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03 Plan failed

    The privacy of a high-end restaurant is very good.

After the food is served, the waiter will not come back unless someone rings the bell.

    So, Bai Ertang decided to seize this opportunity.

    “Maybe this is the last time we will be eating alone before our divorce, can you…have a drink with me”

    Ning Ze looked at Song Yuyin and felt that today’s Song Yuyin was…different.

    At first she was pure, kind, and lovely.

Later, she gradually became unconfident, full of vanity and suspicion, and sometimes even hysterical.

    Constantly sending him WeChat, keep on calling him, or making video calls at anytime, anywhere.

    Slowly, Ning Ze became annoyed.

    But today, she was too calm.

    “Okay.” Since he was about to get a divorce, he could satisfy Song Yuyin’s request.

    Bai Ertang was overjoyed and immediately poured a glass of wine for Ning Ze.

    Ning Ze looked at the full glass of wine in front of him, and then saw that Song Yuyin had only given herself a little…

    “Uh, I’m not good at drinking.

Come on, let’s toast! Happy divorce!”

    Her voice even seemed to be full of excitement.

What’s the matter

    Under Bai Ertang’s scorching gaze, Ning Ze drank the full glass of red wine in one gulp.

    After drinking a cup, Ning Ze’s expression remained unchanged.

    What happened Is this a fake wine Clearly he drank the whole cup.

    [Yingying! A loving reminder from your baby system, Ning Ze, the male protagonist of this world, is very good at drinking!]

    Your sister! Shouldn’t such an important thing be said sooner!

    Now, I can only go with it.

    “I’ve had a drink, but I still can’t…relieve my mood, let’s have another drink” Bai Ertang smiled.

    …Ning Ze was even more puzzled, what happened to Song Yuyin today

    [Yingying yingying! System warning, the male protagonist is starting to doubt the identity of the female protagonist!]

    “…” So

    [Once your identity is suspected, you are either killed or transferred to a mental hospital, and you will be responsible for all the consequences.

So please don’t completely deviate from the character and behavior of Song Yuyin, the female protagonist of this world.]

    “…” Very tired.

    “Okay, let’s have another drink.” Ning Ze agreed.

    Bai Ertang also took a sip, and then looked at Ning Ze tenderly, “Husband, in fact, I don’t want to get a divorce, I really don’t want to.

I, when I think of separating from you, I can’t help crying…”

    “…” Sure enough, it turned out that she was pretending.

    [Host, this performance is perfect.

Although it’s nauseous and disgusting, the male protagonist’s suspicion of you has been eliminated.]

    “Okay, Yinyin, everyone has to look forward.”

    “I, I know, husband, I’m just sad, okay, I won’t cry anymore, let’s get drunk, so we won’t be sad anymore.”

    Hey, could it be that Yinyin wants to get me drunk and then… Ning Ze couldn’t help but think.

    [Host, your family’s system is still a baby, and in this ambiguous environment, I can no longer continue to work, so I am temporarily going offline.]


    Ning Ze drank another big glass, and looked a little dizzy.

Bai Ertang pretended to be drunk and accidentally vomited all over Ning Ze.

    “Oh My God, I’m sorry, I… take off your clothes quickly.”

    Bai Ertang immediately tried to take off Ning Ze’s clothes.

    Ning Ze’s face darkened, sure enough, this woman…

    He looked for Bai Ertang and said, his face ashen and angry, “Song Yuyin, until now, are you still unwilling to give up Looks like you were only pretending to give up before!”

    “” What, what don’t give up

    “Don’t pretend to be innocent.

I am telling you, no matter what, we must get a divorce! Also, put away your disgusting thoughts and save yourself some dignity!”

    After speaking, Ning Ze fiercely shook her away.

    Wait, did the male lead misunderstand something… **, I didn’t mean to take off your clothes, I just wanted to find the key!

    However, Ning Ze would not listen to her explanation.

He straightened up his clothes in anger and slammed the door away.

    Bai Ertang clearly saw the waiter outside looking at her with contempt.


    Really, she really didn’t mean that, she is wronged!

    [Hey! Your system is back online.]

    “…Hey, it seems that it is quite difficult to get a good divorce.”

    “This baby system is really naïve.

Men go back on their word faster than turning a book.”

    [Host, it stands to reason that you are a single dog for nearly 30 years.

How can you understand men]


    Bai Ertang swallowed a mouthful of old blood and said, “It’s because I see through men that I didn’t get married.

Men like silly and cute white lotuses, but don’t like confidant older sister.”

    [Oh, that’s a pity, then your name definitely doesn’t suit you [1].]


    So the system she was bound to was actually such a blabbermouth.

    The mission ‘Get Ning Ze drunk’ failed, so Bai Ertang decided to start plan B.

    She was busy all night.

    She sorted out the funds in all her accounts.

Song Yuyin had been a rich wife all these years, and Ning Ze had not treated her badly.

She also had pocket money of tens of thousands a month.

    Song Yuyin is a financial idiot.

It should be said that she doesn’t care about this at all.

After all, she thought that she would no longer need to worry about money in her life.

    “Although she is an idiot, she still has a bit of brain.

She has saved five or six million, so let’s do regular financial management first.”

    Bai Ertang opened the laptop and put the money into various stable funds and long-term financial management.

    Although there is no guarantee of a lot of profit, it is no problem to beat inflation.

    The next day.

    After sleeping till ten in the morning, Bai Ertang got up and went to cook.

    This almost frightened the servants at home.

The lady has never been in the kitchen since she married Ning Ze and became a rich wife.

    [Host, a friendly reminder, your task is to divorce, not to cook.

And please hurry up, or else you will lose the chance to hit A if you keep delaying.]

    Huh, is there a time limit for scoring ABC

    [No, this is something that the main system judges.]

    Then what is the use of your broken system If you don’t know anything, then call the main system and ask him to strictly delineate the time interval for me.

    [No, host, your level is too low, so you are not qualified to see the main system.]

    Your sister.

    Why is this system so annoying.

Never mind, I’ll do it my way.

    Bai Ertang has been single for 30 years, and can make a simple home meal.

Soon she made a few side dishes, packed a lunch box, and asked the housekeeper to arrange a driver for her.

    “I want to deliver food to Ning Ze.”


    Although the housekeeper looked calm, he was screaming inside.

Don’t you know what happened when you brought food for the young master before

    The driver who took her to the company was the same one as yesterday.

He was tall and big, wearing a pair of black sunglasses, so she couldn’t see his real appearance.

    But Bai Ertang didn’t care, because at this time she was planning on how to steal the key with all her heart.



References↑1The word ‘Bai’ from ‘Bai Ertang’ can also mean pure/white/untainted.


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