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Simple Resume

“This is related to Ye Shuning,” the planner said with his hands on the table and his eyes widened. “Besides Ye Shuning, I discovered another talented idol candidate for grooming.”

Director Mu had been going bald because of the situation. Upon hearing this, his hands that had been pressing onto his glasses trembled. “Who”

“Meng Fu,” the planner said firmly.

Director Mu might not know the strength of the others on the show but he was well aware of Meng Fus. Director Mu could not help frowning at her mention. Fortunately, the planner was the one who had brought up Meng Fus name. If she had been mentioned by someone else, Director Mu would have long chided and chased them away.

Director Mu looked up at the planner.

“She has a terrifying stage presence and received 667 popularity votes on tonights live poll. Ye Shuning only has 689 votes.” The planner showed the voting results to Director Mu. “You should be well aware of the fact that most of the audience supports Ye Shuning. You can measure the “gold content” of these 667 votes yourself.”

The planner was just giving his suggestions to Director Mu but the latter had to make the final call. Aside from the investors, Director Mu was the head of the entire program and crew.

Director Mu was taken aback by the planners words. He knew very well that no one had control over the voting results which meant that somehow Meng Fu had pulled off a miracle.

“Ill take a look first.” He picked up the cell phone and told the assistant to find him a copy of Meng Fus information. He then told the planner to leave.

This was not the first time that the planner had worked with Director Mu. Judging from Director Mus expression, he knew that Director Mu was taking the situation seriously. The planner thus left the office with, reassured.

Ten minutes later.

Director Mu received the screen captures of Meng Fus public performance.

Before the start of the program, Director Mu had signed agreements with various companies and decided on the position and standing of the respective trainees. To him, Meng Fu was just eye candy who could create trending topics and boost the popularity of the show.

Meng Fus presence in the program would bring out the talents of a few strong trainees such as Ye Shuning and Nanqiu. He had been provided with a lot of videos. After watching them, Director Mu heaved a long sigh of relief. He finally understood why the planner had been so anxious to find him. Meng Fu was truly stunning.

Director Mu got someone to send him more details of Meng Fu. He felt slightly puzzled as to why he had not discovered Meng Fu in the past. Had his scouting instincts been wrong Had he missed out on some crucial information Director Mus heart was filled with excitement at the thought of Meng Fu entering showbiz. With two idol contestants, his show was going to be a big hit this time.

With this thought in mind, Director Mu squinted his eyes at the electronic resume on his computer screen. His wild heart eventually settled down. Meng Fus resume and background were too simple. She did not state any exceptional skills or abilities. This was also one of the reasons why the program crew had portrayed her as a bimbo in the beginning.

There were various types of artist images, such as top students, school belle, talent, foodie, in the entertainment industry… There were a myriad of personalities and every artist was able to fit into at least one of these roles.

Unfortunately, Meng Fu was someone who could not fit into any. Otherwise, she would not have been that unknown despite being in showbiz for more than a year. Unexpectedly, Meng Fu had taken second place with 667 votes in a live voting session, surpassing most of the talented trainees.

Director Mu stared at the document and fell into a dilemma. He did not know if this was merely a coincidence or that Meng Fu had suddenly become enlightened. Showbiz was no stranger to one hit wonders.

Director Mu tapped his finger on the table. It was not because he did not think highly of Meng Fu. It was just that his expectations of her had reduced slightly. Though Meng Fus dancing was top notch, he also saw Meng Fus shortcomings.

Yes, he could tell that Meng Fu had voice accompaniment during the singing. In comparison to Meng Fu, Ye Shuning had both strength and potential.


Meng Fu was unaware of what happened between the Director Mu and the planner. She was changing her clothes at the moment and didnt stage a scene of sisterly love and reluctance to part with those that had been eliminated.

Honestly, when she joined the show, she had only been impressed by Chu Yue and the few in her group. As for the rest of them, she could not even remember their names. Their group had not been eliminated. Therefore, she didnt bother to put on the act.

