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The Prince, who couldn’t even take part in politics, knew something that even Duke Vint, the greatest political enemy of Maryam and Khalid, was still not sure It was incomprehensible to him.

Khalid barely resisted the urge to question Renato just how he knew it.

After all, the other person was a Prince.

He shouldn’t be too emotional as it could turn into a diplomatic problem if done wrong.

“Why does it have to be three years”

Khalid arduously controlled his emotions and asked in a harsh tone.

Renato said he wanted to make a deal with him through marriage.

Then it was necessary to figure out what his purpose was.

“……Three years later, my half-brother, the 2nd Prince, will turn 10.

At that time, that child will have the power to defend himself.”

Renato explained his purpose in a soft tone.

The Fleurette imperial family, who belonged to the mixed race between human and fairy, were known to have stronger bodies than others thanks to the fairy blood flowing in their bodies.

However, this was not the case from birth.

In order to have the unique self-healing power and poison resistance that people knew about, they needed to reach the age of ten when the human blood and the fairy blood in them were completely harmonized.

That was why Trudy lost his life ahead of his 10th birthday in the past.

He was dealt with before he became more difficult to handle.

Even if he was not poisoned by Marquis Medus, the threats to Trudy would still continue in the future.

Tristan’s protection was not enough.

Because he couldn’t protect Trudy in the past.

Furthermore, there was a possibility of an all-out war with Marquis Medus’ faction.

Considering all the circumstances that could occur in the future, it was necessary to have Khalid’s force.

“All I want is for you to protect the 2nd Prince until that child is safe from outside threats, your highness.”

“And you mean he will be safe after three years”

“As I said a little while ago, when he turns 10, it will be harder to harm the 2nd Prince, be it His Majesty the Empress or anyone else.

In three years, I think the foundation for that child will be established to some extent.”

“How are you sure about that”

“I can’t be exactly sure, but…… Even if things go differently from what I expect, I will accept it as soon as you ask for divorce three years later, your highness.”


“After those three years, even if you ask me to continue the role of a companion and be loyal to you, I will gladly accept it as well.

But if you ever find someone you like at any time……”

“Wait, please wait a minute.”

Khalid, who had been silently listening to Renato’s talk, cut off his words.

He couldn’t keep up with Renato’s words.

“Your Imperial Highness, I don’t understand it very much, but according to what you are saying now, you are supporting His Imperial Highness the 2nd Prince as the next Emperor and not lord Florence”


I want that child to survive and become the Crown Prince.

His Majesty the Emperor already knows my wish.”

Khalid’s expression stiffened when he heard the relentless answer.

According to Renato, the Emperor had already joined hands in this.

It also meant that the situation of the Empire analyzed by Khalid and Nasir was completely different from reality.

“But I thought you were in agreement with His Majesty the Empress, Your Imperial Highness.”

“It is true that His Majesty the Empress has a strong influence on me.

Until now, I have never been able to disobey his will.

But I don’t want to live like that anymore.”

He doesn’t want to live like that anymore One of Khalid’s eyebrows raised because of the meaningful words.

That meant that something had happened to Renato and made him change his mind.

“May I ask the reason why”

“Because I don’t want to lose someone dear to me again.”

Renato’s voice was muffled with tears.

Seeing his face stained with guilt, Khalid recalled the Imperial Consort who had just passed away.

A thought crossed his mind that Renato and the Imperial Consort might have been closer than he had thought.

If her death was an opportunity for Renato to let go of the Empress, it would make sense for the Emperor to suddenly appoint Renato as the special protocol officer, and that he supported the 2nd Prince.

However, he still couldn’t understand the reason why Renato chose him as a way out of the situation and proposed to marry him.

“His Majesty the Emperor has decided to join me.

If you accept my proposal, he will show his gratitude and sincerity separately, your highness.

And rewards that you will be satisfied with.”

After finishing his words, Renato looked at Khalid with a nervous expression.

