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The frost settled down, and the road was wet as if the sun had melted at the same time.

She doesnt want to go, but even though the road was like this, her steps continued to walk.

As if Alyssa was not satisfied, the queens lady-in-waiting urged her several times.

However, she is a princess, even if it is only in vain.

Alyssa raised her sharp eyes.

“Should my pace be examined by you too”

At that, the maid couldnt say anything anymore and only bit her lips.

No matter how much she hated the royal family, she wasnt the one who could be harmed by a maid.

Its just…

‘Something like an illegitimate child.

Her pride was just hurt.


Alyssa wiped her neck from the cold sweat and stepped into the parlor where the queen was waiting.

The queens eyes, raising her head, were as cold as ice.

The temperature in the room seems to plummet exponentially.

She felt as though it was warmer before she came in.

“Long time no see.”

“Its been a long time, Mother.”



You have grown up and married, and I am very impressed.”

The queen grinned lightly with an inscrutable face.

She shouldnt take it just because she pretended to be kind, she was the one who could put a sword on Alyssas back at any time.

She pretended to be friendly.

Beckoning towards Alyssa, the queen opened her mouth.

As she opened her mouth it felt like a black hole had opened.

“Sit down here.

Does it make sense for it to be so intense between us”

Alyssa doesnt believe her, who always pushed Alyssa into hell with such a noble face.

Alyssa walked slowly as she could and sat across from her.

She certainly had a business, so she would have called, but she leans and tilts the teacup.

Alyssa and the queen arent close enough to sit face to face with each other over tea.

Alyssa sat like a maid, holding her breath, and waiting for the queen to pull out her business.

“My dear, Alyssa.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Alyssa answered mechanically.

“Is there a Cambridge celebration next week”

“Yes, there will be a holiday banquet.”

“I was told that you were hosting a banquet.

So Im going to send someone from the royal family to congratulate you on your marriage.”

The queen

She was never the person who would show kindness to Alyssa.

It was obvious that she had a hidden plan.

Instead of rushing to answer, Alyssa bit her mouth.

Whatever the queens intentions, if she wants, she will take it in a coercive way from Alyssa.

“Norfe is kind enough to be going in person.

He said that.

Since you got married, he said he wanted to go to help his younger sister.

How can I stop him As you know, it wasnt unusual for Norfe to care for you.”

What do you mean unusual, but she was stunned and barely tolerated a scream coming out.

The queen hated Norfe and Alyssa being in one place.

Norfes eyes acted as if everything was Alyssas fault and cracked down more on her.

One day, Alyssa and Norfe shared a word they slapped palms and in the end, Alyssa had to copy dozens of books.

Without sleeping or eating.

Her heart rattled.

When the insidious Norfe says that, there must be a plan inside.

Again and again, she remembered Norfes shameless face, who was calling for Ophelias name.

Her anxious heart jumped with a thump and a thump.

Alyssa held her head a little more, biting her mouth.

She wanted to act as if she hadnt heard the story.

“But you say you are hosting a banquet… You know, dont you have to invite other families to attend holidays Its an old custom that even the royal family cant break.”

Alyssa seemed to know why the queen called her.

It is to put Prince Norfe on the invited list.

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Alyssa also saw the look Norfe had on Ophelia.

Taking a glimpse of the young lady who is not yet of maturity with his insidious glance.

That wasnt right, no matter how much Alyssa thought.

Now the queen was about to hand Ophelia alive to Norfe.

Alyssa realized by intuition that she couldnt invite the Norfe.

It seems that the cool and terrible feeling of that day comes back to life.


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