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Chapter 2142: City of ScavengersTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Because there were still a large number of ownerless souls in the Origin Sea, Han Fei gave Nine Tails, Little Fatty, Little Gold, the Licking Dog, Little Black, Little White and Emperor Sparrow each a share.

However, the amount wouldnt be much, only about a hundred thousand.

If he gave them too much, he was afraid that they would take the same old path as him.

They didnt have the Origin Spiritual Heritage and the Eternal Darkness Spiritual Heritage.

Once they swallowed too much, it wouldnt be good for their growth.

Before going to the City of Scavengers, Han Fei still needed to make some preparations.

After all, there were Monarchs in the City of Scavengers.

If a Monarch looked at him, Han Fei wasnt sure if he would find him.

Therefore, it was time to deduce the Heaven Deceiving Technique again.

Although he had already learned the Technique of Infinite Transformations, which was a divine technique, more importantly, it could make him change into thousands of forms.

Although its level was very high, it was difficult to guarantee that he wouldnt be discovered by others.

After all, its main function was to change into thousands of forms.


But the Heaven Deceiving Technique was different.

It was a great technique that imitated the aura of other peoples souls through faces, voices, auras, luck, suppressing pressure, and the Great Dao.

Only by combining the deduced technique of the Heaven Deceiving Technique and the Technique of Infinite Transformations could Han Fei feel more at ease.

Last time, the Heaven Deceiving Technique had been deduced to the limit of the Demon Purification Pot.

But later, a new vine returned, so the limit must have been increased.

Besides, the deduction of the Heaven Deceiving Technique only required 500 wisps of Chaotic Qi.

For the current Han Fei, it was completely dispensable.


A moment later, information popped up in Han Feis eyes.

Heaven Fusion Technique (Sky Opening Realm, Low-quality)

Introduction: On the basis of the Heaven Deceiving Technique, this technique borrows the Heavenly Dao and fuses it into your body.

Through face, voice, aura, luck, suppressing pressure, and Great Dao, it can imitate the aura of other peoples souls.

The Heaven Fusion Technique can protect you with the Great Dao and can easily bewilder and deceive the other party.

Deduced Art: Heaven Concealing Divine Technique

Deduction Cost: 3,000 wisps of Immortal Qi

After Han Fei saw the information of the Heaven Fusion Technique clearly, his main goal was still the Heaven Concealing Divine Technique.

In terms of the Heaven Fusion Technique itself, it seemed to just fuse the Heavenly Dao on the basis of the Heaven Deceit Technique, so its level jumped to the Sky Opening realm.

However, the level of the Heaven Fusion Technique was not very high in the Sky Opening realm, so Han Fei must continue to deduce it.

“Continue to deduce.”

Once again, information popped up in Han Feis eyes.

Heaven Concealing Divine Technique (Sky Opening Realm, Ultra-quality)

Introduction: On the basis of the Heavenly Fusion Technique, it completely borrows the law of the Heavenly Dao and fuses it into your body.

Use the law of the Heavenly Dao to simulate ones face, voice, body, aura, luck, suppressing pressure, Great Dao, etc.

The Heaven Concealing Divine Technique can freely hide your true strength.

The Heavenly Concealment Technique, with the law of the Great Dao as the foundation, completely imitates the nature of the Heavenly Dao.

When others see it, it is like seeing the Heavenly Dao, so they wont think its fake.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 100,000 wisps of Immortal Spirit Energy

Note: It has reached the current deduction limit of the Demon Purification Pot.

If it is deduced again, it will involve the mysteries of the world and damage the Demon Purification Pot.

When Han Fei saw the Heaven Concealing Divine Technique, he knew that it was almost enough.

This was already the deduction limit of the Demon Purification Pot.

To be honest, since the Heaven Concealing Divine Technique was called a divine technique, it was very likely to reach the Monarch level or even above.

The birth of a sky-opening technique might not be the result of the research of a Sky Opener.

It was mostly the result of the comprehension of stronger people.

With the Heaven Concealing Divine Technique and the Technique of Infinite Transformations, Han Fei felt that even a Monarch might not be able to discover his disguise.

Of course, nothing was absolute.

When the time came, he still needed to keep some trump cards.

Han Fei said, “Old Yuan, on this trip to the City of Scavengers, I will completely seal you in my sea of consciousness.

When I take the initiative to talk to you, you can respond, but most of the time, dont do anything unusual.

If someone notices you, the consequences will be disastrous.”

The old turtle asked, “Are you really going to the City of Scavengers alone Isnt it said that the Ten-Thousand Scale Clan is extremely unfriendly to the human race”

Han Fei sneered.

“Its precisely because the Ten Thousand Scale Clan is unfriendly that I want to go.

How can we, the human race, be inferior to others and be enslaved by other races Of course, this trip is mainly a test.

Before my strength returns to its peak, I wont act rashly.”

The old turtle said, “Your current strength and knowledge of the Sea Realm are actually not much less than mine.

Perhaps what you lack is only some experience.

