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How Do You Intend To Sing Them

“No, I think she is talented at singing.” Tang Ze looked at Xi Nancheng. He wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

Most of the trainees in the vocal group had strong singing skills. He knew that Xi Nancheng did not think that Meng Fu was capable of singing.

When they were assigning groups for the previous performances, Tang Ze said that Meng Fu could be the vocalist. However, Tang Ze did not explain further due to Xi Nanchengs indifferent expression. He had no idea what happened to her before but he recently discovered that Meng Fus voice was excellent and that she had a high range. She danced very well too.

Since Xi Nancheng did not want her in his group, Tang Ze thought that she might as well transfer to his group. He also wanted to know if she could go far as a vocalist.

After Tang Ze finished speaking, Xi Nancheng glanced at him to make sure he was not joking. He nodded slightly. “Then let her go to your group.”

“I think she might turn out to be an even bigger surprise this time. Im looking forward to it.” Tang Ze knew that Xi Nancheng wanted to bring up Meng Fus past lip syncing.

However, he was really surprised by Meng Fus performance during the last public performance. He wondered how she would fare in this performance.

“Her Maybe.” Xi Nancheng turned to look at other names in his group. His tone was cold and indifferent.

He only looked forward to Ye Shuning who had undergone special individual training. He wanted to know how far she could go. He began to confirm the trainees in his group.

The other mentors had to eliminate people in their groups as well. After 10 minutes, they confirmed the trainees for each group.

“I have confirmed the 12 people in my group.” Tang Ze sorted the list.

Xi Nancheng had also confirmed the last person. The four mentors left together to announce the results.

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Xi Nancheng took the list to announce the trainees in his group. “I am in charge of the song and dance group. The trainees in this group are Ye Shuning, Nan Qiu…”

There were currently 45 trainees left, as well as five in the redemption match. That made total of 50 trainees. This meant that there would be two popular groups with 13 people.

The song and dance group was very popular, so there would be 13 names. Xi Nancheng read 12 peoples names in one go. Some were happy and some were sad.

With one place left, Chu Yue and Wei Jin glanced at each other. Wei Jin said, “It must be Wu Yatong.”

Chu Yue nodded and felt nervous. Both Meng Fu and Wu Yatong wrote their names down for the song and dance group. If the last name was Wu Yatong, then everyone would be happy because they wanted Meng Fu to go to the dance group.

Meng Fu was very good at dancing. She should perform what she was good at at the public performance.

Xi Nancheng glanced at the paper before reading the last name. “Wu Yatong.”

When the name was read, Chu Yue and the others felt relieved. Wei Jin looked at Meng Fu. “You must be in the dancer group. Now I dont have to worry about your stage performance.”

Meng Fu stood lazily. She was the least surprised by the result. As soon as she realized that Xi Nancheng was in charge of the song and dance group, she knew that she would not be picked.

Being a dancer was fine too.

After Xi Nancheng was done with announcing his trainees, Wen Yu went up to announce the trainees for the song writing group. Some of the trainees for this group were chosen through two-way selection.

Mentor Ouyang was in charge of the dancer group and he was third to announce the members of his group. He was a bit shy, much younger than Xi Nancheng and Tang Ze. Most of the girls liked watching him dance. He was not well-known before the show, but his dancing skills were recognized by the audience and he had gained a lot of fans.

“The trainees in our dancer group are Chu Yue, Shen Qingfeng…”

There were only 12 people in Mentor Ouyangs group.

When Wei Jin heard Chu Yues name at the beginning, she twittered and smiled happily with the other girls. However, when the mentor reached the end of the list, Meng Fus name was not there.

The smiles on their faces froze. They could not help but look at Meng Fu.

Was Meng Fu in the vocal group

She was still wondering when Tang Ze announced the trainees for the vocal group. This was the only group left. Those who were not called were in the last group. There was no suspense.

“Its better to be in the song and dance group.” Wei Jin could not help but frown as she watched. “How did the mentors choose the trainees”

The camera was still recording. Chu Yue winked at her, telling her to stop talking. For the previous performance, after the four mentors announced the trainees in each group, the next step was to determine what to perform in the public performance.

Apart from Wen Yu who would be adopting ancient styles in their song-writing, the remaining three groups would use specific songs. It was important that the girls had a perfect stage for the second performance. Therefore there was no need to re-arrange the songs.

“Well, lets take a look at what the two tracks for the vocal group are.” Tang Ze clapped his hands and smiled, quieting the group of girls.

“The netizens voted and selected these songs. Lets take a look at the first song.” He turned around, tore off the entry for the first one, raising his eyebrows at the song. “Oh This is an original English song. It is very difficult. But I believe all of you can sing it.”

They were vocalists, after all.

As he was speaking, he tore off the second entry. It was yet another original English song that was just as difficult. It seemed that the program crew really wanted the girls to showcase their real talents this time.

Seeing that both songs were English songs, Xi Nancheng glanced at Tang Ze, remembering that he picked Meng Fu to join the vocal group.

However, it had nothing to do with him so he looked elsewhere.

Meng Fu looked at the two songs and paid no attention to her surroundings. However, the two girls beside her had strange expressions on their faces. She looked at Wei Jin who was beside her and raised her eyebrows. “Whats with your expression Is there anything wrong with the songs”

She rarely listened to songs so she had never heard those two English songs before.

She and Wei Jin were both in the vocal group and her expression made Meng Fu suspect that the two songs were meant for them to showcase their English skills.

“No, Sister Fu, havent you heard them How are you going to sing English songs” Wei Jin was about to cry.

Ending up in the song and dance group would have been more preferable. Although Meng Fu could not sing, she could at least dance. To think that she ended up in the vocal group and be forced to sing in English!

Meng Fu could not even pronounce English words accurately, how could she sing these songs



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