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“Yeah.” Gu Ci closed the door, turned his head and looked at her with a half-smiling face.

His eyes were dark and pure, “I can assume this role every day.

Can you pick me up every day”


Yan Luqing was stunned by this sentence for two seconds.

She looked at this dazzling face, and the roots of her ears hidden under her long hair warmed up silently.

At the same time, an idea inexplicably popped into her mind.

This, this is the princess acting coquettish.

The faint king expressed that she really couldn’t stand it aaahhhh——!

Yan Luqing barely maintained her superficial composure, stared at him with wide eyes, and declined the coquetry of Princess Ci with a strong will: “… Of course not.”

After a pause, she added in a very unconvincing whisper: “I am very busy.”

As for the place to eat, Yan Luqing wanted to take him to the restaurant where she got drunk yesterday, but when she called to ask, there was no seat available now.

No wonder Senior Wine Bottle said yesterday that it was extremely difficult to book a seat there.

So she simply suggested: “Let’s go to the fried chicken restaurant last time.”

Gu Ci didn’t care about it and asked casually instead: “Have you taken a liking to the feeling of smelling fried chicken while eating stewed chicken”

“… The stewed chicken there is really delicious.” Yan Luqing thought for a while, “Moreover, what if there are still 9.9 yuan movie tickets”


Gu Ci instantly recalled the week after she watched the movie.

Nightmares, dark circles, sleepwalking.

It was not easy to get her back to normal again.

She was tired, but it seems that he was even more tired.

Gu Ci had to give a tactful reminder: “If there is no suitable movie, there is no need to force ourselves to watch it.”

Yan Luqing gave him a strange look: “Oh, okay.”

Everything was the same as last time.

While sitting down and waiting for the meal, Yan Luqing took out her mobile phone and found that there were many WeChat messages from Little Twisted Braids.

Only then did she remember that she promised to tell Little Twisted Braids when she met the person, but as soon as she saw Gu Ci, she completely forgot the plan.

Yan Luqing quickly opened WeChat.

[Little Twisted Braids]: How is it, Your Majesty

[Little Twisted Braids]: It couldn’t be that you failed in picking up the person, right

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[Little Twisted Braids]: Or did you forget your concubine after you’ve picked up the great beauty

Her Majesty Yan: “…” Her Majesty indeed forgot.

It was sent fifteen minutes ago.

There are still two more messages from five minutes ago.

[Little Twisted Braids]: Good Heaven.

Although you didn’t send it to me and I didn’t send it to the group, it’s worthy of being a gossip group with hundreds of people.

They even find it by themselves.

[Little Twisted Braids]: [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]

Huh What did they find

Yan Luqing opened the three pictures in doubt and found that all of the three pictures were screenshots of a group’s chat interface.

This should be the T University’s internal gossip group that Little Twisted Braids said she had entered.

The group name at the top of the screenshot is ‘One hand grabbing the test, the other grabbing melon field’.

Yan Luqing: “…” Not only does it follow the ‘two hands’ policy, it also rhymes.

Really worthy of being straight A students.

[Study with one heart]: I met that handsome guy from the Department of Physics on my way to have a meal.

His name is Gu Ci, right Why is there a little beauty with him this time Is there anyone who knows whether this bag on the little beauty is his Please come forward.


[When you see me, please call me to do the experiment report]: Speaking of Gu Ci, my roommate said that he was also famous in the college next door.

He was even called ‘great beauty’ there, which made me laugh to death… But somehow I also think that ‘great beauty’ is more suitable for him /bared teeth.

[There’s only studying in my heart]: Let me see it! Where there is a great beauty, there is me too!

[There’s only studying in my heart]: It seems that it’s really his bag.

No matter how you look at it, this bag does not seem like something that the little beauty can carry (what the hell is this little beauty).


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