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Time flies.

Years are like a shuttle.

In a flash, 70 years have passed.

In the courtyard of a courtyard house.

Naruto, who is in his 80s, is sitting on a rocking chair, and the great-grandsons in front of him, chasing and playing in front of him.

While playing, they suddenly remembered their parents orders to come over to accompany their great-grandfather.

Not for fun.

So, a group of little children surrounded Naruto again, ask all sorts of questions.

“Great Grandfather, Great Grandfather.

You hold this picture every day, whats so good about it”

“Yes, Great Grandfather.

Who is the person in the picture”

Naruto picked up the photo and pointed to the baby in the photo: “This is your grandfather, Boruto.”

Pointed at himself: “This is you Great Grandfather, me.”

Pointed to Li Yaoxiang: “This is the big brother of Great Grandfather.”

Finally pointed to Hinata: “This is your Great Grandmother.”

When it comes to Great Grandmother, the faces of the little children suddenly changed, showing aggrieved faces, and they apologized to Naruto: “Sorry, Great Grandfather …”

Naruto said with a smile: “Its okay, Great Grandfather is okay, you continue to play.

Seeing you have fun, Great Grandfather will also be happy.”

A few little kids let out an “oh”, but they were heartless again, and they started joking around.

Naruto looked at the scene in front of him with relief.

He knew that the parents of the little children had asked these little children to accompany him because Hinata had passed away a while ago, and they were afraid that he would be sad.

But Naruto has told them countless times.

Say Im okay.

They just dont believe it.

Worrying about this, worrying about that, Im afraid I wont think about it.

But he didnt know that, instead of being sad, he was very pleased that he could accompany Hinata until the last moment of his life.

Watching Hinata leave with a smile, no hardship, and peaceful departure.

After all, both of them are quite old, and they are already mentally prepared for something like this.

Hinata is able to take a step ahead of herself, which is undoubtedly the best result.

Otherwise, Naruto will be more uneasy, leaving Hinata alone.

Im afraid she will be sad and lonely.

So, what is unsatisfactory about being able to grow old together with Hinata, to form a happy family, and to live peacefully for a lifetime

The descendants no longer have to be in war, whats not to be satisfied with

If you have to say dissatisfaction, you have to say regret …

Think of it here.

Naruto lifted the photo in his hand and looked at Li Yaoxiang in the photo.

It should be that I cant share this joy with you …

The breeze crossed.

Narutos eyelids were getting heavier and heavier, and he couldnt open them even if he wanted to, until finally, he closed his eyes completely and fell asleep.


Konoha 51 years.

Narutos house.

Naruto, who had closed his eyes and had no consciousness, suddenly recovered his senses.

Feel the moisture on the cheeks.

This made him suddenly suspicious.

Is it rain

No, no.

Didnt I fall asleep in the rocking chair Why even the posture has become prone

Before he could figure out what was going on, the sound ofannoying people sounded in his mind at this time.



“Are you listening to me”

Naruto suddenly felt extremely angry!

At his old age…

I finally get a good nights sleep, you didnt even let me sleep well!

Lying on his stomach, he suddenly opened his eyes, wanting to see which guy with short eyes was arguing with him.

At first glance, I saw the floor.

look up.

At the second glance, I saw a familiar and unfamiliar environment.

Again, the voice in my head is still nagging.

“Hello, Naruto! Are you listening to me Why are you crying and not replying to me”

Naruto responded incredulously in his head: “Brother … big brother”

“If not me, who else How many times have you been told You really think that as long as you keep smiling, people will think you wont hurt them Will they agree with you and be friends with you”

Naruto looked confused.

Looking at everything around.

Looking at his small body.


Is it the rebirth that big brother said

In the year of the CP tour group, Li Yaoxiang did not tell a few stories about the reincarnator, so Naruto also knew a little about the rebirth.

Its just that he absolutely didnt expect that this matter of rebirth will happen to himself.

Dont tell me…..

Did the big brother use thatmysterious power (system) to give me a chance to be born again

Thinking for a while.

Naruto couldnt think of it.

Simply do not want to.

Emotions gradually changed from shock to surprise.

Reborn yourself … reborn again … does it mean that you can make up for the regret of a lifetime

He for for a lifetime, because of Li Yaoxiang, can be said to have a very perfect life.

In his perfect life, the only regret is that he cannot share this joy with Li Yaoxiang.

But its different now.

Since God has given him such a chance to be reborn …

Thinking of this, Naruto couldnt help but show a treacherous smile: Brother, dont even think about leaving for the rest of your life.

Feel free to stay with me!

The more you think, the more excited you are.

The more excited you are, the more you must suppress your emotions.

He couldnt let the big brother discover his anomaly.

He still remembered Li Yaoxiangs nagging voice, but Naruto was completely absorbed, but he was focused on analyzing the probability of theremaining big brother.

First, he remembered the worddarkening.

He probably knows what darkening means.

He remembers what the big brother said.

If the big brother wants to leave this world, he must darken Naruto to 100%, thenmysterious power will take him away.

In other words, in any case, you must not allow the big brother to meet this condition of leaving!

Secondly, it is the big brothers dream.

He remembers the big brothers dream of swimming in different worlds.

If the big brother has never given up on this dream, it means that the big brother will always try to darkening him.

With a little carelessness, the two brothers might turn against each other.

In other words, during this period, in addition to not allowing the big brother to meet the conditions for leaving.

I must let the big brother give up this dream.

Let big brother stay here willingly.

Only in this way, until the end, the two brothers can get along with each other in harmony.

And the only way to make big brother willing to stay is to … help big brother find the target! Because he remembered that he once asked the big brother, why not get married and have children

Big brothers answer is,With a lover, with a child, I am afraid I will not be willing to leave!

The analysis is complete.

Naruto took a deep breath, wiped the tears on his face, and smiled innocently: “No, brother.

It must be that I didnt work hard enough, so they didnt agree with me.

As long as I work harder, one day they will understand me…”

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