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For some reason, she suddenly wanted to talk to Gu Ci.


“I am not a big fan of popcorn too.”

When Gu Ci heard these words, in the twinkling of an eye, he already saw Yan Luqing eating the popcorn while saying: “The main thing is that it seems to have a bound relationship with movies, and I rarely had the opportunity to go to the cinema when I was a child.

So these two things are still strange to me, and I would unconsciously want to eat popcorn when I see it.”

After a pause, as if she suddenly remembered something, she looked at him awkwardly and a little depressedly, and said in a resentful tone: “…Don’t ask me why rich ladies rarely watch movies.”

If asked, the answer will be a confusion in memory.

Gu Ci’s eyes deepened and he smiled at her: “Okay, I won’t ask.”

This comedy romance movie didn’t overturn at all, and it is very worthy of its positioning.

There are many laughter points that make people laugh, and there are sour and sweet love lines throughout too.

Yan Luqing watched with relish for most of the first half of the episode, until the end, when the protagonist got drunk after confirming their relationship, the Male Lead and Female Lead were very stirred.

At the beginning, they only chatted with each other, and moved here and there before they finally moved to the bed.

Then they looked at each other on the bed.

Then they looked at each other for a while, and kissed.

It should be a scene about the atmosphere before they sleep with each other in the bed, so the kiss is extraordinarily long and intense.

The Male Lead called her ‘wife’ time and again, and the panting voices is particularly obvious.

Yan Luqing used to comment on the kissing performance when watching this kind of clip, but she doesn’t know why, maybe because she was used to watching it on the small screen, which was not as intuitive as the big screen in the movie theater, or maybe… she was used to watch it with her girl friends, and now she watches it with Gu Ci.

At this moment, her shame value suddenly skyrocketed, and she was very embarrassed to see others kissing in front of her.

Yan Luqing’s brain was in a state of chaos in the panting voices of the Male Lead and Female Lead.

Probably because of the ‘wife’ from time to time that the Male Lead called the Female Lead with, because of her formed habitual thinking, she suddenly associated it with the person sitting next to her——Gu Ci’s face appeared in her mind, and the degree of shame rose up even more, almost flushed her face red.

Yan Luqing couldn’t help but look away from the big screen, and naturally, her eyes went to Gu Ci who was sitting beside her.

What she didn’t expect was.

Gu Ci was also looking at her.

In such a background picture and extremely ambiguous panting voices, the two looked at each other.

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The two of them seemed to be separated from their surroundings, and the sound effect of the movie became blurred.

In the dim light, only the clear sight of the other party was left in sight.


Yan Luqing instantly felt that her hair was going to explode.

She opened her eyes wide, forgot to eat popcorn, and unconsciously grabbed the armrest of the theater seat with her fingers tightly, and her heartbeat was in chaos.

“… Why are you looking at me”

Hearing this, many emotions seemed to have crossed Gu Ci’s eyes, which were too fast and too complex to capture.

The two of them were sitting next to each other.

He suddenly raised his hand and gently placed his fingertips at the corner of her eyes.

“Then you have to ask your eyes first.” Gu Ci stared at her and said slowly, “Why can you see me looking at you”

Yan Luqing seemed to hear a muffled thump in her heart.

She was stunned for a while.

It wasn’t until Gu Ci retracted his fingers and the cool touch from the corner of her eyes disappeared that Yan Luqing came back to her senses as if she had just woken up from a big dream.

He just said… that she should first ask her own eyes why she could see him looking at her.

This is a fallacy, but indeed, the problem was easily thrown to her side.

Yan Luqing took a deep breath and calmed down her messy emotions: “The reason why I looked at you was of course because… I came here with you.”


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