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MGA: Chapter 1011 – Three Palaces, Four Clans, Nine Powers

Not long after Chu Feng sat down, the elderly man brought over a bowl of delicious soup and placed it on the table.

Moreover, he courteously poured a cup of wine for Chu Feng and asked.

“Friend, what is your name”

“Junior is called Chu Feng.

How should I address Senior” Chu Feng asked respectfully.

“This old man is surnamed Luo.

Little friend Chu Feng, based on what that boy Zhao Shaoqiu said earlier, it seemed that you have sought for me to ask about a matter Might I know what matter it is that you wanted to ask” The elderly man asked with a smile.

“Senior, have you heard of the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest” Chu Feng asked honestly.

“Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.” Hearing those words, the elderly man was slightly startled.

He began to ponder and then suddenly laughed.

“Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, I’ve been to that place before.

It is a beautiful piece of land that possesses a rare beautiful scenery.

Little friend Chu Feng, might you be preparing to go to that place”

“Yes, that is right.” Chu Feng nodded.

“Since little friend Chu Feng wishes to go there, I am able to tell you where it is.

Merely, that place is rather distant, you must be prepared.” While the elderly man spoke, he went and brought back a map and began drawing a route on the map.

The route he drew was very detailed.

Moreover, he spent a long time drawing it before handing it over to Chu Feng.

After Chu Feng saw the map, even though it was Chu Feng, he became stupefied.

That was because this map was truly too big.

This was truly a world that surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination, it was so large that it would cause one to gasp in admiration.

The most important matter was that the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest was extremely distant from the location that Chu Feng was currently in.

It could be said that when one saw the distance between them, one would begin to consider giving up the journey.

However, the aspect that had surprised Chu Feng the greatest was that, other than the Holy Land of Martialism, there were four other places listed on the map.

They were four Heavenly Road exits; the Southern Sea Region exit, the Northern Sea Region exit, the Eastern Sea Region exit, and the Western Sea Region exit.

As for the location that he was in now, it was the Southern Sea Region exit.

This allowed Chu Fent to know why they said that he had come from the Southern Sea Region.

However, he had clearly come from the Eastern Sea Region.

“Could it be that Senior Old Monkey had done something and caused me to enter the Southern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road from the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road”

“That’s right, it’s very likely for that to be the case.

After all, I had spent that much time in the Heavenly Road.

Furthermore, the tunnels when I entered the Heavenly Road and the one when I exited was different to some extent.” After Chu Feng pondered for a moment, he determined a possibility.

“Senior Luo, this junior has just arrived at this location.

Might senior be able to introduce the powers of the Holy Land of Martialism to this junior” Suddenly, Chu Feng asked the elderly man.

That was because Chu Feng discovered that the map the elderly man provided to him was truly comprehensive.

Not only did it list the various regions, it also listed countless amount of powers of those regions.

However, the names and colors of those powers were different.

Among them, a couple of names of those powers were written in gold paint.

It gave off an extremely sacred feeling.

As for among those powers written in gold paint, the Cursed Soil Sect’s name was included.

Moreover, Chu Feng discovered that although the Cursed Soil Sect was located very distantly away from him, it was located extremely close to the exit of the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road.

Recalling the grudges that he had with the Cursed Soil Sect and then recalling about Tantai Xue, he determined that it was likely that she had already returned to the Holy Land of Martialism from the Eastern Sea Region’s Heavenly Road exit.

Thus, Chu Feng wished to learn a bit more about the matters of the Holy Land of Martialism.

“That is of course doable.

The Holy Land of Martialism is a sacred place to cultivate.

The number of experts here are innumerable.

As for those people that possess the abilities to defy heaven, they are numerous too.

As for the powers that are located in various places, their number is comparable to the stars in the sky.”

“Since there are too many powers, I am incapable of introducing all of them to you.

Thus, I’ll tell you about the few largest powers within the Holy Land of Martialism.”

“People generally address them as the Three Palaces, Four Clans and Nine Powers.”

“The Three Palaces are respectively: the Heavenly Law Palace, Underworld Palace and Mortal King Palace.”

“The Four Clans are respectively: The Dongfang Imperial Clan, Ximen Imperial Clan, Beitang Imperial Clan and the Nangong Imperial Clan.” 1

“The Nine Powers are respectively: The Cyanwood Mountain, Jadewater Temple, Firerain Hall, Cursed Soil Sect, Golden Armor City, Eight Desolate Mountain Range, World Spiritist Alliance, Sword Crafting Villa, and the Ten Thousand Flowers Garden.” 2

“Each one of them are led by experts at the Martial Emperor level.

