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Termination Of Contract

Tang Zes manager had a similar personality as Tang Ze. He usually looked very gentle-mannered, but right now he was terrified. His voice also seemed to be sharper than usual. He ran over, grabbed the thermos flask in Tang Zes hand, and looked at Meng Fu fiercely.

Tang Ze did not expect his manager to come so quickly. He was stunned momentarily before he quickly explained, “This is a secret remedy from Meng Fus hometown. It is good for the voice. Dont be so sensitive.”

As soon as the manager heard that it was a secret remedy from her hometown, he exploded in shock, not caring about the other details. “Whats the secret remedy Tang Ze, since when did you believe in this How can you drink these strange things without checking Do you think your throat hasnt been hurt enough”

Meng Fu leaned lazily against the door frame. When she heard the managers words, she hugged her chest. She was not annoyed that someone said that she gave strange things to Mentor Tang. She just smiled brightly. “This is not a strange medicine, its Qisuizhu, a kind of natural remedy. Mentor Tang, I have something on so I have to go.”

Ones voice was very important to artists, especially singers. Meng Fu could also understand the reason why Tang Zes manager was so uptight. She did not explain herself and left after saying a few words.

After she left, Tang Zes manager breathed a sigh of relief. He looked at Tang Ze, having expected better from him. “Have you forgotten how your voice became like this And you still dare to drink anything that others gave you Do you know what Meng Fus hometown is according to her profile Folk remedies are the most harmful of all.”

Due to Meng Fus extremely high vocal range, Tang Zes manager had also checked through Meng Fus profile. Tang Ze did not say anything, he just looked at the thermos flask in his managers hands.

“It wont be any poison.” Tang Ze smiled as he looked at his manager, taking the thermos flask from him. “I know Meng Fu. Two days ago, I gave her a notebook that contained the notes I took in the past. She merely wanted to express her gratitude. I will take a sip. If it doesnt taste right, I will spit it out. Otherwise it will be a waste of her efforts. What if her medicine really works”

The manager relaxed after hearing Tang Zes words. What Tang Ze said was reasonable. No one would try to harm someone else unprovoked. Especially when there were cameras around.

Tang Ze opened the lid, lowered his head to take a sip, smiling as he said, “Its just like drinking water.”

When he drank it, he treated it as if drinking water. He did not really mean it when he said that it might really work. After all, anyone who was rational would not believe Meng Fus words that it was a secret remedy from her hometown. People would tell her to leave right away. However, Tang Ze knew that Meng Fu wanted to express her gratitude.

So many years had passed. He did not expect his condition to improve. In fact, he did not believe it when Meng Fu said that he would see the result in one sip. The doctor had already diagnosed that his voice could no longer recover.

However, as soon as he took a sip, Tang Zes hand holding the cup suddenly stopped in mid air, and the expression on his face changed.

His manager was shocked at his expression. “Is there a problem with the water Ill get Meng Fu here!”

“No!” Tang Ze suddenly raised his head. There was a flicker in his dark eyes and he moved his lips slightly. “Meng Fus medicine seems to be working. My throat feels very comfortable now and I dont feel hoarse.”

He did not seem like he was joking. The manager glanced at him, put the cell phone on the table, and took a disposable cup from one side. He poured some water from Tang Zes thermos flask and took a sip.

“How is it” Tang Ze looked at him after he finished drinking the water.

The manager kept drinking the water. He finally responded about 10 seconds later. He slowly raised his head, shock in his eyes. “This secret remedy… Meng Fu… She really doesnt seem to be joking…”

Only people who had experienced it could understand the effects of the remedy.

Tang Ze pursed his lips and said nothing.

The managers eyes lit up, a lot of possibilities swirling in his mind. He was so excited that he did not know how to verbalize his thoughts. “Has your voice healed completely Could you get back to your top form Perhaps you can hold a concert once again You might even get a better contract with the company!”

The problem with his voice had been plaguing Tang Ze for years, causing him a lot of trouble. Ever since then, he had not been in peak form.

It had been many years since he had held a concert. He could not continuously sing for a long time, otherwise he might never be able to sing again.

Hearing this, Tang Ze shook his head and gave his manager a wry smile. “Her remedy can only relieve the soreness in the throat. How could it heal so easily The doctor has already said so. Unless…”

Tang Ze recalled something, but he did not say anything.

After listening to Tang Zes words, the managers excitement subsided. He sighed. “Youre right. These are just my wild thoughts. Forget it, Ill go and apologize to Meng Fu later and thank her as well. Anyway, this is really amazing medicine. Meng Fu has been a great help this time. I cant believe I had never heard of such a useful secret remedy before…”


Meng Fu returned to the training room to continue training.

At the same time.

Su Cheng managed to find Zhao Fan.

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“Thats the way it is.” Zhao Fan gave Su Cheng a cup of tea. Seeing that he looked nonchalant, she did not dare sit down.

Talking about things in person was much more convenient than on the phone.

Su Cheng held the teacup in his hand. He did not say anything nor did he continue to drink the tea. He simply leaned in the back of the chair, lowering his eyebrows and sinking deep in thought.

The room was very quiet.

After a few minutes, Su Cheng raised his head and looked at Zhao Fan, tapping the table with his fingertips casually. “Have you ever thought about… changing companies”

Change companies

Zhao Fan was taken aback. Tianle Media was regarded as one of the larger domestic entertainment companies. If she changed companies, she could only go to the big shots in the entertainment industry.

When Meng Fu signed the contract with Tianle in the past, it was entirely due to connections with the Jiang family. However, they did not provide her with good resources. If they were to change companies, was there another company that would be better for Meng Fu than Tianle

Zhao Fan felt that Tianle signing a contract with Meng Fu was already a miracle.

Su Cheng took a sip of tea, “Sheng Entertainment”

Although Zhao Fan did not dare to make big movements in front of Su Cheng, she was still stunned upon hearing his words. “You must be kidding, its not funny.”

Sheng Entertainment was Asias top entertainment company. They were one of the big shots in the entertainment industry. All of their artists were very famous. Would they offer Meng Fu a contract Zhao Fan felt that Su Cheng must be crazy.

Su Cheng did not give Zhao Fan time to get prepared. He put down his teacup and passed a card to Zhao Fan. “Go and terminate the contract with Tianle. I will do the rest.”

Zhao Fan gave Su Cheng a serious look.

“Okay.” She gritted her teeth. “Ill make another trip there. If we cant go to Sheng Entertainment, we can also go to a small workshop.”

An hour later, Zhao Fan hurriedly took a termination document and went to the company.

“Did she ask to terminate the contract just because she didnt get a promotion Did she think that she was Nan Qiu or Ye Shuning” Manager An flipped through Meng Fus files and looked through her information briefly. The money she made for the company did not even cover the termination fee. He sneered and could not be bothered with this person. “So be it, let them terminate the contract. After leaving Tianle, I shall see where else she can go.”

If Ye Shunings and Nan Qius managers discussed their contracts with him, the company would still consider it. As for Meng Fu No way.



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