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This is the case.

Suddenly there was a constant voice in my mind, suddenly quietly.

Far away, Li Yaoxiang, who is cooking food for customers, has a confused face.


Shouldnt it

What happened What went wrong

According to his calculations, after planning so long, Naruto should increase the degree of darkening in this attack.

Why doesnt the system respond at all

Li Yaoxiang thoughts move, open the system interface now, and want to see what went wrong.

【host: Li Yaoxiang

darkening target: Uzumaki Naruto

Target Soul: 40/40

darkening degree: 0%

darkening value: 0

Mall: slightly】


Li Yaoxiang has a feeling of wanting to vomit blood.

Whats going on!

Narutos soul value has changed from 5/40 to 40/40! The higher the soul value, the stronger the Willpower of that person is, and the harder it is to darken.

Are you playing me!

40, how can this possible!

What happened

What went wrong

This is a small blow, why has the will become so firm


Cant go on like this anymore.

You must get fiercer medicine.

Whatever happened to Narutos soul, and whether he could complete this 100% darkening mission.

It is imperative to get the first batch of darkening points anyway, otherwise, there is really no guarantee for ones life in this world.

“Boss! Boss!”

“En Ha”

“Burnt, the food is burnt.”

“Oh oh, sorry, sorry, just thinking about something, somewhat absent-minded, Ill cook another one for you.”


The picture returns to Naruto.

During the time when Li Yaoxiang doubted his life, Naruto had already cleaned his entire body.

Tears are gone.

The clothes are clean.

The whole person became Spirit, Soul and Qi, refreshed.

He even spontaneously started cleaning the room automatically.

In this scene, Li Yaoxiang looked strange, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

But he couldnt control that much anymore, and the horse ran dead.

“Naruto, seeing you can regain your enthusiasm so quickly, the big brother is also very pleased.

This proves that you really grew up.”

Naruto swept the floor and responded in his mind: “Well, big brother.

I will take good care of myself in the future and I wont make you worry about me anymore.”

With a young body.

He can also reminisce about the various bits and pieces of getting along with your brother.

This made Naruto, whose mental age was already 70s and 80s, feel very happy.

What he didnt know was that Li Yaoxiang in the space of consciousness looked like hell.

Whats going on Naruto, who has always been lively and naughty, how can he become so clever and sensible.

“Cough! Cough!” Coughing awkwardly, Li Yaoxiang continued, “Since you have grown up, its time to tell you something.”


Naruto stopped sweeping.

Secretly guessed, what bad idea is this big brother playing

Li Yaoxiang: “Arent you always curious about why everyone treats you as a monster and doesnt want to be your friend”

Narutos heart suddenly appeared with two expressions.

First this: (⊙0⊙)

Then this: (≖‿ゝ≖)✧

‘Slap! Sound.

The broom fell to the ground.

In reality, Naruto is stunned, even the broom is not stable, and the tone of his mind is anxiously said: “big brother … you … you know why Tell me, please tell me soon!”

See Li Yaoxiang.

Secretly nodded.

Very satisfied with Narutos performance.

Li Yaoxiang: “Thats because you are really a demon fox, and there is really a demon fox seal in your body.”

“No … impossible … how could I be a demon fox”

“Big brother, have you made a mistake”

Li Yaoxiang: “Whats wrong Dont believe it If so, relax, Ill take you to a place.”

After a while.

In the seal space of Nine-Tails,rumble made a loud noise.

The huge claws slapped on the cage.

Naruto was scared to sit on the dark liquid pool.

Just like before, Li Yaoxiang didnt show his real body, just talked to Naruto in his mind: “How is it Now you know why everyone calls you a demon fox”

“No… no…”

“How could this be”

“How could I be a demon fox”

Nine-Tails: “Boy, how come you are here”

“I … I … I dont know, I suddenly appeared here …”

Nine-Tails: “Boy, dont you really want to make friends Come here and help the old man tear off the seal in front of the cage! As long as you tear off this seal, the old man will become your friend!”

At the same time.

Li Yaoxiang also tempted: “Go, tear.”

Naruto: “No … no … big brother, can I not tear it Is he the monster fox that everyone said If I tear it, will this big fox come out of the cage and hurt everyone”

Li Yaoxiang: “Its okay, believe me, he has no way to come out and hurt everyone.”

Naruto: “No … or no more …”

Li Yaoxiang: “Go tear it.”

Naruto: “No.”

“Go tear it.”


Li Yaoxiang: 눈 _ 눈

Li Yaoxiang in the consciousness space couldnt help but take a deep breath.

I used to watch Naruto, how cute it is.

Why is it that when I look at Naruto now, I have an inexplicable impulse in my heart, wanting to slap the little brat in front of me with a palm.

What happened

How can things go wrong so often

If Naruto didnt tear it up, does he have to forcibly tear it up

Naruto: “Brother … big brother, can you let me think about it again I dare not approach that big cage.

When I get used to it, I will come back and tear it up, okay”

Li Yaoxiang held his breath.

Resist the grief in your heart.

In the end, he let out a sigh of relief and said helplessly: “Okay.

Then I will bring you over tomorrow.

Naruto, remember, you have grown up, and you have to face some things bravely, you know”

Naruto: “Un.”

After a while.

Narutos field of view is back in reality again.

I dont know if it is because I have been working hard for a few years, I havent got any results, or I feel tired frequently.

In the next time, Li Yaoxiang did not talk to Naruto again.

Even the actual store is closed early today.

Naruto wondered, why did the big brother feel so urgent

Cant we wait a few days longer

Thinking about it.

Naruto suddenly realized.

He just remembered that during this period, not only him but even his big brother had no strength.

Moreover, he vaguely remembered that the big brother at this time would soon run into trouble.

If he cannot darken me, he cannot enhance his own strength.

How did the big brother survive this crisis

It seems that you cant just pretend to be naive …

I must still be properly darkened, at least to allow the big brother to have the ability to protect himself in this world.

Its just that… the Kurama thing is okay.

The Kurama was still useful to him.

You can only start in other ways.

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