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A Place Where Top Students Gather

When they first learned about Meng Fu, Father and Mother Jiang were very emotional. However, Meng Fus subsequent behavior disappointed them greatly. As a result, the two tacitly did not announce to outsiders that Meng Fu was the real Ms. Meng of the Jiang family.

Regardless, their social circle caught wind of this. After Meng Fu entered the showbiz, she could not hide some of the negative news leaked by her naysayers. She had dropped out of high school and could not even speak a single sentence of English coherently.

She was basically a bimbo.

Madam Tong was well aware of this.

On the other hand, everyone in T City knew who Jiang Xinran was. She was the eldest daughter of the Jiang family. She was gentle, polite, multi-talented, and possessed both inner and outer beauty. She had been with the family since she was a child and was good at both calligraphy and painting. She had a unique and outstanding temperament, cultivated in a family of scholars, as well.

Madam Tong had always been very satisfied with Jiang Xinran. She already treated Jiang Xinran as her future daughter-in-law. Unexpectedly, someone threw a wrench in the works. Madam Tong was very fussy. She would never allow her son to marry such a person. She and Yu Zhenling understood each others thoughts.

As a result, Meng Fu hadnt met with the members of the Tong family since she returned to the Jiang family two years ago.

“Isnt there a closed-door training today Why are you back” Seeing Madam Tong looking down, obviously not wanting to glance at Meng Fu, Yu Zhenling didnt introduce Meng Fu to her.

She was also afraid that Meng Fu would harbor other thoughts if she were to introduce her to Madam Tong. She knew in her heart that Madam Yong would never accept someone like Meng Fu into the Tong family.

“I came back to get something.” Meng Fu held the edges of her coat together and nodded slightly at Yu Zhenling.

She was polite and distant. After speaking, she headed upstairs immediately. She neither took a second glance at them nor asked any questions. Yu Zhenling couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief when Meng Fu scampered upstairs. She got up to see Madam Tong to the door.

“I heard that Eryu will also be going to the capital this time” Yu Zhenling walked Madam Tong to the door.

The “Eryu” whom she was referring to was Tong Eryu, the young master of the Tong family.

Speaking of her son, Madam Tongs gaze softened slightly. “Oh, him. He started a business with a group of people and fools around everyday. Its good that his maternal grandfather is taking him to the capital.”

Yu Zhenling knew that Madam Tongs maiden family was a wealthy and prominent family in Beijing. She had married into a lower status family in the past.

Her maiden family must be planning to groom Tong Eryu by sending him to the capital. Tong Eryus future could not be underestimated.

After watching Madam Tongs car leave, Yu Zhenling contemplated shortly before calling Father Jiang on his cell phone. “Find a time to talk to the Old Master about the situation with the Tong family and also about Meng Fu. There have been discussions about putting her back in school. How are they going”


Upstairs, Meng Fu had packed a few pieces of clothing. All of them had been brought by the female journalist from the rented house. There was also a black suitcase in the walk-in wardrobe, but it had been left untouched for a long time. There was a layer of dust on it. Meng Fu took it out and packed a few pieces of clothing in it.

Standing at the main door and glancing at the room where the female journalist used to live, she took out a key and put it on the table. She then closed the door and exited the room immediately.

Downstairs, Yu Zhenling was sitting on the sofa and drinking tea. Seeing Meng Fu coming down, she put down her teacup. “Do you have some time next week When you have time, can you visit your grandfather at the hospital He misses you everyday.”

Meng Fu was dazed for a moment upon hearing this. She had been following the female journalist for a month but had never seen her go to the hospital.

She raised her head and glanced at Yu Zhenling but Yu Zhenling had already taken a call. “Xinran Okay, okay. Since your uncle is picking you up, you can follow him to the Yu residence… You… Mom knows. Okay. Listen to your uncle and aunt.”

The phone call took 10 minutes.

