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Picking One From Two

“Jiang Xinchen, where are your manners Who taught you to speak to your elder sister like that!” Jiang Quan raised his hand and was about to slap Jiang Xinchens face, but was quickly stopped by Yu Zhenling.

In the end, Jiang Quan raised his hand and picked up a cup, throwing it on the floor. “Get out of here!”

Jiang Quan held back his anger in front of the Old Master.

Yu Zhenling calmed Jiang Quan, while gesturing at Jiang Xinchen. “Leave.”

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Jiang Xinchen was young and rash. He was only a high school year one student. He was at a rebellious age. He glanced at Meng Fu and Old Master. He wanted to say something, but he did not dare voice his thoughts. He opened the door and went out, leaning against the wall. He felt irritable and unhappy.

Jiang Xinran was very good to him. Even when she was busy with the competition classes, she would make time to tutor him. Since a young age, friends, classmates, and many other people envied him for having an outstanding elder sister like Jiang Xinran.

The family had a very good life, but now they had to deal with Meng Fu. She brought all sorts of trouble with her, dropping out of school, and joining the entertainment industry. Thinking of her, Jiang Xinchen felt depressed and discomfort.

Inside the room.

Meng Fu was still sitting next to the bed. She was well-behaved and pretty. She was honest and did not seem like she would fight with others. The Old Master could not help but feel angry at what just happened.

“Dad, Xinchen is still young, dont take his words too seriously,” Yu Zhenling poured a cup of tea for the Old Master and said in a low voice.

The Old Master did not look up at her. Instead he said indifferently, “He is already in high school and yet he is so insensible. How can he manage businesses in the future”

This was a harsh criticism. Old Master Jiang had carved out a business empire and brought the Jiang family success. His opinion of Jiang Xinchen was a big blow to Yu Zhenling.

Yu Zhenling glanced at Meng Fu eagerly, urging her to put in good words for Jiang Xinchen.

However, Meng Fu looked docile and submissive and she remained silent. Jiang Quan said that Meng Fu did not spend her childhood with the family and therefore did not understand the rules of wealthy families. Yu Zhenling felt frustrated. This was obviously being low in IQ and EQ. Meng Fu could not justify her actions by saying that she was ignorant.

If it were her, she would know to comfort Old Master Jiang without her saying anything. She would not behave like Meng Fu.

Yu Zhenling had paid extra attention in guiding and teaching Jiang Xinran for many years. Jiang Xinran was always in line with her wishes. Even her brother and family liked Jiang Xinran. She had also made a name for herself amongst the wealthy families.

She even picked up drawing skills from her brother and her paintings cost more than 100,000 yuan. On the other hand, after returning to the Jiang family, Meng Fu was not close to Jiang Xinran at all. She even dropped out of school to join the entertainment industry. She paled in comparison to an outstanding individual like Jiang Xinran. It was impossible for Yu Zhenling to be impartial.

“Dad, I will tell Xinchen off. Dont be angry, your health is the most important thing.” Yu Zhenling lowered her eyes, still holding the teacup upright.

Old Master Jiang knew what was going through Yu Zhenlings and Jiang Xinchens minds.

He reached out and took the cup of tea from Yu Zhenling. He took a sip and said, “Xinchen is not young anymore.”

Both Yu Zhenling and Jiang Quan listened readily to Old Masters advice. Yu Zhenling breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that Old Master was no longer angry.

Meng Fu sat by the Old Masters bed. She looked at his wrist thoughtfully and stood up. “Grandpa, Ill go to the restroom.”

Jiang Quan watched as Meng Fu opened the door, went out, and closed the door after her. Something suddenly struck him. The Old Master stayed in a VIP room and he had his own restroom.

Why did Meng Fu leave

However, Jiang Quan did not have time to think about it. The Old Master leaned on the headboard and said slowly, “When will we change her surname back to Jiang It has been delayed for two years and we did not hold a banquet for her.”

Jiang Quan paused for a moment after hearing this. “I was going to discuss this with you today. If we really hold the banquet, it will definitely affect Xinran.”

