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MGA: Chapter 1006 – Battle Against Martial King

A hundred human shaped figures of light stood in all directions in the air.

Not only did their strength increase to that of rank nine Martial Lords, they were also no longer empty handed.

Instead, each and every one of them held a spear of light.

As for the spears of light, they were no ordinary spears.

They all contained powerful might, causing those figures of light’s powers to greatly increase.

“Woosh woosh woosh woosh.” These hundred figures of light moved.

However, they did not blindly attack Chu Feng.

Instead, they actually created a slaughtering formation that surrounded Chu Feng.

These human shaped figures of light became more and more powerful.

Furthermore, not only did their cultivation became more powerful, even their thinking had increased.

It was as if an unsophisticated killing machine started to gradually gain extraordinary intelligence.

“I am unaware which senior it might be that have created such a formation in this place.

This junior had just arrived at this place for the first time; I possess neither grievance nor hatred with you.

Why must senior use such a formation to make things difficult for this junior”

Seeing that these human shaped figures of light had once again started coming toward him to attack, Chu Feng determined that if this was to continue, it would be endless.

Thus, he did not blindly fight back.

Instead, he started to dodge and agilely avoided the attacks from these hundred human shaped figures of light.

However, not only did he not find a single person in the surrounding, likely, even if Chu Feng was to shout loudly there would still not be anyone to respond.

The only things present were those hundred figures of lights that were roaring and attacking him.

“Very well, since you wish to play, then I shall play with you.

I truly wish to see exactly what degree of evolution this formation of yours could evolve to!” Seeing that there was no response, Chu Feng grew angry.

The strength that he possessed was something he himself was most familiar with.

Although Chu Feng was only a rank eight Martial Lord, there were practically no Martial Lords that could contend against him.

It was so much so that he did not even put peak rank one Martial Kings in his eyes.

Thus, regardless of what sort of methods these human shaped figures of light used, regardless of how powerful that battle power was, before Chu Feng, they were unable to even withstand a single blow.

Killing them was practically like killing an army of ants.

However, as Chu Feng had already been enraged, he t decided not to to kill them with a simple method of a single strike.

Instead, he rushed into the group of human shaped figures of light and, with his limbs as sharp blades, chopped those human shaped figures of light to eight sections one after the other.

It must be said that Chu Feng’s methods were very ruthless, it was a bit inhumane too.

Fortunately, these figures of light were not actual living things.

Else, blood would’ve been splattered all over the place by now and limbs would’ve been falling from the sky.

That scene would’ve been extremely frightening.

However, the current Chu Feng was enraged.

For no reason, he had been trapped by someone.

This had already angered him.

However, on top of that, for no reason, he had been surprise attacked by someone.

Thus, he became even more enraged.

If Chu Feng did not respond with some appropriate methods, then he would truly be unable to contain the anger in his heart.

Although Chu Feng was killing and beheading those figures one after the other, the hundred figures of lights had all been obliterated by him in an instant.

Not a single one remained, they had all been exterminated.

“Come, allow me to see what other methods you have.” After killing all hundred human shaped figures of light, Chu Feng felt extremely unrestrained.

While he was filled with enthusiasm, he also raised his head toward the sky and roared.

For one, he had displayed his current state of mind.

Secondly, he was also showing off to whoever it was that had trapped him here.


Just as Chu Feng expected, after those hundred figures of light were killed by him, another powerful force began to condense within the formation.

Merely, this extremely powerful force ended up condensing into a figure of light with a nose, eyes and an outline — a Martial King.

At this moment, a Martial King level human shaped figure of light appeared before Chu Feng.

Although it was only a rank one Martial King, it was still, without a doubt, a Martial King.

“Yoh, it has truly grown interesting now.” Seeing the Martial King level figure of light, joy flashed through Chu Feng’s gaze.

Although Chu Feng had even killed Jiang Qisha, a genius Martial King, it was, nevertheless, only by relying on the cultivation of another.

This was the first time he would use his own cultivation to face a Martial King level opponent.

The Martial King stage was completely different from the Martial Lord stage.

Although Chu Feng possessed outstanding battle power, he still felt some pressure when facing that Martial King standing across from him.

That’s right, Chu Feng, a Martial Lord, was incapable of achieving the ability to absolutely crush his foe when faced with a rank one Martial King.

It was no longer as simple as killing and beheading a group of Martial Lords.

However, Chu Feng still possessed absolute confidence, he knew that he was capable of surpassing his opponent.


Suddenly, Chu Feng moved.

Before that figure of light started to attack, Chu Feng already took the initiative to attack.

Once he moved, he instantly caused the airspace to tremble.

That was due to Chu Feng being unable to suppress his excitement in fighting against a Martial King for the first time.

“Boom boom boom boom.”

Chu Feng’s speed was extremely fast.

In merely an instant, he reached the Martial King level figure of light.

Chu Feng did not use any Martial Skill, instead, he merely activated his Martial Power and, with empty hands and empty fists1, started attacking the Martial King.

Chu Feng’s attacks were extremely fast.

It was so fast that one could only sense the might emitted from every attack and be incapable of seeing the attack itself.

As for that Martial King level figure of light, it, too, responded to Chu Feng’s attacks with empty hands and fists, it, too, did not use any other skills and met with Chu Feng in a melee battle comparing their strength in close range combat and the toughness of their bodies.

A close range battle with no weapons put to test the toughness of one’s body the most.

If your body was as tough as steel whereas your opponent’s body was only made of flesh, there would simply be no meaning for the two sides to battle.

With merely the difference between the toughness of the bodies, the result of the battle was already determined.

Furthermore, a close range battle emphasized one’s reaction speed.

In a close range battle, changes were constant.

Due to the fact that the distance was too close, often, the techniques used by one’s opponent would cause one to be unable to react in time, causing one to lose the battle.

Logically, it was simply impossible for a rank eight Martial Lord to fight against a rank one Martial King.

This was especially true for a close range battle — it was even harder.

After all, the Martial Kings are different from Martial Lords.

Even if the two were only separated by a single stage, the distance between the two was like heaven and earth.

In normal situations, even if a Martial King did not put forth any defensive measures while facing a Martial Lord, it would still be extremely difficult for the Martial Lord to injure the Martial King — the Martial King’s body was that tough.

However, Chu Feng relied on his tough body tempered with his Divine Lightning as well as his extraordinary battle experience and his incomparable reaction speed to fight that rank one Martial King.

Not only did he not give way in the battle, he instead held absolute dominance.

A grand rank one Martial King actually ended up being suppressed by a rank eight Martial Lord.

If someone was to see this scene, they would definitely gasp in amazement.


Suddenly, a surprise attack arrived from Chu Feng.

Like lightning, he arrived behind the figure of light.

With a feint, he caused the figure of light to protect its head.

Then, he retrieved his feint attack back and pierced his hand into the figure of light’s body like an unstoppable sharp blade.

As for the place that Chu Feng’s hand pierced into, it was no ordinary location; it was the dantian of cultivators.

Fortunately, this Martial King level human shaped figure of light was merely a false image formed by the formation, otherwise it would’ve been crippled without cultivation.

Even if it abandoned its body and turned into a consciousness, its cultivation would still be greatly damaged.

After the surprise attack, the figure of light stopped fighting with Chu Feng.

Instead, it turned into a mist of light before Chu Feng.

Gradually, it dissipated and disappeared.


empty hands, empty fists → unarmed.


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