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Tre-san, Cento-san and Cien-san agreed to join me in setting up a stall at Symphonias Founding Festival.

I dont really think this is something we should be discussing in the middle of the road, so for the time being, we moved to my house.



[……Well then, we are now going to work toward the same goal.

We will be a team, so to speak.

We cant be weirdly reserved with each other, so lets exchange frank opinions without worrying about each others positions here!]

[……Ummm, can I ask you a question]

[What is it, Kaito]



Looking at Tre-san, who was smiling smugly in front of a large whiteboard, I raised my hand and asked a question.



[……Why is it, as if its a matter of course, that Tre-san is taking charge of everyone]

[Hmph, I wonder if you amateurs can go shut up I think I, a brilliant professional with zero experience opening a store, should be at the helm here.]

[No, arent you just being a pushy amateur!]

[……So, what should we decide first]

[See! Youre already stuck!]



Just as usual, Tre-san is going along with her own flow, and as soon as she came to the room we would be discussing in, she pulled a whiteboard out of nowhere and started taking charge of the discussion, but just like before, she seemed to have no concrete ideas on what to do since she was acting only with her momentum.

Moving my astounded gaze to the side, Cento-san and Cien-san exchanged glances before nodding.

Thereupon, Cento-san stands up and moves to the front of the whiteboard.



[Esteemed Sister Tre, putting aside whether youre in charge or not, do you mind if I facilitate this discussion]

[Unnn, I dont have a clue what to do here, so Ill leave it to you!!!]

[……Then, why did you even try taking charge……]

[……Because I felt like it was my time to shine]



It seemed that Tre-san, who basically acts according to her desires and along with her momentum, probably had no particular reason for wanting to be in charge, nor does she have any fixation with being in charge in the first place, as she readily handed her spot to Cento-san and sat next to me.



[……Well then, I will be temporarily facilitating the discussion for the moment.

I think the first thing we should decide is what kind of stall we are going to open.

First, lets start with the rough framework: 1, food and beverages-type stalls…… In other words, the most popular type of stalls, those that handle light meals and refreshments.

2, non-food and beverages-type stalls…… those stalls that handle accessories and other small trinkets.

3, attraction-type stalls…… Instead of selling something, this type of stall offers a simple game to the guests and gives away items in the form of prizes.

I think its a good idea to decide which of these three you would like to use.]



As expected of Cento-san, unlike Tre-san, she was very competent and proceeded the discussion in a brisk manner.



[As for me, I was thinking of having a food and beverage-type stall……]

[I also agree.

I think selling small trinkets doesnt really have that special festival feel to it, and the attraction-type stall would be too difficult to handle, so I think an orthodox food stall would be fine]

[If thats what Miyama-san and Esteemed Sister Tre says, I have no objection.]



Since this is the first time we will open a stall, it would be better to have something simple and not too fancy.

This decision was unanimously decided.

That means, the next question now should be what kind of stall to open.



[What do you think is good]

[Hmmm, why dont we go with the standard ones Kaito and I are both amateurs, so wed like something as simple and common as possible…… Ahh, thats right, why dont we go with baby castellas]

[Ahh, that sounds good!]



Tre-sans suggestion is a pretty good one.

Baby castellas are standard in this world, and its not the conspicuous type of item that would likely cause a huge crowd at our stall.

Its also not that difficult to make, and having eaten many baby castellas, I believe I have the skill to know how good or bad they would taste.



[Fufufu, despite my skills, Im a little picky about my baby castellas, you know]

[Ahaha, come to think of it, so am I.

I mean, I guess thats inevitable if youre related to Kuro.

Well, anyhow, baby castellas should be great.

What do you think, Cento-san, Cien-san Do you have any other suggestions in mind]

[No, I think baby castellas are good too.

Theyre easy to make after all……]

[Im of the same opinion as Cien…… Well then, I suppose we will be making baby castellas.]



And thus, it was decided that our stall would be a baby castella stall.

Im looking forward to it.

Its going to be simple but ingenious, so Im getting excited about the festival.



(Ive heard the situation!)



Oi, idiot, stop whatever youre planning……






As she was having a meeting in a conference room of a large trading company in a corner of the Demon Realm, Kuromueinas eyebrows moved with a twitch and after telling the others that their meeting would have a break for a bit, she called out to Sechs.



[Kuromu-sama How may I help you]

[Sechs, regarding Symphonia Kingdoms Founding Festival, Sechs was supposed to attend in my place this year, right]

[Yes, thats right.]

[Could you tell them that Ill be going myself this time…… I just had a little change of mind.]

[Fumu, Im sure theyll be happy to hear that…… but is that alright with you]

[Unnn…… Ahh, but tell them “Ill have to leave in the middle of the festival”.]



















Serious-senpai : [Whoa there, here comes someone dangerous……]

: [A dangerous one sniffed out their plans.]


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