When you reach the City of Scavengers, you can learn more about cultivation experience.

In order not to be discovered, Id better sleep!”

Han Fei nodded.

“Thats good! Ill call you when I go to the Godfiend Sea.”

In Mountain City, Han Fei gave Hong Yue a large number of ownerless souls.

Of course, there were also some energy crystals for cultivation.

After explaining the drawbacks of ownerless souls to Hong Yue, Han Fei said, “This time, when I go to the City of Scavengers, the only thing you need to do is to cultivate.

My goal is the entire City of Scavengers for the time being, but not limited to the City of Scavengers.

Your strength is too weak.

Your top priority is to improve your strength to the Sky Opening realm as soon as possible.”


Hong Yues heart trembled.

“Yes, Master Human Emperor.

I, Hong Yue, will try my best to cultivate.

With so many resources, Im confident that I will quickly expand my Origin Sea to the limit.”

Han Fei nodded slightly.

“In addition, you just need to secretly control Mountain City.

If not necessary, dont show up and dont contact others.”

“Yes, Master Human Emperor.”

In fact, Hong Yue was obsessed with refining corpses.

There was nothing wrong with his Dao heart.

With a lot of resources and ownerless souls, it was only a matter of time for Hong Yue to expand his Origin Sea to 100,000 kilometers.

He would be able to complete it in a hundred years at most.

At that time, Hong Yue would definitely be of great use.

After instructing Hong Yue, Han Fei officially came out of seclusion.

In a cultivation field outside the Lords Mansion, in the past hundred years, Xue Fei had selected 802 strong masters, who would be sent to the City of Scavengers.

Among the 802 people, there was no king.

As for the two human kings, Chen Qing and Xu Mao, Han Fei didnt intend to give them a chance to go to the City of Scavengers.

The human beings in the City of Scavengers were weak in the first place.

If these two people were really sent to the City of Scavengers, they would probably be reduced to servants of other races.

Even if they could accept this, Han Fei wouldnt.

As for these two people, because they failed to be chosen again and didnt dare to leave casually, they still stayed in Mountain City.

At this moment, “Xue Fei”‘s gaze swept past the house of the two of them and said indifferently, “Your aptitudes are average.

Go back to where you came from to dig Clean Stones.

If you have better seedlings in the future, send them to Mountain City.”


Chen Qing and Xu Mao immediately got up and replied, “Yes, my lord.”

Hearing that Xue Fei personally sent them away, the two of them were relieved, mainly because Han Fei had secretly revealed some information to them.

In the next three hundred years, the tax would be reduced to 30%, and the human race would welcome three hundred years of development.

They might as well go back and help the human race become stronger.

In the cultivation field.

“Xue Fei” descended.

Under his suppressing pressure, more than 800 people lowered their heads, not daring to look straight at him.

“Xue Fei” shouted, “Today, the 802 of you will follow me to the City of Scavengers.

Let me make it clear that you can die, but you cant disgrace our city and me.

Otherwise, even if you are in the City of Scavengers, I still have a way to make you wish you were dead.”

“Well do as you say, my lord.”

“Xue Fei” nodded slightly.

“When you go to the City of Scavengers, no matter if you can establish the sea or get an important position in the future, you have to know that your roots are in Mountain City.

If you dont want to be suppressed by other powers, form a team.

The competition in the City of Scavengers will only be crueler than Mountain City.

Do your best.”

As Xue Fei, Han Fei said a few words casually.

Among these people, there were only a few human beings, and their minds had been enslaved.

They wanted to enter the City of Scavengers, be taken fancy by strong masters, become disciples of them, and become strong masters too.

But in fact, if you couldnt keep your Dao heart pure and was even willing to grovel under others feet, it was almost impossible for you to become a real powerhouse.

Therefore, Han Fei gave up on these people, so they were in this team.

And Han Fei knew very well that at most half of the candidates sent to the City of Scavengers would survive in the end.

Most people would die one after another during trials, in fights, and in the exploration to primitive graveyards.

Half a month later.

“Xue Fei” led Han Fei to a magnificent city that spanned 100,000 kilometers.

The walls of this city were made of black crystal stones and Clean Stones.

The city gate was more than 600 meters high and looked magnificent.

Because it was after the tide wave, Han Fei could see scavenger squads coming out of the city from time to time.

As for Han Fei, he was not in his human form, but Xue Feis capable subordinate, the second-in-command of Mountain City, Yan Dong.

His strength was at the peak of the Sea Establishment realm.

“Oh! Old Xue, youre a little late!”

“Old Xue, I heard that the tax on your Mountain City has been reduced by 20%.

Youre quite bold.

Why, what are you planning”

Before Han Fei entered the city, he heard someone talking to Xue Fei.

He looked around and saw a group of mountain palaces in the city.

Xue Feis lips curled slightly.

“Its not a good idea to keep pressuring them.

What plan can I have I just want to give them a few years of rest.

I may sacrifice a few harvests now, but when the time comes, Ill only gain more.”

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