Jiang Xinran had been brought up by the Jiang family alone. Although she was not his biological daughter, she was closer to them than their own child.

“Old Master, you must have known about the Tong family.” Jiang Quan sat in the chair that he had vacated earlier and he paused for a moment before slowly saying, “The Tong family hasnt seen Fuer until now. We can discern their attitude from this.”

“The marriage…” Old Master Jiang sat up, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“I know. Logically speaking, this marriage is meant for Fuer. However, you also have to think about it. Given Fuers temperament and behavior, can she be a mistress of the Tong family” Jiang Quan shook his head. “You should know the Tong familys background. We worked so hard to groom Xinran before they finally saw her in a good light and Madam Tong barely agreed to the marriage.”

Jiang Quan paused and continued, “You should understand Fuers situation. She didnt want to go to high school and she refused to work in the company that we arranged for her. After two years in the entertainment industry, she didnt make any progress. Even if she is married to the Tong family, you should be able to tell easily that we will end up as in-laws or enemies.”

Yu Zhenling told Jiang Quan to have a discussion with the Old Master last time. But he did not find a chance to talk to him about it. Old Master Jiang fell silent. He knew that given Meng Fus current situation, it might not be good if she stayed with the Jiang family. This was why he kept thinking about the Tong familys marriage agreement. However, he was indeed affected by Jiang Quans words, especially when he said that he was certain that they would become in-laws or enemies.

Jiang Quan knew that Old Master Jiang was seriously considering what he said. According to the current situation, Madam Tong could only accept Xinran. If Meng Fu worked a little bit harder, Jiang Quan might put effort into grooming her and helping her fight for her rights. But if he had to choose between Jiang Xinran and Meng Fu, it would be an easy choice for him.

Thinking of this, Jiang Quan could not help but sigh. After visiting Old Master Jiang, most of the people in the ward had left.

“You should go home too. Ill give you a ride. Remember to go to Virtue Pavilion for dinner in the evening. Your sister is also there.” Jiang Quan left with Meng Fu, offering her a ride home.

Meng Fus mask was still hanging from one side of her face. Hearing this, she obediently agreed. “Thank you, Dad.” She managed to save 40 yuan.

She was pretty and obedient.

Jiang Quans heart melted at her words.

He told the driver to start the car while he spoke to her. “Dont take your brothers words too seriously. He is very close with Xinran…”

Jiang Quan kept talking throughout the journey. Meng Fu sat in the passenger seat, propped up her chin, and said lazily, “Uncle, please go to Yizhong.”

“Yizhong” The chauffeur looked at Jiang Quan in the rearview mirror.

Meng Fu pulled on her mask. “I rent a house over there, so I wont be going back to the Jiang residence.”

After getting in the car, she became cold and indifferent. She was no longer the well-behaved daughter. The chauffeur glanced at her. Due to the marriage agreement with the Tong family, Jiang Quan felt guilty toward Meng Fu. He did not ask why she rented a house, but told the chauffeur to take them there.

They arrived at the rental community.

Jiang Quan could not help but frown. As he was concerned about the community that she lived in, he followed Meng Fu upstairs to see her living conditions. “Why did you rent this place How is the security here”

When he followed Meng Fu upstairs, he realized that there was no elevator and there was rubbish on the stairway. Jiang Quan was even more troubled.

“I have rented it for two years,” Meng Fu replied.

As soon as they arrived outside her unit, the door of the opposite unit opened. A young man who wore a cap made a succinct remark towards her, looking at no one else. “Lend me some paint.”

“Go in and get it yourself.” Meng Fu opened the door.

The young man did not look at anyone or say hello. Instead, he went straight into Meng Fus house.

Behind him, Jiang Quan looked inside and frowned. “Who is he What paint”

“He lives in the opposite unit. He ran out of paint and the courier didnt send it to him, so he is borrowing it from me.” Meng Fu still maintained an indifferent expression, leaning on the door frame and knocking twice. “Hurry up.”

Jiang Quan was taken aback. “Why do you have paint with you Arent you a trainee”




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