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Kaneki Ken felt the sweet and bitter taste from his tongue and the strong coffee smell from his throat, which inevitably touched him.

And his touched expression was also in the eyes of Yoshimura.

Yoshimura said: “On the basis of the words of a few of us, maybe you will still be suspicious.

Seeing is believing.

If you really want to know the truth, it is better to work here and integrate into our lives.

When the time comes, maybe you will have a different view of us.”

Kirishima Touka cries out in surprise: “Mr.

Yoshimura …!”

Obviously, she was very reluctant to work with Kaneki Ken, a man who looked down on other ghouls.

But Yoshimura shook his head at her.

She had no choice but to hold back the words into her belly.

Coldly snorted and left the reception room directly.

Yoshimura: “That child Touka, is not usually like this.

After you have been with each other for a long time and understand each other, you should be able to resolve the misunderstanding between the two of you.

My suggestion to you, you may wish to go back and think about it.

As for Nishio Nishiki thing… He didn’t know that he is your best friend, so he thought about your best friend unreasonably.

Now that he knows that it is your best friend, of course he won’t do anything with him.

Forget your business.

I will restrain him well and will not let him mess up again.”

Although Kaneki Ken didn’t respond and only tightly frowns.

But apparently, he agreed to the request of Yoshimura, and he cancelled off with Nishio Nishiki’s grievances.

After all, he wants one step further to understand what kind of life he has, so he has to be integrated here, and he can’t be upset with ‘Anteiku’.

After seeing this, Yoshimura was very good, so he stood up and left the room and went downstairs to continue to visit the store.

Before leaving, don’t forget to remind: “Yes, this cup of coffee, even if I asked you.

You can drink slowly, and leave after you finish.

If you think about it and have a decision, you can come back and find me at any time.

My door here is always open for you.” He paused.

Continue to say: “Also, I don’t know why you have the idea of eating Kagune, but I advise you, this action can be avoided.

I don’t know if eating Kagune has any side effects on your body.

But if you start unscrupulously with the ghouls, when the time comes, whether it is a human or a kind, you may no longer have your place.

You will be everyone’s target.”


Yoshimura left the reception room.

Kaneki Ken was thinking about the problem just now, and slowly savoring the cup of long-lost delicious coffee.

After drinking, Kaneki Ken went downstairs on his own.

The action of going downstairs alarmed some people in the store.

Yoshimura nodded and smiled at him.

Nishio Nishiki did not even look at him.

Kirishima Touka glared fiercely at him.

All of this was seen by Kaneki Ken.

Without much thought, he stayed here for a while and left.

A few days later.

Kaneki Ken pondered again and again, and finally decided to work in Anteiku shop.

In the following days, what Kaneki Ken saw in the Anteiku is indeed just like what Yoshimura and Kirishima Touka said.

There are many ghouls here, all of which rely on picking up corpses to live.

Will not kill people at will.

In addition to their different foods, they really live a life similar to humans.

Will go to work, classes, etc.

Have their own family.

After seeing this, Kaneki Ken’s views on the ghouls have changed a bit unconsciously.

No longer as prejudiced as before.

Because of Kaneki Ken’s changes, Kirishima Touka’s attitude towards him has gradually changed a lot, and the relationship between the two parties is much better.

Until one day, Anteiku came to a mother and daughter.

The mother is called Fueguchi Ryoko.

The daughter is called Fueguchi Hinami.

Ryouko Fueguchi (Fueguchi Ryōko) was the wife of Asaki Fueguchi and the mother of Hinami Fueguchi who was known as suspect Number 73 in CCG‘s files.

She was killed by First Class Ghoul Investigator Kureo Mado.

Hinami Fueguchi (Fueguchi Hinami) is a ghoul whose parents, Asaki and Ryouko Fueguchi, were killed by ghoul investigators.

After the event she began to share strong pseudo-sibling relationships with both Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima.

Kaneki Ken’s attitude towards the ghoul was completely changed.

This was his first close encounter with a ghoul child.

It was completely different from what he imagined.

Ghoul children are no different from human children.

They are also so naive and brilliant.

Has a pure innocence.

Moreover, Fueguchi’s humble encounter caused Kaneki Ken’s compassion.

Because it is a ghoul, not only can it not go to school like a normal human being, but reading and literacy has become a problem.

Even if you want to live a normal life, you need to hide and avoid the ghoul investigators.

Hearing the experience of the two mother and daughter, this made Kaneki Ken feel unpleasant.

Not completely sympathetic to them.

Kaneki Ken even thought of himself.

I was made into a ghoul, and I didn’t want to become a ghoul, do I have to live such a life of hiding in the future

Should my children be treated like this


Why am I suffering

And those culprits are on the loose, and no one cares

Even Kaneki Ken himself didn’t know that he felt uncomfortably with Fueguchi Hinami in his unconsciously, even he didn’t realize that he had gradually taken a stand on this world.

He even volunteered to teach Fueguchi to learn literacy in his free time.

This makes the little child happy.

Because of Kaneki Ken’s move.

Since then, the Anteiku shop has finally regarded Kaneki Ken as ‘part of them’.

Kirishima Touka is no longer like the original work, he is reluctant to take Kaneki Ken to make a ‘one-eyed mask’, but is very happy to be a guide for Kaneki Ken.

The relationship between the two has once again sublimated and become more trusting in each other.

She will even begin to teach Kaneki Ken some fighting skills.

Kaneki Ken’s life can be described as far more exciting and fulfilling than when he was still human.


In this way, this time of no worries and carefree has passed for a while.

Kaneki Ken’s activities are exactly similar to usual.

Go to university in the morning and go to Anteiku shop to work after class.

When there are no guests, teach Fueguchi to learn literacy and go home as usual after work.

It’s just that when he went home, opened the refrigerator, and planned to eat Kagune to fill his hunger.

Open the box and look at it.

Only then did Kagune, who was stored, find that there is not much left.

He gaze at the box that was about to bottom, and remained silent for a long time.

Finally, as soon as the teeth were clenched, the box was closed and the box was put back into the refrigerator.

And as soon as he finished this action, Li Yaoxiang’s voice sounded in his mind: “What’s wrong The relationship with the ghoul has become better.

Aren’t you going to eat Kagune Afraid to continue to deal with other kinds of other ghouls And that it will destroy the hard-earned love of Anteiku”

Kaneki Ken: “Yes and what Isn’t it still possible to drink coffee to suppress that hunger And, with only the remaining Kagune, if I eat slowly, I can maintain a period of time, isn’t it”

Li Yaoxiang: “Oh It seems that my little Ken really attaches great importance to this kind of feelings with these groups of people-~ But … Little Ken, little Ken, since you forgot, do you need me to remind you, how the hell did your father die”


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