while also maintaining a certain distance from them.

Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were neither fast nor slow.

The two of them were using their special methods to inspect the surrounding stones with great attention.

“Junior sister Bai, who do you think among the two of us…” said Chu Feng with a smile on his face after inspecting the stones.

“Who are you calling junior sister” Bai Ruochen cast a side eye at Chu Feng.

With a tone of displeasure, she said.

“Call me senior sister.”

At this moment, the Ascension Sect’s disciples that followed behind the two of them were also frowning.

Chu Feng was truly the first person that dared to speak with Bai Ruochen in such a manner.

However, upon seeing that Bai Ruochen only cast a side eye at Chu Feng, and did not get really angry, they felt that it was even more unfathomable of an event.

That was because Bai Ruochen’s reaction at this moment, when compared to her temperament, could truly be said to be very well-mannered.

“No matter what your Ascension Sect’s disciples address you as, I am not a disciple of your Ascension Sect.

Regardless, I place other’s seniority according to age.

If you are to say that your age is older than mine, then I will gladly address you as senior sister,” said Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

“You… forget about it, do whatever you want.” Bai Ruochen was made speechless by Chu Feng.

She was clearly younger than Chu Feng; thus, she had no reason to say that she was older than him, because that would be equivalent to saying that she was more aged than Chu Feng.

With how young and tender she was, how could she possibly go around calling herself old and aged

As for Chu Feng, after having interacted with Bai Ruochen for the past months, he had already understood her temperament, and had already anticipated Bai Ruochen’s reaction.

However, he did not hurry to display his victory.

Instead, he waved his hand to the disciples of the Ascension Sect and the Southern Cyanwood Forest that followed behind them and said.

“What are you all doing following us Quickly, go and search for the flags.”

“Eh…” After hearing what Chu Feng said, the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples glanced at one another before leaving in succession.

However, the disciples of the Ascension Sect were startled by Chu Feng’s actions and opened their mouths wide in shock.

Chu Feng’s actions was truly too obvious.

He was openly driving them away.

However, who was Chu Feng What sort of status and strength did he possess He was nothing more than a mere Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple.

While driving away those from the Southern Cyanwood Forest would be fine, what gave him the right to drive them away Although, they knew that their Ascension Sect had entered an alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they still did not place the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples in their eyes.

However, right at this moment, those powerful and peak existences among the Ascension Sect’s disciples actually, without saying another word, began to make haste and leave.

These disciples that left first, were the ones that had been training at the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda that day.

They had experienced Chu Feng’s powerful might for themselves, and saw with their own eyes how Bai Ruochen was defeated by Chu Feng.

Thus, they knew very well how powerful Chu Feng was, and naturally did not dare to disobey him.

However, because those disciples did not spread about the matters that had happened that day, even for the Ascension Sect’s disciples, only a few among them knew of Chu Feng’s strength.

Thus, when the ignorant disciples saw their senior sisters and brothers that they revered obeying Chu Feng’s command and leaving in succession, their minds became completely clouded with questions.

However, after seeing how Chu Feng dared to speak in such a manner to Bai Ruochen, and Bai Ruochen actually not doing anything about it, they managed to, more or less, realize that this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple was likely extraordinary.

At the very least, he was very familiar with Bai Ruochen, because not a single disciple from the Ascension Sect dared to speak to Bai Ruochen in such a manner.

Actually, it was because they did not have the opportunity to approach Bai Ruochen.

After hesitations and more hesitations, the Ascension Sect’s disciples began to leave one after the other.


Say, who do you think between the two of us will obtain the Commander Flag” Chu Feng looked to Bai Ruochen with a beaming smile.

His eyes displayed an expression as if his plans were already in motion.

“You’ll be able to obtain the Commander Flag,” replied Bai Ruochen with a tone of certainty.

Without even bothering to think, she answered.

“What How could you be this unconfident in yourself This is unlike you.” After hearing Bai Ruochen’s response, Chu Feng displayed an expression of surprise.

Inevitably, he was somewhat disappointed, as his evil plan was ruined.

Originally, Chu Feng wanted to take advantage of Bai Ruochen’s pride and make a gamble with her so that he could extort some benefits from her.

However, never did he expect that she would actually give such a response, ruining his evil plan completely.


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