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Alyssa took a deep breath.

“Killing the king, killing the queen, kill Crown Prince Kruno.

Also, did you take part in killing Princess Vanessa”

It was already a certain voice.

Alyssa wasn’t asking her for authenticity now; she was waiting for Caradella’s mouth to confirm it.

Caradella grinned and nodded her head.

“Yes, I did.”

Alyssa touched her forehead.

Her guess was confirmed.

Of course, it was already certain through the investigation, but hearing from the person mentioned like this made her feel sad inside.

“…can I ask why”

“Because they will not help you in the new king’s reign.

They will be your shame, not a help.

I did it because the king would be unable to do it.”

Caradella answered bluntly.

It was a voice that did not contain any regrets.

“…I am not blaming their deaths, nor am I seeking revenge.

They are people who have a reason to bear the people’s wrath.”



Alyssa pressed her finger to the table.

“…I am also the first person to defend the law.

That’s why I became a king.

To become a king who keeps my duties as much as my rights.

So… I have to punish you.”

Alyssa whispered in a small, low voice.

It is because she is the King.

“Even so, it is true that you are a contributor to the kingdom….”

Alyssa smiled as if in trouble.

“Miss Caradella.

The Revolutionary Corps must now be disbanded.”

And that was what Caradella expected.

The goal of the Revolutionary Corps was to dismantle the royal family and protect the people of the kingdom.

The royal family could not be dissolved, but a new wise king was installed, and the Revolutionary Corps was satisfied with it.

Having lost their goals, the Revolutionary Corps could now be perceived as a mere dangerous group.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Caradella answered bluntly.


I will help the people of the Revolutionary Corps to work in the royal castle to honor their hard work.

Knight orders, servants, or other fields.”

“… thank you.”

She expected it to be the case with Alyssa’s personality.

It’s a good thing for the Revolutionary Corps.

Even those who are no longer in the Revolutionary Corps need a way to make a living.

And Caradella….

“But, not Caradella.

I can’t hire you.”

Caradella silently lowered her head.

“And I am deporting you from this capital permanently.

That seems to be the only punishment I can inflict on you for murder.”

“Ha…you’re still soft.”

Caradella murmured.

“…I’m naturally a soft person, Caradella.

Come to think of it, I still do.

Do I need to give up my essence just because I become a king I will be a king who cares for my people and is swayed by love but unshakable by the law.”

She grew up wonderfully.

There was no longer the child who had shed tears the day before in Caradella’s skirt.

Alyssa, before her eyes, became an adult, he became king, and she regained herself.

Just as Caradella wanted.


If the king’s will is so.”

Caradella wasn’t the one to scream and cry.

She felt relieved.

Caradella’s heart seemed to be getting lighter.


I’m only a five-year king.”


She was guessing.

Alyssa may have become king to dismantle this royal family.

“In the meantime, I will do my best to bring this country back to normal so that it can become a country that accepts the parliamentary system and can live according to it.”

” If the king’s will is so too.”

“…..Thank you, Caradella.”


“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here.

I would still be a crying child.”

Caradella held her breath.

Hearing those words from Alyssa’s mouth softened the guilt she had been feeling.

It’s the guilt for driving that child to her limbs.

For Caradella, it was to protect Alyssa, but how much she must have hurt her young heart.

In Alyssa’s life, without a single point of warmth, Caradella also became like a thorn in her heart.

“I grew up thanks to Caradella.

I knew the truth.”

Alyssa smiled softly.

“I knew that Caradella did that to protect me.

I just ignored it because I was young at the time, and it was best to blame you.”

How can she not know

She knew her sincerity from the moment she found out that Caradella had joined the Revolutionary Corps.

Caradella must have been a burden to Alyssa, who was already at risk.

“You’ve worked really hard all this time, Caradella.

And I’m sorry.

I can’t forgive you as a king.”

“….It’s okay.

I was determined to do so.”

“Do you regret it”

Caradella shook her head slowly, making eye contact with Alyssa.

“A little.”

“.…That’s a relief.”

Alyssa laughed lightly too.

Caradella may have sensed this moment.

Just like Alyssa.


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