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The Impossible

The celadon teacup was placed on the table with a small thud.

“Well, Teacher, I am sorry that you wasted your time making this trip today.” The person did not sound cold or aloof, instead the person made light of the situation with a gentle tone.

Even if one did not see the person face-to-face, one could sense that this was an elegant and distinguished person.

“I… I can give her a few lessons in my spare time.” The middle-aged man could not help but feel a sudden shock. He felt an inexplicable pressure, making him give in to the request.

Meng Fu yawned, picked up her cell phone with one hand and draped her other hand on the back of the chair. She seemed to be fooling around as she turned to Su Cheng and smiled. “What kind of unreliable teacher did you find for me”

There was always a misty look in her alluring eyes. It was just a smile, but she seemed like a seductive and charming fox.

Su Cheng was slightly startled by her smile as he said, “Its my fault.”

After a short while, he set his eyes on the teapot again and poured tea for himself. “I wont trouble you, Teacher. Sister Zhao, escort the guest.”

As a manager, Zhao Fan understood the ways of the world. She maintained a bright smile, trying to break the cold silence as she ushered the manager downstairs while engaging in small chat with him. Downstairs, the middle-aged man looked at Zhao Fans back, then raised his head, and looked at the powerful and fascinating strokes of the calligraphy “A World Beyond” on the restaurant.

He could not help but feel uneasy and anxious. He took out his cell phone, called Old Chens people, and asked about Su Chengs background.

“Mr. Su” The person on the other end was slightly confused. “I havent heard the master mention this person.”

After hearing the reply, the middle-aged man tried to recall whether there was a family with the surname Su in T City. He thought for a long while and ruled out several families. He had not heard of a family with this surname. He finally felt reassured. There was no need to waste time here.


Zhao Fan opened the door cautiously. She happened to see Su Cheng standing in front of the incense burner, holding a thin silver spoon and adding sandalwood powder to it. Meng Fu was lying on the table. She had her hood pulled over her head. She seemed to be fast asleep.

Whenever Zhao Fan entered this room, she felt like sleeping. This was mainly due to the sandalwood, which was a little hypnotic. However, she was timid and did not dare to sleep in front of Su Cheng.

Su Cheng caught a glance of Zhao Fan. He put the spoon aside and glanced at Meng Fu who was lying on the table. “Whats up with her lately How dare she sleep here”

Zhao Fan also had a feeling that Meng Fu seemed to have changed a bit recently. Shaking her head, she lowered her voice. “I have no idea. She moved all her belongings at home to a rental house and said she wants to be a good person. By the way, this is the USB drive that I asked for from the program crew. She has made a lot of progress. Brother Cheng, dont scold her anymore.”

Su Cheng paused slightly. He turned to look at Zhao Fan. He was very tall, a full head taller than Zhao Fan. The soft texture of the white sweater he was wearing added a tinge of warmth to him, making him seem not as cold and aloof. The first time she met Su Cheng, Zhao Fan almost thought that he was a righteous man from ancient times who had traveled through a thousand years of time. He did not seem like an assistant arranged by the company for Meng Fu.

Zhao Fan was a little afraid to look directly at him. Although Su Cheng was Meng Fus assistant, they rarely saw him around. They only saw him once a month. Zhao Fan had a very good impression of Su Chengs ability. She remembered that a year ago, Meng Fu was verbally abused by netizens for lip syncing and the company almost let Meng Fu go.

The next day, people on


seemed to have forgotten about the incident. Regardless of whether it was the competitors or public relations, the “lip syncing” incident seemed to have been totally erased, as if nothing had happened. If not for Zhao Fans screenshots, she would have thought she had amnesia.

“Well…” Su Cheng stretched out his hand to take the USB flash drive from Zhao Fan. He looked at the sleeping Meng Fu for a while, before saying in an indifferent voice, “Let her sleep. She can leave after she wakes up.”

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Zhao Fan was still reeling from shock when Su Cheng left the room. Since when was Brother Cheng so nice and easygoing Every time they saw him, she and Meng Fu hardly dared to even raise their heads. Having worked with Su Cheng for two years, Zhao Fan knew that Su Cheng was a clean freak. This room was exclusive to Su Cheng. She and Meng Fu had to leave the room as soon as he finished giving his instructions.

It was unprecedented that he did not wake Meng Fu to make her leave the room.


When Meng Fu returned to the program crew, it was already 11 oclock at night. She pulled the hood of her hoodie over her head. When she passed by the training room, the lights in the major training rooms were still on. The next performance would be based on an elimination system. All of the trainees were still working hard at this hour.

Meng Fu decided to go back and take a bath first.

When approaching the main door of the dormitory, she looked up and then walked in casually. The door of their dormitory room was slightly ajar.

Outside the door, Meng Fu could hear Ding Liuyues voice. “What else can I do I gave up studying for this opportunity. The public performance is in a few days and people in the last 20 places will be eliminated. Chu Yue, dont you know what my public ranking was last time 37! If I make any mistakes in this public performance, I will lose this opportunity forever.”

“Ding Liuyue, we have to submit the composed song tomorrow morning. Chu Yue and the others gave you their full cooperation, writing lyrics, and coming up with the choreography based on your composition. Now you are saying you want to go to Jiang Rans team” Wei Jin looked incredulously at Ding Liuyue.

“Sorry, I have already told my mentor about this and my mentor agreed to it.” Ding Liuyue did not look at Chu Yue, Wei Jin, and the others. “Today, I am merely informing all of you about the change.”

Ding Liuyue admitted that she had let Chu Yue and the team down by making this decision. However, she did not want the next public performance to be her last.

Everyone who was in the entertainment industry wished to rise up the ranks.

It was the same for her.

Since the beginning their team had not been as good as Jiang Rans. Now that Meng Fu was on their team, her chances were even slimmer.

After making the announcement, she opened the door to leave, just to see Meng Fu leaning on the door frame, playing with her cell phone. Ding Liuyue felt sorry for Chu Yue and the others, but not for Meng Fu.

She did not even look at Meng Fu and went straight to the training room.

Meng Fu entered the dormitory, gently closing the door. She was not surprised to see that everyone in the group was there.

“Im going to look for Liuyue. She must have hidden sorrows.” Wei Jin stood up from the bed.

Meng Fu took out the sandalwood and its related equipment that she had taken from Su Cheng out of her pocket. She lit it in a relaxed manner. “She made an agreement with Jiang Ran long ago. I saw them when I passed by the stairs the night before. It is useless even if you look for her.”

Hearing this, Wei Jins face turned pale and she sat feebly on the bed. Others also looked depressed, yet unwilling to take it lying down at the same time.

Meng Fu lit the sandalwood and took a good look at it. She was very laid-back, taking her time to speak. “Its fine that she left. She is not sincere in helping you to compose music, anyway.”

“You dont understand.” Wei Jin and the others did not blame Meng Fu because of this. They just smiled bitterly. “She is the only one on our team who can compose music. The original song that Mentor Tang gave us two days ago was Liuyues. We choreographed and wrote lyrics in accordance with her style. We have to hand in the official song tomorrow morning. We are done with the choreographing and the lyrics. We are only left with the music composition.”

Now that she had switched teams, their total defeat was assured. The audience and the teachers would not care about their excuses.

Meng Fu turned and looked at Wei Jin. She stretched out her hand to lift her chin, smiling softly. “Dont cry, we can compose the music ourselves.”

How were they supposed to compose the music Chu Yue, Wei Jin, and the others were completely stunned. Even if they could write a song, it would be impossible for them to complete the song in one night.

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