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Very Formidable

“Meng Fu, remember. Youve already returned to the Jiang family. Your every word and action is under scrutiny by many. I dont care how you lived previously in that place but you have to change these bad habits. Your grandfather doesnt approve of this. Therefore, you dont need to waste your time and effort.” Yu Zhenlings sullen tone intensified and her eyes flashed with fury.

Yu Zhenling and Jiang Quan had naturally investigated Meng Fu. She grew up in a remote mountain that was seriously backwards. Naturally, Yu Zhenling thought that Meng Fu had not been well brought up. After they had acknowledged Meng Fu, Meng Fu moved to the Jiang family without any reservation. Although Yu Zhenling was happy that she moved back, she felt somewhat uneasy.

After finding out that Meng Fu had not once returned to the mountains to visit the people who had raised her, Yu Zhenling felt quite certain that Meng Fu was an ungrateful person. In addition, Meng Fu also had not shown any concern for them. The relationship between a parent and child also needed to be maintained with effort and sincerity.

If Meng Fu had prayed and requested a talisman of peace from a master, Yu Zhenling would not have chided her. Instead, Meng Ful was going to present a talisman that she had painted. Could this talisman be similar to food gifts For edible items, one could express ones filial piety and sincerity by preparing them personally. But to paint this talisman herself

Yu Zhenling did not know whether to laugh or cry at Meng Fus action. How did she come up with this She could not blame the Tong family for their negative opinion of Meng Fu and refusing the marriage arrangement.

“What do you mean bythat kind of place Dont be like that every time she comes home. Whats wrong with painting a talisman Ill show it to Father tomorrow.” In the past, Jiang Quan hadnt liked Meng Fu very much. However, his opinion of Meng Fu had somewhat changed today for some reason. “Fuer is your daughter.”

Upon hearing this sentence, Yu Zhenlings expression changed. “Im also doing this for her own good. She didnt go to the school that I arranged for her to go to. If only she resembled Xinran more, I wouldnt have to be worried.”

Jiang Quan didnt want to talk about this in front of a child. He cast a look of warning at Yu Zhenling. Turning his gaze back to Meng Fu, the latter still looked obedient and sensible.

At the thought of Meng Fu living a life of suffering without water and electricity for 16 years, Jiang Quans heart softened. “The butler and I will send you back.”

In the hall, Jiang Xinchen heard the conversation and he peeked inside and looked at the brocade bag in Jiang Quans hand. He then sneered.

“What kind of attitude is this” Jiang Quan turned around and stared at Jiang Xinchen. “Have you forgotten what grandpa taught you at the hospital today Are you going to disregard your seniors”

Jiang Quan had been in charge of the affairs of the Jiang family. He had always been authoritative and stern. When he was serious, even Jiang Xinchen was afraid of him.

Jiang Xinchen glanced at Meng Fu reluctantly. Meng Fu tilted her head slightly towards him, her lips curling into a smile.

“You…” Jiang Xinchen was speechless from anger.

“Jiang Xinchen.” Jiang Quan stared at Jiang Xinchen dominantly.

Jiang Xinchen turned around and glanced at Jiang Xinran, who was in the hall. He then said indignantly and reluctantly, “Okay, Dad.”

Jiang Quan sent Meng Fu home. Jiang Xinchen returned to the hall with a look of displeasure, and Yu Zhenling seemed somewhat absent-minded. It was uncertain what she was thinking about.

“Xinchen,” Jiang Xinran put down the phone and smiled gently at Jiang Xinchen. “You said earlier that you couldnt figure out the answer to a question Ill help you take a look at it.”

The two began to discuss a mathematics problem. Sitting opposite them on the sofa and looking at how harmoniously the two got along, Yu Zhenling felt much relieved.

Jiang Xinran had been outstanding ever since she was a child and could achieve almost everything. While in school she was awarded prizes from time to time. She also achieved considerable success after she learned painting from Yu Yong. At a young age, she was already well-known in the T city. Who wouldnt like such a filial and obedient daughter

Her marriage to the Tong family would help the Jiang family and Yu family strengthen their connections with the capital greatly. At the thought of this, Yu Zhenling instinctively thought of Meng Fu again. She wasnt even in the mood to drink tea. She put down the teacup gravely.


Yu Yong had also driven back to the Yu residence. The Yu residence was a standalone villa. After entering the main gate, one was greeted with rockery and man-made waterfalls. It was poetic and picturesque. The entire building exuded an oriental style.

In the study room.

The Old Master of the Yu family was holding an ancient-looking book and reading it.

Seeing Yu Yong come in, he raised his eyes. “Hows the discussion on Xinrans Level C booth”

“Well be using the drawing of the peony flower.” Because of Meng Fu, Yu Yong was still unhappy.

The Old Master of the Yu family felt puzzled at Yu Yongs behavior. “Why do you have that expression Is something wrong”

“Forget it.” Yu Yong didnt want to bring up the situation again.

Old Master Yu didnt press on. Instead, he shifted the attention to something else. “Did you meet the Tong family today”

The Tong family and Wei family had recently been in the spotlight in T City.

“No.” Yu Yong sat opposite Old Master Yu. “Sister invited the Tong family to discuss the marriage agreement, but they declined.”

Obviously, the Tong family was extremely dissatisfied with Meng Fu.

Old Master Yu was often busy with attending seminars in various cities around the world. He had only met Meng Fu once, when he gave her a red packet during the Lunar New Year last year. He had heard about Meng Fu from the people around him but didnt know much about her. “That granddaughter of mine has been in T City for a while. How is her talent”

“It has been two years and she hasnt returned to studying at the high school. Seeing that Xinran is good at traditional Chinese painting, she also went to learn it. Thats fine. But she cant answer my questions at all. Shes a mere copycat and this has made her a laughing stock.” Yu Yong shook his head, stomaching his anger. “She has narrow horizons and might be too used to living in the countryside. Upon arriving in T City, she only has eyes for the glitz of the entertainment industry. Its hard for her to attain any success.”

Old Master Yu was taken back momentarily. It was such a pity. Apart from Yu Yong, the descendants of the Yu family did not have any outstanding talent. When Jiang Xinran had been born, Old Master Yu was ecstatic at first. Unfortunately, Jiang Xinran was not Yu Zhenlings biological daughter.


Jiang Quan sent Meng Fu back to the community.

The lights in the community were dim and Jiang Quan was concerned about Meng Fus safety. He followed her upstairs and consoled her. “Dont be upset that your uncle is not going to teach you. His students are not ordinary people. If you want to learn traditional Chinese painting, Ill find you another teacher tomorrow. A formidable one.”

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Butler Jiang followed behind the two of them. Upon hearing Jiang Quans words, he glanced at Meng Fu and said nothing.

“Theres no need to.” Seemingly unbothered, Meng Fu took the key and opened the door,

Butler Jiang couldnt help but say, “Ms. Jiang began learning painting when she was four years old. Thats why she can get a Level C booth now. Her uncle has been teaching her because she is very talented.”

Obviously, Jiang Xinran was the Ms. Jiang that the butler was referring to. The servants of the Jiang family normally addressed Meng Fu as Ms. Meng.

Meng Fu switched on the lights. Upon hearing this, she looked at Butler Jiang with a smile on her face. “Is getting a Level C booth considered very prestigious What about the Level B and Level A booths”



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