“When did you begin practicing dancing When Brother Su and I were in the audience watching earlier, I almost thought I was seeing the wrong person!” Zhao Fan found out that Meng Fu was in the lounge. She opened the door and came in.

Behind her was Su Cheng. When he glanced over, his glabella still looked as cold and aloof as ever, though the light-colored sweater he was wearing made his usual thick and dark eyebrows appear less menacing.

Seeing Meng Fu, he paused momentarily before turning around. “Get dressed.”

Meng Fu was reading the messages on her mobile phone with one hand and buttoning her shirt with the other.

She was halfway done with buttoning up her shirt, and a large part of her fair skin at the neckline was exposed, revealing a beautiful and delicate clavicle. A few strands of unobedient, long, curled hair randomly fell onto her shoulders.

Meng Fu was the thin and slender type. Yet, she did not have the style of a bookish little fairy. Her alluring and peach-shaped eyes always exuded a profound and mysterious feeling. Zhao Fan stood aside, staring at Meng Fu. She still had the same face but there was something different about her.

“Im wearing them.” She sat on the chair unhurriedly. Her eyes did not leave the phone as she continued to get dressed.

Meng Fu and the others had performed on the stage at the sports stadium of T City. Now that they had finished recording the show, it was time to go back to the camp to prepare for the next round of performances.

“Sister Zhao told me I can take some time off” she asked Su Cheng after buttoning her shirt. She put on a coat and tucked her phone into the pocket.

Su Cheng turned around and glanced at her. He said, “You can take a few days off.”

Meng Fu still remembered what Yu Zhenling had told her about visiting her “grandfather” in the hospital. The Jiang family probably had other things to tell her. She had to clean up the mess that the female journalist had made in the Jiang family.

She thought about it carefully. “Two days.”

Su Cheng smiled lightly, “Okay. Lets go.”

The program crew would probably be unhappy about this. Su Cheng promised too readily but Meng Fu was deep in thought. Why did this company, consisting of Zhao Fan and Su Cheng, come to her

She did not think the female journalist had caused the company to lose money…


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There were two cars parked outside.

One of them was Meng Fus nanny car. The other car, painted black, was parked closely to the nanny car.

Inside the black car, the man in the passenger seat frowned and looked outside lazily. “Is she the one that your familys master has been paying close attention to recently”

The driver in the drivers seat didnt switch on the lights inside the car. He merely replied respectfully, “Yes, Young Master Wei.”

There was music playing in the car. If Meng Fu were here, she would have been able to tell that this was the group song she sang during the assessment for the mentors.

“What does she do” Young Master Wei was puzzled.

“She seems to be an actress. Ms. Meng…” the driver replied.

There was not much space for Young Master Wei to put his long legs. He retracted his gaze and raised his eyebrows. “Oh.”

He interrupted the drivers words. A genius like him who was highly sought after by many people rarely set his eyes on someone. Young Master Wei closed his eyes and rested again. He was waiting for Su Cheng to return.


At the same time, at the Tong residence.

Just as Madam Tong hung up the call, she saw Tong Eryu, who had just returned. She thought deeply for a moment.

Tong Eryu put down his coat. “Mom, whats the matter with you”

“Its… Its about the young lady of the Jiang family. The Jiang family is holding a dinner at their residence tomorrow. It may be related to Meng Fu. Do you want to meet them” Madam Tong thought for a long time and finally decided to seek Tong Eryus opinion.


Meng Fu

At the sudden mention of this name, Tong Eryu could not remember who Meng Fu was.

“Is this the girl who was mistakenly swapped with Xinran” Father Tong said as he put down his teacup and looked up at Madam Tong.

After hearing this, Tong Eryu finally remembered who she was. He could not help but smile. “I have not met Meng Fu, actually.”

It was mainly because the Jiang family had never brought Meng Fu to any formal occasions before.

Madam Tong said lightly, “Shes not someone worth meeting.”



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