The butler smiled and prepared a new pot of tea for Yu Zhenling. He then said with a smile, “Is it Young Miss Did her uncle take her to his home again”

The uncle he was referring to was the one from Yu Zhenlings maiden family: the Yu family.

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The Yu family was a family of scholars. Yu Zhenlings father used to be the President of T University and her brother Yu Yong was a famous artist who was highly respected in the art scene. Jiang Xinran had learned painting from Yu Zhenlings brother since she was a child and had achieved considerable success in her own right. Yu Yong treated her better than his own son.

When Yu Yong found out subsequently that Jiang Xinran was not the biological daughter of the Jiang family, he was disappointed. However, he did not distance himself from Jiang Xinran.

“Yes, they get along very well.” Yu Zhenling smiled and finished a cup of tea. She then recalled that Meng Fu was still waiting for her. She glanced at the hall and said, “Has Ms. Meng left”

The servant replied respectfully, “Ms. Meng left 10 minutes ago.”

Yu Zhenling stopped smiling. She looked at the butler and pursed her lips. “She left without saying a word. What is the meaning of this She wanted to enter showbiz and the Old Master agreed to it. He said she had lived independently since high school and was a sensible, polite, and good kid, but when you look at the entirety of T City, what kind of sensible kid behaves like her”

Obviously, she had a stubborn and rigid personality, poor interpersonal skills, and was very small-minded. She had not improved despite two years of coaching. Yu Zhenling did not even hear her addressing her as “Mom” anymore.

In the beginning, Yu Zhenling had planned to groom a second “Jiang Xinran” but she could not be bothered to do that now.


Meng Fu made a trip back to her rented house.

Zhao Fan had not visited this place before and was surprised to see the rented house. “What is this place”

“I rented this house more than two years ago. At the time I was going to study at the number 1 ranked high school.” Meng Fu raised her hand languidly and flicked away the hair that fell onto her shoulder.

After Zhao Fan followed her into the house, she turned towards Meng Fu. “Why didnt you say that you were going to study at Harvard”

The number 1 ranked high school in T City was the top school in the North-South region. Every student at the school was considered a genius. There were thousands of college entrance examination candidates every year but the students from the number 1 ranked high school in T City would undoubtedly enter A University, S University, or prominent foreign universities.

At the very least, they would enroll into a top-notch university. This was the place where the top students gathered.

If Meng Fu had really studied at the number 1 high school, she would not have been mocked by the netizens.

“I can study there as well. ” Meng Fu maintained her calm composure. She picked up the key in the flowerpot and opened the door to the study room.

She stood in front of the bookshelf and picked out a few books. Afterwards, she threw them into Zhao Fans hands. “Put them in my suitcase.”

After speaking, she thought of something. She turned around and stepped outside. In the study room, Zhao Fan was staring at the room filled with bookshelves. She was very surprised. Meng Fu didnt seem like someone who liked reading.

She walked to the row of bookshelves closest to her and looked around. There was something interesting on the bookshelf. The book closest to her was one that had already turned yellow. It had a shabby cover and looked very old. It was titled “The Divine Dragon Classic Collection”.

Next to this book was not “Compendium of Materia Medica” but a brand new “The Jade King”

Further to the side was a book written in a foreign language. Zhao Fan could tell that it was written inF, a language spoken in Country F.

She took a closer look. Even though the language was extraordinary, it could not hide the fact that it was a book about fairy tales.

Meng Fu was indeed venomous.

As Zhao Fan was pondering over this…

Beep, beep. Suddenly, she heard beeping sounds from behind her. She turned around and was stupefied by what she saw. “Meng Fu! Y-you… Come here, quick!”

Holding a bottle of beer in her hand, Meng Fu kicked open the half-closed door and said, “Itd better be something important.”

Zhao Fan didnt speak and pointed stiffly at the computer. Meng Fu bit off the cap of the beer bottle. Her alluring eyes narrowed as she glanced at the computer calmly. The dusty computer on the desk had switched itself on and a row of messy symbols were frantically jumping on its gray screen.




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