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This Is Not Something You Could Ask

“Dont say this elsewhere.” Zhao Fan looked at Meng Fu, gasping out of shock. “Otherwise, your anti-fans will definitely increase by more than 100,000. Seeded players like Ye Shuning do not dare to make such comments. Why would you dare say that”

Was she crazy

Meng Fu connected the microphone and walked outside. She arched her eyebrows at the remark.

Sorry, but the real artist of the family just got ready to soar!


Several large training rooms.

A group of girls were still training. The next performance was very important. Everyone would choose a mentor according to the area they specialized in, and they would form groups. This performance could further highlight the positive traits of each performer.

At the same time, there would be a competition among the four mentors. This was a two-way system. The mentors also got to choose their trainees. In the end, if there was no two-way choice, one would be randomly assigned a mentor.

Each of the four mentors had their own schedules and it took time to schedule them to come together for recording. Today was when the trainees and mentors would make their choice.

Xi Nancheng and Tang Ze arrived together. It was only seven oclock at the moment and there was still some time before they started recording. Xi Nancheng and Tang Ze went to the training room to look at the girls. The four mentors were quite responsible. They would try their best to answer the questions that the girls had.

“Mentor Xi, Mentor Tang.” The girls in the training room were training with the camera on. They were very excited to see Xi Nancheng and Tang Ze coming over.

Chu Yue had been practicing her floorwork. She stopped when she saw someone approaching.

“Its okay. Continue with your training.” Tang Ze was very friendly. Chu Yue and her team performed very well last time and he was deeply impressed with Chu Yue.

In fact, the girls had also been divided into small teams during this period. Chu Yue, Wei Jin, and the others were all in the same training room, probably because they had grown closer since last time.

Tang Ze was naturally aware of this. After answering one of the girls questions, he glanced around the training room and was a little surprised when he did not see Meng Fu. “Where is Meng Fu Sleeping”

Tang Ze found it odd. He remembered that Meng Fu had always been very hardworking. There was once when he ran into her running in the morning at half past five. She was a very self-disciplined person. Tang Ze had changed his impression of Meng Fu since that day.

In fact, Tang Ze felt that he could see a more realistic side of the trainees when the camera was turned off. There was no surveillance when there was no camera. Every trainee worked very hard when the camera was on. It was impossible that she would sleep late.

“Sister Fu took time off and went home,” Wei Jin explained. “She…”

Before Wei Jin could finish her sentence, Xi Nancheng said indifferently, “Lets go, time is running out.”

Xi Nancheng knew long ago that Meng Fu got in through the back door and that the program crew even portrayed her as a bimbo who ranked fourth. But she could not even keep up the pretense that she was serious. Instead, she applied for leave at such a critical stage. Every trainee in the training camp had been working very hard every day.

She was the only exception.

“Ye Shuning, Nan Qiu, and the rest of them got up at six in the morning and arrived at the training room before half past six. Is this what you meant by Meng Fu has made a change for the better” Xi Nancheng glanced at Tang Ze when there were no cameras outside. “She applied for leave when there is such important training happening. Dont tell me something important happened with her family”

“No.” Tang Ze frowned. “I dont think she is lazy, she must have something important…”

“Mentor Tang, enough about her. I dont want to quarrel with you.” Xi Nancheng shook his head, not wanting to hear about Meng Fu anymore.

The two went to their own lounges to put on their microphones.

Xi Nancheng was a little surprised to see Director Mu waiting for him inside. “Director Mu, are you here for Ye Shunings matter She is already training.”

“Not solely for that.” Director Mu shook his head. After discussing Ye Shuning with him, he brought up Meng Fu. “The program planner gave me a document two days ago. It is about Meng Fu. He feels that we can train Meng Fu to try for the Global Idol show. Whats your opinion”

“Her” Xi Nancheng frowned upon hearing Meng Fus name. “Are you kidding me She has a lot of shortcomings. Global Idol show is for well rounded trainees. It brings together outstanding trainees from four countries. Everyone is very outstanding and the competition is very fierce. Meng Fu was indeed good last time, but can she be as consistent as Ye Shuning, Nan Qiu, and the others Will she ever be able to surpass her last performance Also, she took leave right after the performance. I dont think she will be able to perform just as well next time. Its better to wait for the next public performance before we decide. Everyone will get to choose the style that they are good at for the next performance. Lets see what she is good at.”

The person they were going to choose this time had to be able to maintain her best form all the time. She had to be able to deliver good performances all the time. She had to compete all the way to the world stage, proving that the domestic Best Idol show was just as good as the others.

Hearing what Xi Nancheng said, Director Mu breathed a sigh of relief. “I have the same sentiments.”

He took the scripts and went looking for the planner.


Eight oclock.

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All the girls gathered in the recording hall. The hall was tiled a light pink. A total of 50 people, including 45 trainees and five pending trainees, stood in line in the center.

Tang Ze, who was as gentle-mannered as ever, clapped his hands to calm the 50 trainees before saying, “The four mentors will be divided into four groups. Now everyone will choose the area that they wish to grow and develop in and we will then choose the trainees.”

With that, he pointed to the drawing board at the back and looked at the 50 trainees. “Now choose the group you want to be in one by one.”

There were four groups on the drawing board. Vocal, dance, song-writing, and the last group, sing-and-dance. The four mentors would guide each of the four groups.

All of them filled in the groups that they would like to join. If any of the groups exceeded the quota, the two-way option would be used. This was very useful for girls who had weak spots.

Meng Fu did not fight to choose first. She and Chu Yue were the last to go on stage.

When she went on stage, Xi Nancheng said indifferently, “I hope everyone knows not to leave the training camp at will. The training camp is not your home.”

Meng Fu could tell that he was referring to her. She merely asked, “Isnt someone else absent from the training camp as well”

She was talking about Ye Shuning.

Hearing this, Xi Nancheng almost smiled. “Ye Shuning has gone to other places.”

Meng Fu smiled too. “Where did she go”

“What all of you are participating in is a domestic competition. She is different from you. She is competing with people at the international stage. Nothing you could understand.”



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