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Someone Called MeSenior Brother

After saying goodbye to Dong Xi, Rui Xiang immediately transformed into a red-crowned crane and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Rui Xiang was extremely excited, and he flew around Dream Spirit Peak a dozen times. Even Elder Fu Ming could not bear to watch it anymore. Instead of sweeping the fallen leaves early in the morning, he flew around like crazy. Thus, he called Rui Xiang down and asked him, “What are you so excited about so early in the morning”

Rui Xiang had a strand of hair on his head. He happily ran to Elder Fu Ming. Usually, only Elder Fu Ming would be willing to chat with him. Moreover, the reason why he could transform was because of the pill given by the Elder. Therefore, Rui Xiang addressed Elder Fu Ming asMaster.

Hearing his Masters question, Rui Xiangs tone was a bit higher than usual as he said loudly, “Master, someone called me Senior Brother today. She even told me that when I learn how to refine pills, she will refine whatever pills I wanted for me.”

Fu Ming looked at Rui Xiang, this little fool. If it was not for Elder Fu Ming picking him up, Rui Xiang would have probably been eaten clean by someone. Fu Ming also wanted to see who actually dared to trick the silly crane he raised in the Alchemy Sects territory.

Elder Fu Mings brows raised as he looked at the extremely happy Rui Xiang and asked indifferently, “Is that so Who is it”

Rui Xiang was simple-minded and did not know how to lie or hide anything. He would always answer whatever others asked. As long as Rui Xiang knew, he would definitely answer. Not to mention, it was his Master who asked. Rui Xiang told him everything he knew and told him everything that happened in the morning.

“Her name is Dong Xi, and she should be around ten years old. I met her this morning and she asked me how to get to the Cultivation Technique Hall. She even called me Senior Brother and said that Im amazing. I found her pleasing to the eye and we hit it off, so I gave Dong Xi a feather.”

Elder Fu Ming touched his beard. Hearing Rui Xiangs words, he narrowed his eyes. It seemed that a group of disciples had come recently, but they did not know anything. If it was a disciple of the sect, they would never call Rui Xiang Senior Brother, let alone think that Rui Xiang was powerful.

After thinking carefully for a long time, Elder Fu Ming said to Rui Xiang indifferently, “Thats right. I remember that a few days ago, the Sect Master said that he would recruit some new disciples.”

“Youre new and dont know anything, so its right to call you Senior Brother.”

Rui Xiang nodded his head honestly. Yesterday, a new disciple had indeed come. Some Alchemy Sect disciples had even gone over to watch the show. Rui Xiang originally wanted to go as well, but he thought that those disciples did not seem to like him, so he did not go. He did not expect to meet one in the morning, and even called himSenior Brother.

Rui Xiang said to Elder Fu Ming. “Yes, during the test yesterday, Little Seven and the others went to watch the show.”

Elder Fu Ming was just about to nod his head when he suddenly looked at Rui Xiang in disbelief. It was a new disciple who had just arrived yesterday, and she was going to the Cultivation Technique Hall today That meant that this child was a genius, right

“Such speed ... Im afraid that there arent many in the entire Immortal world with this kind of speed.” Elder Fu Ming looked at Rui Xiang in disbelief and asked again, “You said she just arrived yesterday”

Rui Xiang was stunned for a moment. Thats right, it was indeed yesterday. For such a big matter like recruiting new disciples, Master should know about it, but why did it seem like he did not know anything at all Could it be that Master remembered the date wrong Or perhaps, Master had completely forgotten about this matter

Rui Xiang said to his master in a serious manner, “Thats right. It was yesterday. Everyone knows about it. if you dont believe me, you can ask Senior Brother Song Qingfeng.”

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Elder Fu Ming waved his hand. It was not that he did not believe this, but going to the Cultivation Technique Hall on the second day after entering the sect was really a bit shocking. He had never seen such a cultivation speed in the sect for so long. According to his past experience, the fastest would take about three days.

Elder Fu Ming said doubtfully, “This child only came to the sect yesterday, and today, shes already going to Cultivation Technique Hall. Shes guided Qi into her body in one night”

if this is true, then its an incredible thing. He had to accept her as his disciple as soon as possible. A genius like her will have limitless achievements in the future.

She would be a hot commodity, and if he was too late, she will be snatched away by others. At that time, if he missed out on a genius, his heart will ache!

Rui Xiang scratched his head. He did not even know if it was just one night.

Rui Xiang whispered, “Master, perhaps she already drew Qi into her body a long time ago. When you picked me up, I was already at the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage.”



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