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I was a little taken aback by Tre-sans sudden appearance and her usual antics, when something occurred to me and I asked her about it.



[……Speaking of which, where are Cento-san and Cien-san]

[Theyre here, you know You two~~ You can come out now.]



As Tre-san said this, the scenery distorted and Cento-san and Cien-san appeared.

It seems that they had been suppressing their magic power to erase their presence, but as to be expected of upper Count-ranks, I didnt notice them at all.



[Hello, Miyama-san.]

[……Im really sorry for Tre-sans usual antics.]

[No, hello, Cento-san, Cien-san.

Why were you hiding your presence]



Returning their greeting as the two women smiled apologetically, I asked why they were hiding.



[We happened to see Miyama-san earlier and decided to call out to you…… but Esteemed Sister Tre said that making such a dialogue would be more atmospheric if she was alone……]

[She told us to stay hidden until she gave us a signal……]

[……Good work as always, you two.]



Just as usual, it seemed like it was an idea Tre-san came up with.



[Come to think of it, Kaito In the end, what were you thinking about]

[Eh Ahhh, actually……]



Tre-san brought the conversation back to the main topic, and I explained my earlier exchange with Elise-san, that I was thinking of setting up a stall for the Founding Festival.



[Hohou, now aint that interesting! Leave it to me, I will help you out!]

[……Tre-san, are you good at cooking]

[Fufufu, it would be troubling if you underestimate me.

I have a lot of experience in cooking and Im quite confident in my cooking skills.]

[……I- I see.]



……Hmmm, its probably not like she was bragging about.

I mean, Cento-san and Cien-san, who knows Tre-san far more than me, looked at her with a face that seemed to say “Eh Whats that, thats the first time Ive heard of that though”.

I thought I would never get anywhere with Tre-san, so I turned to Cento-san and Cien-san.



[Cento-san, Cien-san, that was what Tre-san says but……]

[Errr, on a few occasions…… we made sandwiches using the vegetables we harvested from Raz-sans garden]

[……If thats what you mean…… I guess it isnt as if you dont have any cooking experience]



Considering that Tre-san is older than Dr.

Vier, she should be at least 10,000 years old.

I just heard about these being mentioned in passing, but Cento-san and Cien-san apparently came to Kuros place at about the same time as Raz-san.

Therefore, the two of them called those older than Raz-san Esteemed Sister or Esteemed Brother, while calling those who are younger with “-san” added to their name.



Well, anyhow, if they came at the same time as Raz-san, they must have been Tre-sans guards for thousands of years, or even more than 10,000 years, so they should have known Tre-san better than anyone else.

The two of them desperately tried to squeeze out of Tre-sans culinary experience the sandwiches that they all made together.

In other words, I think its safe to assume that Tre-san has almost no cooking experience.




[Hmph, my cooking experience is exactly what the both of them described.

You can count on this Tre!]



……What…… in the world…… Shes kidding, right This woman, after seeing the flow of the conversation up to now and the reaction of us three, she can still maintain the stance of being confident in her cooking with such self-confidence…… Her heart sure is as tough as steel.



[Each and every time, Im sorry for Esteemed Sister Tre…… Errr, I think well cause you trouble, but well help you as much as we can.]

[We often cook meals for Esteemed Sister Tre, so we can cook to some extent……]

[Thats reassuring.

Ill be relying on you.]

[……Why do I feel like your reaction to Cento and Cien is different from your reaction to my words]



Well, of course, no matter how you look at it, Cento-san Cien-san are the ones I can count on.

Their “to some extent” isnt like Tre-sans baseless confidence.

Even though the two of them its just “to some extent”, I think theyre probably more skilled than I assumed.

If Tre-san were to say the same line though, Im sure she would fall short of my expectations……



[I suppose its more like a difference in my expectations of your abilities Im saying this now, but I feel like Tre-san would be at around the same level as me.]

[Thats strange Im supposed to be the homely Onee-chan here.]

[What do you usually do when Cento-san and Cien-san are cooking for you]

[I set up the table! See, homely, right]

[So it was just your self-assessment huh……]



W- Well, anyhow, I now have three new members in the group.

As for Tre-san, her skill set is probably as abysmal as mine, but I feel like I could really depend on Cento-san and Cien-san.



















『Tre Onee-chan Crew』



A 3-Person group consisting of the mentally strong Onee-chan with a reputation for useless self-confidence, and seriously talented twin imoutos.

Tre Onee-chan always seems to slip out from under the watchful eyes of the twins, but in fact, they are together far more often than not, “about once every 5 escapes”.

Whether once every 5 escapes should be considered a surprisingly small number or whether one should be amazed at her stealth ability to slip past the eyes of two people who are in the top 20% among the Count-ranks is a question being asked up to this date.


Incidentally, even the sandwiches, one of Onee-chans few cooking experiences, are usually a mess because she puts a lot of things between the bread out of curiosity, so she has almost no experience making them beautifully, but the mentally strong Tre Onee-chan is still brimming with confidence.





Cooking: D

Packaging: C

Calculation: D

Service: A



Cooking: F

Packaging: C

Calculation: F

Service: S



Cooking: A

Packaging: A

Calculation: B

Service: B



Cooking: A

Packaging: B

Calculation: A

Service: B


【Mascot Cat】

Cooking: SSS

Packaging: SSS

Calculation: SSS

Service: G (Due to her Stuffed Costume)


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