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She just wanted to play with her hands for a second, and change before her brother came.

It was probably embarrassing to know that she was waiting for her brother to the point her underwear got wet.

‘Could I naturally call the maids and pretend to change my dress and bring other clothes

…… Or should she wear the same dress she wore last night while she’s changing the dress anyway’

As her thoughts went all the way there, Aris tapped her own cheek and shook her head quickly to shake the thought away from her.

‘No, come to your senses, Aristasia Verdick! It’s not a real gigolo, but Older Brother!’

She tried to get rid of the evidence by calling the maid to wash, clean and change her clothes, but already she heard a knock on the door twice.

It hasn’t been long since she had delivered the letter.

He had already knocked on the door, so she thought it must have been that she wasn’t the only one who had a bad night.

“Come in.”

As she struggled to turn away from the expectations for the pleasure that would come to her today, Aris calmly answered.

She would wittily say that she thought the maid had come, as if she had not known her brother would come.

“Older Sister.”

But it was Leon, not Evan, who pushed his head inside the door.

‘Le, Leon! Why Leon! If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have told him to come in! Not Older Brother but Leon Of course, I thought it was Older Brother!’

Aris hurriedly dropped her underwear, which she had just taken off, on the floor, and then kicked them under the bed.

“What is going on at this hour Aren’t you going to the night ball”

“Sister doesn’t seem to be in a good mood, so I’m worried.”

“It’s okay you don’t have to.

It’s better now.”

She lamented that she did not have a handsome gigolo, but after much deliberation, she sent a letter to her older brother.

If it’s her older brother, either he will come, or he will search the entire land to find a handsome gigolo.

‘Maybe brother will come by himself today, right’

He wouldn’t have been able to find a handsome gigolo in just a few hours.

Tonight she will come to tell her older brother to do the same thing as yesterday, or wait until he finds the handsome gigolo.

‘Oh, or did he send Leon because she asked him to send a handsome gigolo’

Leonhard was far more handsome than other men, to the extent that Aris, who looked at Leonhard’s face every day, thought he was handsome.

And looking at the courtesans’ fierce reaction coming through the wall, he seemed to have good technique.

‘Yeah, if it’s Leon, you can think of it as a handsome gigolo.’

It didn’t really have to be a gigolo, as Aris had expected her brother to come when she said to Evan, ‘Send me a handsome gigolo.’

Because Aris wanted a handsome man to spend the night with.

She did not intend to treat Leonhard as a gigolo, but for Evanstein, Leon, the best sword master on the continent, remained just as a gigolo.

‘Still, Leon is my younger brother…….’

Aris took a moment to mind that he was her younger brother, but her body, expecting pleasure, soon rationalized.

For Aris, who was waiting for her older brother, it wasn’t much different be it her older brother or her younger brother.

Of course, it felt good when her older brother did it last night, but she also had the expectation that it would be better if Leon, who had a lot more experience, did it.

“What are you doing there all the time, close the door and come in.”

Leon hesitated for a moment, then he followed her words.

He was already in a state of mind that seemed to go crazy since earlier, and although he was already called debauched, he couldn’t add to the commotion that he attacked his sister in the hallway.

He thought that being a sword master only had advantages, but it was the first time he realized that it wasn’t.

He felt like he was losing control when he smelled the sweet scent emanating from his sister because of his damn sense of smell, which was many times better than a normal person.

Even he could see what his sister was throwing on the floor when he came here, and what she had cleaned up, because of his unnecessarily good vision.

‘That’s right, Sister is now…….’

He fixed his gaze on Aris’s face, blocking his eyes from going down without realizing it with superhuman strength.

However, she had a dazzling look on her face.

In addition, the scent of Aris’ sweet love liquid, which was distinctly different from that of others, kept stimulating his sense of smell.

Feeling thirsty for nothing, he swallowed a gulp over and over again.

At this point, Leonhard wondered if he had entered Aris’s room for no reason, but he couldn’t help but come in.

As soon as the door opened, the sweet-smelling sister who came in and asked him to come into this room late at night, could he dare to refuse

He even wondered if his sister was trying to seduce him.

Thinking like that, his lower body gained a lot of strength.

If the other person wasn’t his sister, he would have already put his nose between her legs and licked the love juice.

Perhaps he had already climbed on top of her and moved his waist mercilessly.


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