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Cultivation Technique Hall

As Rui Xiang spoke, he proudly puffed out his chest. When Fu Ming heard these words, he thought about it carefully and felt that it was very likely. After all, he had never seen a disciple who could draw Qi into the body in one night. Perhaps Dong Xi was a disciple of an aristocratic family and had already completed the process before entering the sect. With this thought, Elder Fu Ming felt relieved.

Dong Xi was completely clueless. If she had known that a few words from Rui Xiang had caused her to lose her status as an inner sect disciple, she would have exploded on the spot in anger. Before she exploded, she would have definitely pulled out the hair on Rui Xiangs head to vent her anger. Dong Xi followed the path Rui Xiang had pointed out, and a veranda appeared in front of her.

As she walked along the veranda to the end, a large hall appeared in front of her. It was extremely majestic. At the end of the white jade steps, there were two black pillars. There were even paintings of clouds and all kinds of spirit beasts on the pillars. One of them was a purple auspicious cloud. When Dong Xi looked at the purple auspicious cloud, he felt that the cloud seemed to be alive.

It felt as if it had seen the beginning of heaven and earth. A mass of purple was born from the primordial chaos, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon, and slowly growing. Then, the ancient war began. Dong Xi immediately felt extreme pain in her head, and she immediately recollected her mind. Even though she had recollected his mind, she still felt a lingering fear. Just a moment ago, her head almost exploded.

According to her many years of experience reading novels, this situation could only mean that she was still too weak. Dong Xi still could not accept things that were too profound.

Her body activated self-protection, but her eyes still wanted to look at the painting on the ceiling beam. However, when she thought about how her head had almost exploded just now, she immediately retracted her gaze and walked up the white jade steps obediently.

The doors of the Cultivation Technique Hall were tightly shut. Dong Xi did not know if there was anyone inside, so she did not dare to barge in without permission. After all, she did not know the rules. If she were to be killed on the spot by the people inside, the loss would truly outweigh the gain. Dong Xi walked to the door and stood respectfully in front of it.

She saluted and then loudly said, “Im Dong Xi, an outer sect disciple of the Alchemy Sect. Ive already drawn Qi into my body. Im here to learn.”

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There was no sound at all in the Cultivation Technique Hall. The more it was like this, the stranger it was. Dong Xi was very puzzled. This Cultivation Technique Hall should be a place for the sects disciples to study. Not to mention how many disciples were studying here, why would the door be closed

There was not even a single person guarding the door now. Could it be that he had come early, and it was not time for the Cultivation Technique Hall to open yet

Just as Dong Xi was feeling puzzled, the Cultivation Technique Hall was also extremely puzzled. How could a young fellow who had just guided Qi into her body come here Moreover, she had clearly been captivated by the painting on the beam just now, but she had easily broken free from it. This little guys future was limitless, and she was definitely not an ordinary person.

Dong Xi looked at the silent door and hesitated about whether she should go back first and come back after two hours. The door suddenly opened quietly. Dong Xi was stunned for a moment and looked up at the door. However, the hall seemed to be covered with a layer of gauze. Dong Xi could not see anything clearly. For a moment, she did not know whether she should go in or not.

However, the guide book said that all the new disciples had to go to the Cultivation Technique Hall to learn after drawing Qi into their bodies. If she did not go in now, where would she learn

After thinking about it for a while, Dong Xi made a decision. She raised her feet and walked inside. When she passed through the boundary, Dong Xi was still thinking that Immortal cultivation was against the heavens. If she was timid, then there was no need to cultivate.

Moreover, although this Cultivation Technique Hall was strange, it was still within the Ningtian Sect. It was impossible for the Ningtian Sect to leave behind something that was harmful to their disciples. Perhaps this was the style of the Ningtian Sect.

As soon as Dong Xi entered the barrier, the door of the Cultivation Technique Hall closed immediately, and the outside of the hall returned to its usual peace, as if no one had ever come here.

The Cultivation Technique Hall looked foggy from the outside, but it was different after entering. After entering, there was a portrait hanging in the main hall. The person on the portrait was wearing a fluttering white robe and had a long sword at his waist. Dong Xi did not know this person, but to be able to hang this portrait in the Cultivation Technique Hall, he must be an important figure. He might be some old ancestor or senior of the sect, so it would not be wrong to pay her respects.

Dong Xis face was solemn. She knelt down and bowed respectfully. Just as she bowed, the scene in front of her changed once again. At this moment, the scene in front of her could only be described as magnificent. Whether it was the walls or the floor, even the items in the room had turned red and gold. Dong Xi was so shaken that she almost could not open his eyes.



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