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The black tribulation clouds covered the sky over the Heaven Path Institute.

Their presence made all the people in the institute gaze at the sky in shock, trying to figure out who was transcending.

“The Black Tribulation is said to be something that only unparalleled geniuses can trigger…” Tan Xiangyun flew out from a window and stared into the distance.

Her eyes were shocked and suspicious, as the center of the tribulation was the mountain of the human who had just become a Dao Child.

Qing Mu, wearing green clothes, stood in midair and concealed his aura, mumbling to himself, “Is he about to face the tribulation…”

Inside the barrier—Su Ping felt the Heavenly Tribulation hovering above him.

He even sensed some sort of thought embedded in them, seemingly angry.

Su Ping stood up and shot a cold and aggressive stare into the depths of the sky.

He wanted to find out.

If the tribulation was launched by the Heavens, would he attract any of them to show up if the tribulation was too big

The clouds hovered and spun, moving like the body of an enormous black dragon.

“Still not done” Su Pings eyes were cold, not taking that tribulation seriously.

He was almost injured when he triggered a Black Tribulation in the Mayhem Star Zone.

However, he had figured out his Dao Heart and his small universe was already well-tempered; a mere tribulation for the God King level, despite being the most dangerous Black Tribulation, didnt give him any pressure.

He actually wanted to enter the tribulation and find its source!

Lightning struck while Su Ping considered the idea.

Without any warning, an explosive black bolt struck down, as if aiming to crush the mountain!

Su Ping lifted his eyes and waved a hand after a snort.

To everyones astonishment, the unstoppable lightning was dispersed like smoke with the mere wave of his hand!

The elders, mentors and the other young geniuses who saw it happen from a distance were in shock.

They were terrified by merely standing at the edge of those thunderclouds and wanted to flee.

And yet, Su Ping had easily dispersed the lightning strike

“I dont think hes becoming a God King…” mumbled an elder with glittering eyes.

Elder Chan knew that Su Ping was capable of becoming a God King at any time.

However, the latter wasnt focused on improving his levels, at all.

As a matter of fact, considering his combat ability, the improvement would be small, even if he became a God King.

The Dao Heart was more important for him; however, Su Ping had chosen to go through the tribulation…

“Could it be…” A terrifying guess popped up in Chan Gongs heart.

He was shocked.

How old is Su Ping His vitality aura was utterly young!

Not even a hundred years had passed since he became a Dao Child and received resources from the institute.

And yet, he was already becoming a God Emperor

Not even normal God Kings can survive this Heavenly Tribulation, unless theyre unusual geniuses with special treasures… Was the thought of a girl with an attractive body figure as she gazed at the sky.

Although young-looking, she was actually one of the esteemed elders.

Soon after, the second lightning bolt struck down.

As if infuriated by Su Pings attitude, the second lightning was much more powerful.

Dark clouds gathered closer; they even looked less dark after the lightning bolt struck.

A violent power struck down.

Su Ping wore a disdainful smile.

He wasnt sure if it was an illusion, but he continued to sense anger from the lightning, which only made him despise it.

“Every living creature can become a god.

Why do they have to be judged by you” Su Ping slightly raised his head.

He stared at the dark clouds without showing any respect.

The second lightning bolt enshrouded him.

Su Ping didnt resist, simply letting the lightning purify him.

His body was already tough to an extreme after being polished by Heavenly Fire.

A lightning bolt that could have annihilated most God Kings had only caused a minor pain.

“Is this your best strike” Su Ping said softly.

His voice drifted to the clouds, making them surge even more violently.

“If the Heavenly Tribulation is the Heavens race judgment and test for other lifeforms, then, your strongest test seems too weak.

Is there some sort of restraint that prevents you from going further” Su Ping mumbled.

The third lightning struck down, and Su Ping didnt resist it this time, either.

He simply endured the strike and absorbed the tribulation power, transforming it into his own power.

Passing the legendary Black Tribulation was like fighting a half God Emperor for normal God Kings.

It was almost insurmountable.

However, Su Ping had already found his Dao Heart; his power was not inferior to a God Emperors.

The lightning was like a tickle to him.

“His physical body and strength are definitely not what a God King has…” The observers became even more shocked and scared.

The elders were moderately surprised.

Su Ping was a recently titled Dao Child who had yet to enter the Ancestral Gods Mysterious Realm.

Although many cultivation resources had been given to him, it would have still taken some time for him to absorb them.

How long has it been Su Ping has already grown to be this terrifying

If the Dao Child competition was held again, Chen Xi would probably not even survive one of Su Pings attacks.

In the distance—a handsome young man was standing in the void while staring at the scene in silence.

He was none other than Chen Xi who had lost to Su Ping.

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