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Slightly Inferior In Comparison

Tang Ze motioned for his manager to follow him.

“How was it” Taking a sip of drink from the thermos flask his assistant passed to him, he glanced at his manager.

His manager had been in the showbiz for many years and had seen all kinds of people. Nevertheless, he had been astounded by Meng Fu today.

This was mainly because he had thought that Meng Fu was just an eye candymascot who relied on her looks to earn a living. What he saw today proved he was wrong. If it had been Ye Shuning he saw today, he would not have been that stunned. The entire training camp was aware of how strong Ye Shuning was.

“Shes a godsend and has accurate intonation. How hadnt she been discovered earlier” The manager pondered for a moment.

He could now understand why Tang Ze was paying so much attention to Meng Fu. She certainly had potential.

“I also just found out that she has a wide vocal range.” Tang Ze put on the lid of the thermos flask back on and passed the flask to his assistant. “Shes good at both dancing and singing. As long as we can harness her potential, she will be the pleasant surprise of the show.”

The manager agreed with what Tang Ze said. Meng Fus looks were already outstanding enough. She would be very popular with the audience because she could dance quite well and had good vocal range. Additionally, she also had a compelling story. She would definitely become a top-notch performer in the girl band with some grooming.

“If this had happened in the past, the program crew would have certainly spared no effort in grooming her. Unfortunately, she is up against Ye Shuning,” said the manager. He shook his head. “Its a pity.

Meng Fu would have been the hot topic on any of the other Best Idol seasons. However, with an enchanter like Ye Shuning in the running it was unlikely she would stand out compared to her.


Backstage, Su Cheng removed his headset. He got up and his eyes drooped slightly.

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“Young Master” Su Di glanced at Su Cheng. Seeing that not many people were around, he finally posed the question that had been bothering him. “Whats so special about Ms. Meng”

He wanted to know why Su Cheng was paying so much attention to an ordinary person.

After observing Ms. Meng for two days, Su Cheng could not find any “Qi” fluctuation in Ms. Mengs body.

“What do you think of her singing” Su Cheng stepped outside.

Upon hearing this, Su Di recalled the songs Su Cheng often played in the car and nodded. “Its alright. It gives people a peaceful feeling.”

“I agree,” Su Cheng said lightly. “I will contact Zhao Fan later. The contract with Tianle Media can be revised and upgraded.”

Meng Fu had signed a Level E contract, one with the worst terms and conditions, with Tianle Media in the past. Su Di had learned a little about the entertainment industry in the past few days. He nodded when he heard Su Chengs words.

The two then returned to their residence directly. Their residence was a standalone villa located near the east, in a newly constructed residential area in the city center of T City.

The Inside of the house smelled like sandalwood.

When Wei Jingke opened the door and entered from the outside, he heard music playing inside and laughed.”Su Di, are you still listening to songs”

Ignoring his teasing, Su Di brought out a cup of teapot from the kitchen. “Young Master Wei.”

“Brother Cheng, when are you going back” Wei Jingke sat on the sofa, nipped a slice of apple from the table, and popped it into his mouth. “The dark web auction is about to begin. I wonder if there will be Blues Scent this year. Ill return to the capital to check it out first.”

“Im not going back.” Su Cheng was leaning on the sofa and reading. His brows looked cold and aloof and his voice was low.

Wei Jingke glanced at him in surprise but didnt ask further. After lying down for a while, he suddenly sat up and stared at the sandalwood in the corner with a scorching gaze. “Brother, is this the Blues Scent

“No.” Su Di was the one who spoke. Su Cheng could not be bothered to reply.

“Which divine being blended this fragrance” Wei Jingke stood up. “My Inner Qi has been very unstable recently but it stabilized in 10 minutes after I arrived at your house. If this is not the Blues Scent, what else can it be”

He did not believe Su Cheng and thus went to the corner to investigate. Upon hearing Wei Jingkes rambling, Su Cheng finally shifted his gaze from the book to Wei Jingke.

Su Di couldnt help but walk over. He then said in shock, “This sandalwood fragrance was made by the Divine Doctor Feng. Has she reached a utilization rate of 25%”

The utilization rate had to be at least 25% before the fragrance could calm the body and ease agitated emotions. The higher the utilization rate, the better the effect. Unfortunately, it was difficult to acquire the sandalwood. A few stockpiles had been found over the years here and there but almost none of it had been released in the past two years.

“Brother Cheng, look, this sandalwood…” Wei Jingke glanced at Su Cheng.

Su Cheng did not seem bothered. He held up the book again with an indifferent gaze. “You can have it.”

“Thank you, Brother!” Wei Jingke was ecstatic. He carefully packed the sandalwood and left.

Su Di was also about to leave for the training base camp to speak to Zhao Fan and Meng Fu about the contract. He left with Wei Jingke. After the two left, Su Cheng then glanced in the direction of the Bluetooth player in the middle of his living room, deep in thought.


Su Di gave Wei Jingke a lift home. Wei Jingke was going to his vassal family in T City, which was a distance away. Su Di did not send him there directly. Instead, he went to the training camp to look for Zhao Fan first.

“Young Master Wei, do you want to leave the car together” Su Di glanced at Wei Jingke before getting out of the car with the documents he had organized earlier.

Wei Jingke had gotten the sandalwood and was in a good mood. He asked, “Where is this”

“The place where Miss Mengs program is recorded. Im going to look for her,” Su Di replied seriously.

Wei Jingke heard this and he leaned back on his chair and said, “Oh, go ahead. Im going to study this sandalwood.”

He was not that interested in Ms. Meng, at least compared to this sandalwood and the Divine Doctor Feng. Even 100 Ms. Mengs could not be compared to them.


In the training room of the camp.

Tang Ze played two English songs to the 13 girls. Each member of the two groups performing the group songs would be allocated a slot from the entire performance. Because Meng Fu had a solo performance, she would not be training with them.

His throat was unwell and he had to use his voice when coaching the trainees. Therefore, he would return to the lounge to drink water periodically. At this moment, he was leaning on the table and drinking slowly.

“Mentor.” Someone knocked on the door.

Tang Ze looked up and smiled. “Meng Fu Come in. Do you have any questions”

“I would like to consult you about vocalization.” After getting his permission, Meng Fu walked in and spoke to Tang Ze about her query.

“Mentor Xi knows this better than I do. He was specially taught by a teacher. I am self-taught and can only guide you at a beginners level. Mentor Xi is very good at developing peoples potential. I can guide you when youre a beginner but will have to help you consult him for the advanced stages.” After Tang Ze finished talking, he paused for a moment. On second thought, he felt that Xi Nanchengs attitude might upset Meng Fu. Therefore, he glanced at Meng Fu with a smile on his face and consoled her gently. “The endowments of the students he teaches are usually very good. At the very least, they are big shots who have participated in youth singing contests. Just look at Ye Shuning and youll understand. You are also very outstanding. Its just that the current you is slightly inferior in comparison.”



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