Especially the Three Palaces and the Four Clans, their backgrounds are extremely deep.

No one knows exactly how immense the power that they contain are.”

“Of course, other than these powers formed by human, there are also some monstrous beast clans.

Those monstrous beast clans all live in their own independent worlds; it is extremely rare for outsiders to see them.

However, they are most definitely also a group of powerful and formidable existence.”

“In short, you must remember that when you walk about the Holy Land of Martialism in the future, if you were to meet people related to the Three Palaces, Four Clans or the Nine Powers, regardless of how slim their relationship to them are, you must not offend them.

Else, you’ll bring about a calamity upon yourself.” Warned the elderly man attentively.

“Senior, thank you for the warning.” Chu Feng gratefully offered his thanks.

Due to the fact that he was able to chat with this elderly man, Chu Feng did not urgently leave the place.

Instead, he started drinking and chatting with the elderly man.

They ended up talking about many things.

In the process, it could be said that the elderly man would answer all of Chu Feng’s questions.

As for the things he asked Chu Feng about, Chu Feng would also answer all that he could without hiding the truth.

Being thankful for the elderly man’s assistance, Chu Feng had asked about how his cultivation disappeared.

Chu Feng knew that a person’s cultivation would not disappear for no reason; generally, one would be crippled by others.

As the elderly man treated him so well, Chu Feng knew that he would not have been an evildoer when he had cultivation.

Thus, Chu Feng wanted to help the elderly man attain revenge.

However, to no avail, the elderly man merely smiled lightly and did not answer him.

Seeing that, Chu Feng felt that it was not good for him to continue prying deeper into the matter.

From the following conversation, Chu Feng came to know that the Holy Land of Martialism was an extremely unique continent.

There was a layer of powerful energy that had splitted this originally intact continent into multiple continents.

If one wished to pass through that layer of powerful energy, one must possess the ability to answer it.

Otherwise, it was completely impossible for one to pass through it.

This had also greatly increased the difficulty for Chu Feng to go to the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest.

However, the elderly man had also informed Chu Feng that there are powers that controlled the ability to pass through that layer of energy.

For example, one such power was the Cyanwood Mountain that ruled over the continent they were on.

Not only does the Cyanwood Mountain control the ability to pass through that layer of separation energy, they would even, once every three years, provide convenience to the people who lived in this continent and open the separation energy, allowing those who wished to go to a different continent to pass through.

Merely, other continents also possessed different powers that controlled and occupied them.

For some, they would be like the Cyanwood Mountain and open up the separation energy at regular intervals to allow for others to pass.

However, the times in which they would open the separation energy were all different.

That was also one of the reasons why it took this elderly man so long to travel the Holy Land of Martialism.

After hearing what the elderly man said, Chu Feng became a bit discouraged.

This was truly too troublesome.

If it was to be how the elderly man had said, then even if Chu Feng managed to arrive at the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, it would require him many years for sure.

Chu Feng didnot have that much time to waste around.

“Grandfather, grandfather, it’s bad, it’s bad.”

However, right at this moment, a weeping and extremely terrified sound echoed from outside.

That was Luo Lian’s voice.

“Lian’er.” Hearing this voice, the elderly man immediately became unable to sit still.

He hurriedly exited the house.

As for Chu Feng, he too followed the elderly man.

When they arrived outside the house, they saw three figures.

These three figures had already landed in the courtyard and were currently walking toward Chu Feng and the elderly man.

These three people were precisely Zhao Shaoqiu, Luo Lian and Lil Ru.

Zhao Shaoqiu’s expression was extremely unsightly, it was as if he had eaten a dead rat.

As for Luo Lian, her face was filled with tears, her crying was so bad that it could be described with one word: ‘miserable.’ The domineering attitude that she displayed earlier had completely disappeared.

After seeing Lil Ru who was being held in Luo Lian’s chest, Chu Feng’s expression immediately took a huge change.

The current Lil Ru had already lost consciousness.

Her two eyes were tightly closed, they were swollen and purple in colour.

Moreover, two streams of blood were flowing out from her eyes.

Lil Ru’s two eyes have been scooped out by someone.


The names of the four clans are all two character chinese surnames with one character being the directions, east, west, north and south. The first five powers respectively have an element in their name.

Wood, water, fire, soil(earth), and gold(metal).


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