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Secret Remedy

Things should be prioritized. If he was not busy, Manager An would take a look at the documents Zhao Fan had brought over. After all, Zhao Fan did groom someone who soared to stardom. It was just that Zhao Fan was unfortunate. After losing a potential artist, she went on to offer a contract to an unknown star.

It just happened that when she was here at the head office, Brother Qian had also been there. Manager An placed more importance on Brother Qian and so naturally he could not make time for Zhao Fan and her unknown star. Of course, it was also because Meng Fu was not on the radar of the big shots in the entertainment industry.

If it had been Ye Shuning, Nan Qiu, or others who were rising stars, Manager An would have made time for them regardless of how busy he was.


The training camp.

When Zhao Fan came back, Meng Fu was still practicing her voice in the training room. She had a solo stage. She did not need to work with others to decide who would sing different parts of the song.

Zhao Fan avoided the camera and opened the door. She had yet to call out for Meng Fu when Meng Fu turned around and saw her.

Zhao Fan smiled as soon as she caught Meng Fus gaze. She took out a box from her bag and handed it to Meng Fu. “The stuff that you wanted.”

Meng Fu reached out and took the box. It was a little heavy. She held it in her hand, but did not look at it. She smiled at Zhao Fan. “Zhao Xiaofan, why are you frowning Why are you unhappy”

Her smile exuded alluring charm and charisma.

Zhao Fan almost lost herself to Meng Fus mesmerizing charm. She was in a daze and did not react right away. “Nothing. By the way, what is that box that you asked me to bring for you”

Meng Fu was a rising star. Zhao Fan knew that she was working very hard right now. She did not want to talk about the contract and potentially throw her off her game.

“Oh.” The smile disappeared from Meng Fus face. She yawned, saying in an aloof tone, “Nothing.”

The sentence sounded familiar.

Zhao Fan almost choked. She looked at Meng Fus expression and could not help but begin thinking. She had never signed any artists who had such good acting skills. How about signing her up for a web drama after the show

Zhao Fan lightly closed the door of the training room, lost in thought. She looked down to check the time on the cell phone. It was nine oclock at night.

Su Cheng disliked being disturbed at night. Zhao Fan thought about it and decided to talk to Su Cheng if she did not get a reply from management in two days.


Two days later.

Zhao Fan did not receive any notice from the company. On the morning of the third day, she finally dialed Su Chengs number and told Su Cheng about the matter.

As usual, Su Cheng sounded very calm on the other side of the phone. “I will come over.”

After hanging up the phone, he got up and told Su Di to get his car keys.

Wei Jingke, who was lying sideways on the sofa, wailed, “That is not right. My grandpa told me that the test results of your sandalwood are out. Its purity is lower than 25%. I lit it at home and it didnt work. Whats the matter I thought that Divine Doctor Feng had broken through and so I asked grandpa to check with her on the phone.”

“I have no idea.” Su Cheng was not surprised.

“Thats not right. When I was at your house, my condition really improved.” Wei Jingke took a pillow and placed it behind his head, looking puzzled.

Su Cheng raised his eyes, saying meaningfully, “Maybe its not because of the sandalwood.”

“What else is there, then” Wei Jingke sat up, looking intently at Su Cheng. “Dont tell me you kept the blue sandalwood for yourself”

Su Cheng cast a glance at him. He still looked calm and collected, however, there was a cold glint in his deep eyes.

Wei Jingke trembled slightly. “Not that Im accusing you or anything.”

After Su Cheng left, Wei Jingke could not help but rub his arm. Even though he was used to Su Chengs chilly look that seemed capable of killing people, he could not stand it this time.

“Su Di, what is your young master up to Didnt he finish his work yesterday” He looked toward the kitchen.

Su Di could tell what was on Su Chengs mind. “He is off to look for Ms. Meng.”

Ms. Meng It was Ms. Meng again.

Wei Jingkes curiosity was piqued. “What is so special about this Ms. Meng”

Su Di did not even need to think before answering right away, “She is beautiful, exceptionally beautiful. She is far more beautiful than how she looks in the photos.”

There was no way haters could criticize Meng Fus looks.

“Beautiful” It was rare for Su Di to praise someone for their beauty. Wei Jingke was interested. “Have you seen Ms. Meng Is there anyone who is more gorgeous than her”

Most men paid particular attention to looks. Wei Jingke was one of them as well. He had not been interested when Su Di mentioned Meng Fu in the past. This was because he grew up in the company of numerous outstanding people. Among them were talented women, beauties, geniuses…

He had seen his fair share of talented people. That was why he hardly listened to Su Di talk about Meng Fu. However, Wei Jingke was interested in the person that Su Di described as exceptionally beautiful.

“I shall take a good look at Ms. Meng when there is a chance next time.” Wei Jingke could not believe that anyone was as good looking as Ms. Meng.


The training camp.

Tang Ze was very detailed as he taught Meng Fu some basic skills. He gave Meng Fu individual lessons for her solo stage. After the lessons, Meng Fu left the room right after Tang Ze. There were cameras everywhere. After leaving the areas where there were cameras, she stopped Tang Ze. “Mentor Tang.”

“Is there anything else you dont understand” Tang Ze was really good and patient with Meng Fu.

After all, she was good-looking and smart, so she would not be dismissed by people wherever she went.

“Well, last time you said that your throat was unwell.” Meng Fu took a half step forward, smiling happily, her hair tied into two ponytails. She looked sweet and beautiful. “I have a secret remedy from my hometown. I got someone to bring it for me. You can give it a try.”

With that said, she passed a black bottle to Tang Ze.

“Secret remedy” Tang Ze was taken aback. This was the first time in a long time that someone had given him something. His heart warmed at her gesture. He wanted to tell her that it was alright, and there was no way he would recover. However, there was no way he could reject Meng Fu, who looked so sweet and nice. He smiled and said, “Okay.”

He took the bottle from her.

Meng Fu tilted her head to the side. “Just put a few drops into water and drink it daily. I heard that you can see the effect with just one sip.”

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Tang Ze could not help but lower his head under her dark, shiny eyes. “Well, Ill give it a try.”

He slowly took out the thermos flask and put two drops of green and black “secret remedy” into it. Tang Ze had some regrets. It was impossible to see the effects after a sip.

However, Meng Fu was still staring at him. No matter what, Tang Ze had to make himself drink it. It was like making a young girl happy by doing as she said.

From not far away, Tang Zes manager saw that Tang Ze had a black bottle in his hand. He put a few droplets into his thermos flask and was about to drink from it. “Tang Ze, what are you doing”




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