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He entered the office with heavy footsteps and bowed his head to a man.


“Greetings, Your Highness Cassel.”


“It’s been a while.”


A low-pitched voice echoed through the room.


After the greeting, Lucis raised his head and gazed at Cassel.

His red eyes along his short silver hair overwhelmed the people around him.

He was a handsome man with lavish features as if the god of beauty, which was said to have existed in ancient times, had descended.


The butterfly-shaped accessory on the black shirt he wore glistened in the sunlight.


The blue butterfly, symbolizing the imperial family, conveyed his identity.


Whenever his portrait appeared in newspapers, it was rumored that the newspapers sold out posthastedly.

It was said to be because of his handsome looks, which did not look like a human.

Seeing him like this, Lucis suddenly thought that the reason might be right.


‘He’s still wearing that necklace.’


The necklace that Cassel wore around his neck had been bought by Leilia — as a wife, not as the leader of the association.


Even though Lucis did not think that he did not value his wife, he was certain that Cassel would choose to divorce her in the end.



 ゚· : * ✧ * :· ゚



Cassel slowly raised his head and glanced at Lucis.


“What did you come here for Did something happen to Leilia”


…A man who always follows his wife.


Lucis Oslin.


He asked in a dry voice, indicating that his visit was unwelcome.


“It was sent from Leilia.” 


Saying so, Lucis handed him an envelope containing the papers.

Cassel glanced at the envelope without saying a word, ripped the sealing wax off, and took out the documents inside.

The details of the divorce proceedings were written distinctly on a piece of white paper.


“This is…”


Perplexed, his eyes fluttered slowly.

At the same time, his hand that was holding the divorce papers was trembling slightly.


Cassel suddenly remembered the fact that there were many men surrounding Leilia.

Of course, he had never heard that Leilia had another man, but when he saw the divorce papers, that was the first thing that came into his head.

After all, she was the leader of The Hyllan, and attractive and unquestionably, she could conceivably captivate the man she likes at once.


“Did my wife have another man”


Cassel’s voice dawned itself.


Upon hearing that, Lucis jumped and replied.


“There’s no way she would leave her husband behind because she has another man.”


“She could give her heart to whomever.

There are so many things Leilia has got that she can easily hold the hands of whomever she wants.”


“Why do you think that she’ll have another man just because she has so much”


Lucis asked back sharply.


Judging by his reaction, it did not seem like she had another man.


“Hm… Is that so”


Cassel slowly tapped the desk with his finger.

It was an act showing his discomfort.




She did not know why he had come to the battlefield.


He also never meant to tell her.


“There’s not going to be a divorce.”


Holding the paper in the air, Cassel mercilessly burned the paper with his magic after he finished his words.


“…Your Highness”


Lucis stared at him in surprise.


“Even though we don’t love each other, I thought we were getting along well.

It must’ve been my mistake, sending the divorce papers like this.”


After saying that, he stared at Lucis.


Lucis was a married man, and he knew that Leilia never thought of him like that.

Nevertheless, it bothered him… No, in fact, all the men around her were on his nerves.

Still, he did not want to push her, fearing that he might drive her away and she would leave his side.


“If my wife has a man she likes, tell her she can make him her lover.

If she ever has a child with that man, I’ll take it as my child so tell her not to worry about the illegitimate child.”




Lucis seemed bewildered by the unexpected answer.


“Leila is my wife.

So, anything that has to do with my wife belongs to me as well.”


Cassel’s eyes turned sharp as he continued.


“I’ll guarantee her freedom.

I can turn a blind eye to her lover, though I’ll never allow a divorce… At least until I return, she’ll have to be my wife.”


He may not be able to take her heart — but the position as her husband, the father of the child she gave birth to, had to be entirely his… He absolutely had no intention of letting her go.


Cassel uttered his last words firmly and sent Lucis back.


“Leilia, don’t even think about running away.”


She was his wife, so she had to be by his side.



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