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Chapter 1386: Content of the CompetitionTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Upon hearing this comment, Zhai Yunsheng increased the force exerted by his hands: “Oh Is it your turn to worry about my matters”

Zhang Xins expression quickly became even more distorted with pain.

Where did Zhai Yunsheng learn his martial arts from! And why did he have no opportunity whatsoever to fight back

Despite gnashing his teeth with hatred, Zhang Xin could not do anything else but bear the pain.

Even if he wanted to contact the police, he had to wait until he got out of the ward.


Zhang Xin said to Jian Yiling: “You can only improve if theres competition.

If I compete against you to save Qin Chuan, it wont bring him any harm.

Instead, it gives him an additional opportunity to get better.”

However, as he was being held down by Zhai Yunsheng, he struggled to say these words.

Zhang Xin added with great difficulty: “And if we compete on something else, that means we have to spend time and energy on other things.

I believe that instead of distracting ourselves with those things, we should focus all our attention on Mr.

Qins condition.

As for your comment about the stakes not being the patient, how about we change the concept to who develops a better treatment plan or who develops a drug thats more effective in controlling lung cancer What do you think about this suggestion”

“Okay,” Jian Yiling replied.

This time, she agreed to his suggestion.

“Then could you tell your man to let go of me..” Zhang Xin pleaded.

His face was red with pain and his expression was hideous.

“He makes the decisions in our family.

I cant order him around,” Jian Yiling replied in a serious tone.

She did not seem like she was joking.

Fortunately, the Jian brothers were not around.

If they were present, they would probably be clapping in happiness.

Their sister finally learned how to lie!

Zhang Xin gritted his teeth: “Zhai Yunsheng, enough is enough! I want to leave.

Let go of me!”

After saying the words “get lost,” Zhai Yunsheng let go of Zhang Xin.

Zhang Xin hurriedly picked himself up and scurried out of the ward.

He wanted to be as far away from Zhai Yunsheng as possible.

After Zhang Xin left, Qin Chuans mother apologized to Jian Yiling and Zhai Yunsheng: “Im sorry for what happened.

Qin Chuan, who made friends without careful consideration, has caused you trouble.”

Qin Chuans mother almost knelt down to Jian Yiling and Zhai Yunsheng as she apologized.


A week later, the competition between Jian Yiling and Zhang Xin officially began.

Zhang Xin invited a bunch of well-known individuals in the medical industry to be judges.

He wanted them to supervise the research conducted by him and Jian Yiling.

After all, he wanted people in their area of work to believe that the Zhang family medical skills were still a force to be reckoned with.

Therefore, he had to win this competition convincingly.

Many of the people who were called to be judges were Jian Yilings acquaintances.

They were all seniors in the medical field.

Amongst them was Yun Song.

Before the competition even started, Yun Song pulled Jian Yiling to the side and asked her: “Whats happening between you and the Zhang family Why are you guys competing against each other”

Over his lifetime, Yun Song had several encounters with the Zhang family.

Yun Song genuinely respected the previous head of the Zhang family who gave him a lot of guidance throughout his career.

“He challenged me.”

“He…” Yun Song started.

As he somewhat knew about Zhang Xins temper, Yun Song sighed helplessly: “Ahh, Zhang Xin is still young and impetuous…”

Despite saying that, Jian Yiling was still younger than Zhang Xin.

Yet, she didnt have any of Zhang Xins faults.

Yun Song reminded Jian Yiling: “Although Zhang Xins personality is not very good, he truly managed to inherit the medical skills of the Zhang family.

In fact, he also innovated and pioneered several things from traditional Chinese medicine.

You should be careful when competing against him.”

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