He was anxious because Khalid’s reaction was more negative than what he expected.

He thought the man would feel repulsive toward this, but he didn’t expect it to be this much.

But he couldn’t push him further.

Having succeeded in conveying his will, he now had to wait for Khalid’s choice.

Renato quietly waited for his answer.

A cold silence fell between the two of them just like the chill of the winter night.

“……My apologies, but I’ll pretend I didn’t hear your suggestion, Your Imperial Highness.

I don’t think this is something I can handle.”

The answer that came back after a while was rejection.

Renato, who had been anxious, tightly closed his eyes.

He had expected this to some extent, but when the word of refusal came out of Khalid’s mouth, his heart sank.

“The night is getting late, so I’ll just go back today.”

“Excuse me……!”

Renato hurriedly opened his mouth when he saw Khalid trying to end the conversation.

But when he saw the cold eyes, he flinched and stopped talking.

What was contained in the red eyes without a single hint of warmth was a clear refusal.

“Then see you next time.”

Khalid threw a one-sided greeting and turned away.

He left without giving Renato a chance to stop him.

Being left alone in an instant, Renato collapsed.


Is it a failure He sat down on the cold floor, let out a sigh, and rubbed his face with his hands.

Khalid’s eyes filled with contempt as he looked at him and the man’s cold expression were engraved in his mind without fading.

“……It’s okay.”

Renato helplessly muttered, convincing himself.

He didn’t think he’d be accepted right from the start anyway.

It would have been strange to succeed right away.

However, his stomach kept tingling.

The words of rejection that Khalid had left behind continued to buzz in his ears.


Struggling to turn away from the pain in his chest, Renato clutched the jacket wrapped around his shoulders.

The jacket, which had been warm just a moment ago, was now cold and heavy like a stone covered in frost.

“Because we can’t achieve great things right from the beginning, so……”

I can’t give up when I was only rejected once. Renato recited an old proverb and stood up again.

He walked into the banquet hall, contemplating how to convince Khalid.

His violet-colored eyes gleaming with moonlight resolutely shone.

* * *

“Excuse me Marriage proposal”

Nasir, who had completed the report on the imperial family overnight and came up to the office, widened his eyes because of what Khalid said when receiving the papers from him.

Who proposed to whom

Nasir brooded over what he had just heard with a puzzled expression.

His eyes rapidly blinked, and his mind frantically raced.

So Renato has proposed to Khalid Why A huge question appeared on his face.

“Am I hearing it right Did the 1st Prince propose to you, your highness”

“That’s right.”


Nasir’s mouth opened wide because of those unbelievable words.

After years of rolling on the battlefield, he thought he had now been trained not to be surprised by most things, but it seemed like he was wrong.

“Isn’t it too sudden Did he actually fall in love with you at first sight, your highness”

“How can that be possible He proposed a deal through marriage.”

Khalid frowned as he felt displeased even when thinking about it again.

It had already been two days, but the memories and emotions of that day were still vivid.

“A deal, then…… a political marriage No, is it a contractual marriage to grant each party’s wishes What does that person want”

“He asked to protect his half-brother from death for three years.”


Hearing the completely unexpected words, Nasir let out a strange sound.

He thought that it would of course be a story related to the Empress’ side.

“His half-brother is the 2nd Prince, right”

“That’s right.

It seems like the two of them get along better than we thought I think that the 1st Prince has a very special regard for the deceased Imperial Consort.”

“How can……”

“In short, your report is more than half wrong.

The informants didn’t do their job properly either.”

Tap. Khalid roughly put down the report in his hand.

Nasir’s mouth quietly closed when he saw Khalid’s temperamental look.

If what he said was true, it was an inexcusable mistake.

“My apologies.

We will investigate again from the beginning.”

“Pay attention to the relationship between the deceased Imperial Consort and the 1st Prince.

Ah, and his relationship with lord Florence as well.”


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