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Im Here, Dont Be Afraid

There were indeed Level B and Level A booths in the exhibition. Butler Jiang was aware of this because of Jiang Xinran. However, the Level A and B booths were prepared for established people with a certain level of experience in the industry. Jiang Xinran was not even 20 years old and already got a Level C booth. She was already considered a rare genius.

Could any Tom, Dick, or Harry get a Level A or B booth Did she think that they were chinese cabbage

“Ms. Meng, this is different from the entertainment industry. Anyone can enter the showbiz. But in the art scene, not everyone can get a booth of this level.” Butler Jiang smiled.

Meng Fu ignored him. But she suddenly thought of something and glanced at Jiang Quan.

Jiang Quans mind had been occupied with the thought of finding teachers for Meng Fu. He then noticed the expression in her eyes. “Whats wrong”

Meng Fu touched her chin. “Did… Did you really do a DNA test two years ago”

“You are talking nonsense again. Dont let your imagination run wild.” Upon hearing this, Jiang Quan thought Meng Fu doubted her parentage because of Yu Zhenlings words. He thus felt slightly cross. “Your mother personally went to the hospital for the testing. Ive also shown you the report. How could it be fake”

“Dont be angry.” Meng Fu reached out and patted Jiang Quans shoulder. She licked her lips and smiled. “Im just asking casually.”

Jiang Quan looked across at the furniture in the room. It looked very neat and tidy from his end. After Meng Fu had arrived home safely, Jiang Quan went downstairs. When he turned around, he instinctively glanced at the door of the unit opposite Meng Fus. It was an iron door and there was nothing on it. The areas environment was certainly unconducive to secure living. The security guards seemed lazy and there was no access control to the building. Furthermore, Meng Fu lived alone. Jiang Quan was a little worried about the safety in the community.

When he returned to Jiang residence, he was still pondering over this issue. Yu Zhenling had a mask on her face as she casually inquired about Meng Fu.

Jiang Quan said, “Im worried about Fuers accommodations. Shes still staying in the place that she rented two years ago. Its a very old place and the security is not very good. I feel uneasy about it.”

“She chooses to live there although she has a home here. Shes not in school and theres no need for her to stay in an area near the school. Why are you worrying” Yu Zhenling patted the mask on her face.

“Im thinking of moving her to Xinrans area,” Jiang Quan said.

Jiang Xinran was also living outside. She had done well on the high school entrance examination. Yu Zhenling was pleased with her results and personally bought her a standalone bungalow next to her high school. She also hired a servant for her.

Jiang Xinran could stay there whenever she had evening classes and also during her break time at noon. Yu Zhenling had spent a lot of money in order to create a comfortable environment that was conducive to learning.

“Dont mess around. Xinran often paints there. The third year of high school is an important period. I dont dare to disturb Xin Ran.” Yu Zhenling frowned and wanted to continue talking. However, her eyebrows drooped as soon as she saw Jiang Quan. “If you want to let her stay there, so be it. But theres one condition. She cannot affect Xinrans work and study.”


The next day. Six oclock in the morning.

A burly man in black stood outside Meng Fus house. A pile of leaflets and advertisements were pasted on Meng Fus door. It was a disorderly and confusing scene. Staring straight, the man knocked on the door three times but no one answered.

The burly man retracted his hand and turned to look at Su Cheng. “Ms. Meng is most probably still sleeping. You should go back first. Ill wait here…”

Before he could finish, he saw Su Cheng, who had his arms crossed around his chest, leaning on the handrail of the stairs and glancing downstairs. The burly man was taken aback for a moment. He followed Su Chengs line of vision but saw nothing. After a few seconds, he finally saw someone wearing a black baseball cap. It was not necessary to look at the face. Judging from the figures languid and somewhat cold and stunning demeanor, he could tell it was Meng Fu.

Meng Fu took off the cap as well as the bluetooth headset in her ear. She looked up and said, “Sorry, I encountered a troublesome big shot downstairs.”

Su Cheng was still leaning on the stairs. He was wearing a shirt without a tie today. However, his buttons were neatly buttoned up to the last one. He looked cold, aloof, and elegant. When he cast a casual glance at Meng Fu. His gaze was still as nonchalant as the first time she had met him. “Its okay.”

Meng Fu smiled but said nothing. She opened the door and went in to get what he needed.

The burly man in black waited for her to enter the room before glancing at Su Cheng. He said in a very low voice, “Brother Cheng, did you just hear Ms. Meng ascending the stairs just now”

The burly man was seriously doubting himself. When Meng Fu had come upstairs earlier, he had not heard a sound. That couldnt be the case.

Su Cheng glanced at him lightly. “Lai Fu should be able to hear it.”

The burly man in black was speechless. He felt offended.


“His name is Su Di.” Su Cheng waited for Meng Fu to get her things before sending her to the company and introducing him to the burly man in black. “Ive been busy recently. When there are urgent things, you can contact him when Im away.”

When he heard Su Chengs words, the burly man in black stared in the rear view mirror in shock. Soon after, they arrived at the Best Idol base camp. Su Cheng took out a black mask from his pocket and put it on before accompanying Meng Fu in. There were many cameras in this place and Su Cheng put on a mask wherever there were cameras. However, his appearance and temperament were outstanding and unique in the showbiz, let alone amongst the program crew. Wearing a mask was quite troublesome for him.

“Brother Cheng, youre here.” Zhao Fan had been holding her cell phone and waiting for the two at the door. When she finally saw them, she heaved a sigh of relief. “Hurry, come in! Mentor Xi has long arrived!”

“Okay, Sister Zhao.” Meng Fu raised her hand.

Su Cheng paused before entering the area with the cameras. Meng Fu waved her hand towards the back and said goodbye to Su Cheng. Before his departure, she could hear a faint voice from behind her. “Meng Fu.”

His voice was light, akin to the breeze blowing across the lake and it was as gentle as the warm winter sun. Even without sound effects, it was pleasant sounding.

Raising her eyebrow, Meng Fu tucked her hand in her pocket and turned around. “Huh”

Su Cheng lightly smiled. “If you dont want to participate in the show, you can leave at any time.”

Meng Fu smiled but did not reply to him. Staring at the two of them conversing, Zhao Fan was at a loss for words. Did she look like an extra

“How many contracts did you sign for me” Meng Fu walked on and asked Zhao Fan casually.

She knew that she must have also signed a contract.

“In order to get you onto this show, we invested a few million yuan in the program. Our company has suffered a huge loss. And now, the program seems to have signed a bet-on agreement, banking that someone will make it to the international stage this year,” Zhao Fan said in a low voice as she took Meng Fu to the dressing room.

“Someone will make it this year for sure.” Meng Fu changed her coat.

“How can you be so sure” Zhao Fan looked at Meng Fu.

Meng Fu buttoned up her clothing patiently. “Im here, thats why.”

Zhao Fan was speechless. “You…”

Although Zhao Fan felt that her artistry was good in all aspects based on online popularity polls, there was a large gap between her and Ye Shuning. The latter had very strong foundations. Best Idol was a show that focused on many aspects. After listening to Meng Fus words, Zhao Fan almost spit blood.

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Meng Fu slowly adjusted the mic on her collar. As the sun shone through the windows, her expression was languid and casual. “Its going to be me.”



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